Friday, April 23, 2010

Merci on Invisible Abuse

I'm Merci. It's my turn to post and there's something I want to bring to everyone's attention today.
I'm a very nervous dog and easily scared. I never had to tell Jan I was abused before we met.  She figured it out even before the first time the leash got tangled around her leg and she lifted her foot to free herself. I took off so fast the leash zipped tightly around her leg and nearly took her down. The other dogs don't move if they're in Jan's way. They expect her to step over them. But if she tries that with me, I leap up, screeching and trip her. Six years later I'm still terrified of raised feet or unexpected movement. 

So I'm not fond of anyone who hurts a furry and from what I've learned about invisible fences makes me even more grateful to Matthew, Kay and all those involved in helping us get the Romper Room set up so we can have some freedom.

Invisible fences seem to have become pretty popular for a variety of reasons. The shock, no matter what proponents claim, has to be painful, yet dogs do get past the "fence." And today we found an article we think describes the drawbacks better than we could since we've only read about them and never dealt with one.  But our thought on the subject is that anyone who wants to put one on their dog should be required to have to wear a matching shock collar so they can have as much fun as the dog is having.  That would quickly put an end to this fad.

How Do You Define Animal Abuse? By Suzannah Sloan

To quote Mark Twain, "The more I know people, the more I love my dog." While I've met up with many truly good people in my three decades of animal rescue work, I've also come across some of the worst of the worst - among them, the ones who choose to profit off the misery of animals. Who comes to mind? Those who run puppy mills, of course, and those who enrich themselves through dog-fighting and dog racing, horse racing, rodeos and circuses. And right up there on the list - the manufacturers and purveyors of invisible fencing.

The horrors of invisible fencing are becoming legion. From pets who take the shock to leave the yard, but won't come back, to pets with probe burns right through the neck, to pets who are dinner for raccoons, coyotes, and other animals who don't happen to wear the torture collars. And the list goes on.

A woman once inquired about adopting a dog from us, and questioned our policy of not adopting to anyone with invisible fencing. She said she had chosen the product because she didn't want to block her wonderful view, and claimed it had been a godsend for her dog and her eight-year-old son. But when I asked how the boy had adjusted to wearing the collar, she was actually offended that I would think she would abuse her child in such a way. Need I say more? You can read the rest of the article here.

If you haven't voted for Tivi yet, please do. If you don't know who Tivi is, he's a special needs dog adopted by a kind man. We posted on Tivi before. Details here, if you need them.

Lance - now known as Sampy -- is a blind kitty cats and humans were tweeting and emailing about the other day. He was rescued from the shelter just 2 hours before his scheduled euthanasia so he could be shipped to his new home in another state. Thursday eve we saw this message on the CB from Whicky Wuudler and since we have to get off the computer ASAP, we're going to borrow his words:

HELP NEEDED! Lance was pulled at the last minute from the kill shelter and his life saved. He has been renamed Sampson EmmCee by his adopter in NY but before he is able to travel to his new home, he needs some veterinary care. Sampy has seen the vet and he has tested positive for FiV (His adoptive Mum still wants him though) He also has pneumonia and a URI. As if that weren’t enough for the poor lad, one of his eyes needs to be removed. Sampy is still in the care of a very kind foster who has experience with blind cats, he’s getting great care, medicines and special foods and of course, all of this costs many dollars. Sampson’s Catster page is where his future adoptive Mum Cheri writes about how he is doing. Believe Cat Rescue is coordinating donations to help meet dear Sampy’s vet and care needs ($500). If any cats or beans would like to contribute to Sampson’s treatment then Sampson would be one very happy cat. We know that times are hard right now and everyone is feeling the pinch, but even the smallest donation will count big time. His future adoptive Mum is contributing all she can to the costs too. Please help Sampy if you can. Thank you 

And Monday the 26th is drawing closer so be sure to get your entry in for our Kids and Pet giveaway.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. We are real fence users for those reasons exactly!

  2. We've never experience an invisible fence. We do know one person who has one--with a big older dog, who would probably stay in the yard even without such a device! We were told that many dogs just ignore them if they move fast enough (even 20 years ago now!)--and so we decided against it with out Dalmatian mix. Even though we know the owner who is no doubt very responsible (a smaller run and fenced area as well as the larger invisible fence, people do drive into the yard area and that always scares us when there are so many cars--and one of them is the Woman's and the dog is behind her and she has to back up!

  3. We've heard the 'shrieks' on our walks when some of the pups get too khlose to it...


  4. Ugh, we would call anyone who would give a aminal a "small" shock fur any reason an abuser! Mom once cut off a shock collar on a dog she found roaming around loose in our old nayborhood and when da stoopid girl (she was about 19) came looking fur da dog mom read her da riot act...and when she asked if she'd effur rubbed her feet on da carpet and den touched something and got dat "little" snap she said "yup" dem mom asked her if it felt good she got da hint. It sure din't stop da woofie from running outta da yard but it stopped him from coming back because da first one hurted.

  5. About the woman with the invisible fence: if people do not feel that their pets are their children and should be treated with that kind of love and respect, they should not have them...I tried to vote for Tivoli but there was no vote button...Hope you guys have a great weekend.

  6. Wow! We haven't heard of the invisible fences. We have a real one, and love the creative space. Our hearts break for the furries that have been harmed by these electronics!! Thank you for sharing this Merci. Besos.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  7. Invicible fencing?!?!?

