Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Dogs Rule

Hi, In case you've forgotten, I'm Merci. Yes, I know Rusty tricked some of you yesterday into thinking he was Sam, but you can check my ID in the header. I'm actually Merci.

Special note to Khyra: Be alert, you might not be able to believe your eyes today. We may have switched names in the header.

It's been a really long time since I did a post on my own. I'm kind of rusty on typing but there isn't much to say. We haven't had much computer time again today, Tuesday - we write our blog entries the day before they post. Jan worked on our blog template again. If any of you stopped by and the page kept changing, you weren't hallucinating. Strange things were actually happening. But the sidebars seem to be wide enough now for most of the widgets. Just don't look at the bottom of the page. That still needs some work. Hey, I said, don't look!

No, that isn't me in the photo. I found it on I Has A Hotdog!

The picture is huge and it won't resize, so you can view it here.

The reason it caught my eye is that it reminds me of the photo we saw today on Nigel Buggers' blog.

Now note it only took one dog about my size to redecorate the kitchen but it took two large dogs to do the same at Nigel's.

Moral of this story is that little dogs rule!

Oh, week 1 of the auction for Hansel is over. Gracie, the Mad Catter, is inviting all to a special tea party to start week 2.
Stop by Friends of the CB Auctions.

UPDATE: This post was scheduled for 3/24/10 -- that's today -- at 6 AM -- that was five hours ago. No mistake. I'm looking right at the scheduled information but it took itself off the auto publish list. So all of you who have set a post to publish and it hasn't, we Funny Farmers want you to know, you haven't lost your minds, Blogger auto post has!

Have a purring and tail wagging day!
(s) Merci


  1. Merci, "little dogs truly do rule." Enjoy your power little one :)

  2. Blogger has bitten me with that trick more than once. Panic city! :)

    Perhaps I should just send you my dogs for the weekend. They say good things come in threes - we'll see what your kitchen thinks! :)

  3. Oh Merci!

    LOL!!! You are a big dog in a li'l one! And you are terribly cute too!

    Tell Jan that the blog is coming along nicely!

    Well done her!

    take care

  4. We know that little dogs can take care of stuff very well on their own - what a way to rule! You are super cute too!

  5. Merci! You are so adorable!

  6. Mom has had big dogs and little dogs and now has a small, 2 mediums and a large cat. She says we ALL rule and we have to agree; we do!

  7. Hi, Merci, you are a gorgeous puppy with a very sweet, friendly face...We thought Sam looked a lot like Rusty, but our Mom said Sam, so what does she know??...Hope everyone has a fun day!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. You might be little, but you are mighty...cute!

  9. Nice post, Merci! And if that photo is any indication, we'd have to agree that little dogs rule. :)

  10. Merci, that was one big mess for one little dog! Way to go! (OK, Jan may not think so, but it is impressive!)

  11. I think you do indeed rule. LOve the kitchen picture.. Hugs GJ x

  12. thank you so much for popping by to see us - we are missing Timmy ever so much, he was a real character and has left a big hole here...but we know, in time, it will be filled with nice, sunny memories xxx

  13. Don't worry. It's the thought that counts.

  14. I chekhked -

    My header wasn't switched ;-)

    Nice breakfast buffet!


  15. Since Ciara is still "little" by comparison to her brothers, she would totally agree with you, Rusty - you ARE Rusty, right? Check out today's post and you will understand why she rules here.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. You do indeed rule, Merci. Love the kitchen picture. I bet you could do that, too, if you tried.

  17. You rule!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. awww Merci. You are such a darling. We love you! xoxo

  19. Great things come in small packages! :)

  20. The blog is looking good - we so agree Merci, little dogs DO rule!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  21. Oh, I totally agree! Little dogs always boss me around and people always laugh at me coz I let them and I'm like 10 times bigger than them - but they don't realise that little dogs DO rule!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  22. Hi Merci, we hope all of you are well. We saw the post about the testing. Please let Jan get some rest and help her find her memory. Beans are very fragile. Not at all tough like us dogs and cats. We are going to see about redecorating our kitchen now. ~AFSS


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