Monday, April 19, 2010

Latest Entries and Pet Peace of Mind

I'm Cotton. Since I'm the oldest, I asked to do today's post on a very important subject.

Manx Mnews has written an important post on Pet Peace of Mind, an organization which helps hospice patients keep pets home with them during a patient's last days.  Pets are excellent company and comforting to have around. It's sad when pets and their humans must be separated and the owner worries about the fate of the pet after he or she has died.

"One of the most difficult parts of dying involves saying goodbye to those you love most. Many hospice patients must part with their beloved pets at the time when they need them most because they have no one to help with pet care and expenses. Some pets are left homeless when the patient dies. Our hospice patient/pet support program, Pet Peace of Mind, provides non-profit hospices with resources and funding to help hospice patients care for their pets. Over the past eight months, more than 100 hospices nationwide have contacted us and are interested in starting the program for their patients. To find out more about Pet Peace of Mind, visit"

We have a video on the subject.

If the video doesn't play, click here.
Peace of Mind has been selected to compete for a $250,000 grant from Pepsi. Your daily vote for them, under the project name Help Hospice Patients Keep Their Pets, is needed through the month of April. Imagine yourself at such a point in your life and you will realize this is a very worthwhile daily minute of your time.

For details on where and how to vote, either visit Manx Mnews or Banfield Charitable Trust - Bark the Vote.

Or --

Go to
Click on "vote for this idea."

On your first visit you will need to register. Don't panic, ignore "Connect with Facebook."
Fill in your email address.
     Do you have a Pepsi password?
     (check) You are new.
     Or type in your password, if you've registered before.

Next they will ask for first & last name & birthdate. Create a password. If you can't read the 2 words they give you to prove you aren't a robot, hit "refresh."

When you're signed up, you'll be back on voting page. Click on the vote button.

We have a graphic on our sidebar but the print is kind of hard to read, so we'd like to post it here.
Our Rose of Rose and the Royals is an original member of the Cat Blogosphere. Rose and the Royals are in need of our help at this time.  If you can help, please email KC@catblogosphere DOT com (you know how to put it together) for details.


Don't forget to enter our kids and pet photo contest. It closes at noon EDT on April 26.

We posted Sherry's entry the other day and although we mentioned Noll's Nip, we neglected to give you a link to his story.  Noll, we apologize.  This time, if you click on Noll's Nip, you can visit his blog and read his entry.

Alasandra, the Cats & a Dog (Scylla, Socks, Artemesia & Fenris) has posted a pet story from Alasandra's childhood.  We think Happy Hoppy is a cute name for a 4-year-old's rabbit..  We hope she's going to post the snapping turtle story soon.

And Marks Mews (Ayla & Iza) has sent in a "brave" entry.  It's about his kid sisters and their cat Hey You Hai U, and you know how brave a big brother has to be to tell stories on little sisters. <big grin>

You can see the happiness on Momsbusy's (Kazoku Neko) grandbean's face as she hugs her Manning. Manning looks pretty contented himself.

Great entries, all of those submitted to date. We're looking forward to more examples of the kids and pet bond.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Hi!

    Yes me and Charlie are voting until the 30 April - it's a wonderful cause and we hope they win!

    And I'm really enjoying reading on all the stories that accompany your competition! They're very sad and funny and uplifting!What a great way to highlight the importance of pets in all our lives.

    Take care

  2. Wow....what a lot of information! Good job Cotton!!!

    All our love to the funny farmers!

  3. This is a wonderful service you've highlighted, Cotton!

  4. me and my mommeh are going right over to their site. thanks for posting this, Cotton. you were right, this is verreh important.

  5. Gonna go vote right now! Thanks for sharing, Cotton!

  6. Oh wow this is such a great post. This is wonderful. We will try to help spread the werd 2. Serious meny paws UP! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  7. What a wonderful concept, thank you for sharing.

    Hamish & Sophie

  8. We have been voting effuryday!

  9. Thanks for the blog post and the good words about our program.

  10. Cotton
    Thank you so much for posting about the "pepsi challenge"...our hearts break for both animal and hooman when the hooman goes to the BIG rainbow bridge first. We thank you so much for posting about this too.



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