    Whatever next? Invicible walls? Invisible houses? What or who on earth would invent such things and why have them installed? only to "not spoil a view"?

    I have never heard of such a thing and am horrified at that it's being used at all.

    oh dear.

    Dear Merci - me and Charlie are sending you tons of hugs. And we continue to vote for Tiv! (yay!!).

    We are now going to visit poor Emcee and see how we can help.

    Take care

  8. Oh, what is an invisible fence? But perhaps it's better when I don't know that. It must be terrible!

  9. Merci, it breaks our hearts to think yoo were ever abused. Mom and dad said that they always recognise an animal that's been abused for just the resons yoo descibe.

    They think our dear little Alfie Marshall had a bad time before he was rescued 'cos he is the most nervous cat mom has ever, ever met. He flinches and cowers if anyone makes a sudden move and is constantly on full alert. Every sound makes him jump.

    Alfie trusts us his fambly now though and he knows he is VERY loved. And we know that yoo know yoo are VERY loved too ~ and that makes us feel better.

    Milo xx

    Those fences shud be BANNED.

  10. Merci it's horrible that you were abused in the past, really horrible. We feel very much for you. I had some abuse in my past life, I'm scared of doors moving if I am going through them and if anyone ever tries to even gently massage my scruff I will be screaming on the ceiling. We all roundly hate those cruel fences. Anything that causes an animal pain teaches nothing but fear of more punishment, that includes shock and sonic collars too. Wales just took the great step of banning all use of shock collars on all animals. We've heard of shock collars being used on newly weaned foals before now - horrific. Thanks so much for passing on info about Sampy, we're really grateful. We voted for Tivi :)

    Whicky Wuudler

  11. Oh my cat I have never heard of these fences before and think they are nothing short of barbaric. The owners should be made to wear them foe sure.. I will go and see about helping that little blind kitty now. Thanks for showing us.. HUgs GJ xx

  12. Invisible fences are really scary.

    Merci, we are so, so sorry that you were abused before you came to live with Jan. But we are glad you are safe and so well loved now...

    We voted for Tivi!

  13. We complain about our real fence because we would love to go on doggie adventures, but our real fence doesn't hurt.

    Misty the alpha Poodle

  14. IMO, if you can't be bothered to watch your pet in the same way you would your child, you should not have one. I am not equating the two. Just trying to emphasize that both children and pets rely on adults to love and protect them.

  15. We and da beans do not like those either. The male bean dat live downstairs got a shock collar fer his woofies acuz they are yippy. The big male bean here went down and said to hims - put that around your neck and let me press the button. He did and do yoo know he threw dem fings right in the garbage can! He said it was painful and he didnt want to hurts hims woofies. He went on what a sales rep told hims at a store in gettin em, we say dun listen to dem fakes people!

    Merci, yoo is furry safe around Jan. We is sorry yoo was abused and are still scared. Stray Mooch doesnt like any fing near her face, not even a hand so we is finkin sumfin happened to her too. =(

  16. you guys always write about the most importantest issues. that fence thingie is baaaaaaaad. my mommeh has always been horrified that such a thing is so commonly used. heading over to Sampy's right now.

  17. Oh man that fence sounds terrible-those kind of people should not have a pet.

    Genghis Khat

  18. I had never thought about HOW those invisible fences work!! Very sad :(

    Thanks for raising awareness!

  19. We hope that Sampy gets all his treatments. We have our entry on our post today!

  20. Oops, here's the link...

  21. Nice to meet you, Merci. We hope one day soon you won't be so afraid - you live in a wonderful home now. TD and Ciara won't ever move when they are in the way, they don't care if you step on them. But Phantom moves lickety split.

    We have a real fence too and Mom says invisible fence don't protect us from the dogs and other animals that can come in because they don't have collars on.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. Don't get us started. Please. We are repulsed by those things. They don't keep the dog in or anything else out! :(
    Tail wags,

  23. Hi Merci - we are so sad to think about what you went through before that has made you so scared for so long. And we are so glad that you have such a good and loving forever home now!

    We have never understood why people use those invisible fences. Our mom knew even as a little kid that it had to hurt the doggie a lot and thought they were bad even then. If a little kid can figure that out, shouldn't a grownup?

  24. You do a great job of bringing awareness to often times overlooked animal issues!! I really do think there is something not right with invisible fences. I would never use one personally. Nice to meet Merci though!! Such a pretty dog with a bright future to look forward to! :D
    XOXOXOXO Puddin

  25. Merci, I was abused too. It took me over a year before I would trust Mommy enough to let her pick me up. The only person I trusted was Daddy. I am purring for you. At my house we are kept in and have our Catio for our outside experience. Those invisible fences are cruel.
    xx Grayce

  26. You are so kind and brave to tell everyone that story Merci, thanks for bringing it to everyone!

  27. Those invisible fences sure are awful!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. I have been exploring ways to keep Ayla from running over the fence. I have just crossed "Invisible fence" off the list. Thank you.

    The Big Thing

  29. A lot of people down here in the fancy subdivisions have the invisible fences because they are not allowed to have real fences, we are glad we lived somewhere we could have a real fence.

    We will be purring for Sampy, so glad he was saved.~AFSS

  30. Thank you for informative posts like this one!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel


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