Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jan Needs A Trainer

This is Buddy. I want to tell you it was all her own fault. I told her not to leave the house without me this afternoon, but she wouldn't listen.

I was standing with my front paws on Jan's desk watching her through the window. And howling my head off telling her to get back in this house this second and stay home if she wasn't taking me with her! So I saw it all.

She started the engine. A minute or so later, she turned on the windshield wipers. I howled at her as loud as I could. And then it happened. See ...

Yep, the metal went right and the rubber went left. Serves her right! She should have listened to me.

So Jan was forced to obey me. Only she made a phone call and the next thing I knew she was gone anyway. How dare she get another ride without permission!

Merci, Sam and I have made a decision. We are going to find a trainer for Jan. She will just not listen to anything we tell her to do. And what good is a human if not trained to return immediately on command. I mean, what if she was about to get hit by a car and I tried to warn her?

Yes, she definitely needs a trainer. And she brought all this on herself!

Have you been by Oscar kitty's blog to meet him? He's from Australia and he turned 15 years old yesterday.

Be sure to stop over at auctioneer Gracie's fundraiser for Hansel's medical bills. KC has donated your choice of an item from our jansfunnyfarm at zazzle store. Thank you, KC.


  1. Oh Buddy what are you to do with all these untrained hoomans?!?!


    Your hoomans are so lovely tho, that here's furry hugs to them!

    Take care

  2. Momma's been saying she needs new wipers for at least a month. We think she may be waiting until they break into 2 pieces just like that! hahahahaha!

  3. Just got back from Gracies.

    Our beans don't mind us very well either. We looked for a bean trainer in the phone book but couldn't find one. If you find someone to train Jan could you please pass on the info. ~AFSS

    PS: Jan hope you are able to get the windshield wipers fixed without to much trouble. Thinking of you. ~A

  4. Oh, dear...she certainly seems to have a problem!

  5. OMC! That windshield wiper is ridiculous to do that! We will go pay a visit to Oscar.

  6. Yes I find that Woman rarely listens to me. And I HATE that.

  7. Why, why, oh why, won't our humans listen to us, Buddy????? xxxxxxx

  8. We know what you mean ... they should take us with them .. everytime ..

    The Purr Gang ^,,^
    (Mom is letting the dog out and doesn't know we took over the puter)

  9. Buddy, you are right about the trainer, our Mommy needs one too!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. EXCELLENT IDEA! We never thought about that before but a TRAINER is just what we need for our Mom!! Oh you are brilliant!! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!! I'm going to get the phonebook out now and start looking for a trainer for Mom. She will be so happy once she knows her boundaries. I'll keep you posted and you keep us posted. Thanks and have a great day! Lautrec and Tiny (Weezdabadcats)

  11. Buddy, we think a lot of the moms out there probably need a trainer - we know ours does too! That is such a great idea, and we never thought of it til you mentioned it!

  12. Untrained beins are so much trubble. Get her a GOOD trainer!

  13. ::paw to head:: What is wrong wif dem hoomans? Dey neffur lissen to us! One of deze days dey is gonna get hurted and we'll be able to say "told yoo so".

  14. Well, we'll see who's laughing loudest and last when it is time to fill the kibble bowls!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: My mom made me paw that...

  15. i bet you snickered at her too.

  16. It is very difficult to train your human!
    Ours leaves us every morning and her recall is non existant.
    We try rewarding her on return with lots of attention but next morning she goes off again!
    Well serves her right if that windscreen wiper thingie broke - if she stayed home it would be fine. They never learn!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  17. Well, at least she knew not to try to drive with the broken windshield wiper. Hope she doesn't try to fix them herself, ours has done that and just gets frustrated and ends up at the garage.

    We will go send some wishes to Oscar.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. I have heard some of my doggie friends say that their folks have said something about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks. I have a couple of questions. Is a trick the same as training. In dog years is Jan old?

  19. I know it's a little hard to train our human beans. Sure hope the metal didn't scratch the windshield. My Dad gets all upset when that happens. Got to check out Oscar.


  20. Hey JFF Gang,
    Y'all really need to do something about Jan. Perhaps she needs a leash and collar. Maybe y'all should chain her in the house, like chain her to the stove, Girl people are supposed to be chained to the stove, and beside, they really enjoy that.
    - TBH&K

  21. OMD! I hope she learnt the lesson!
    I hope she got them replaced!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Buddy, no putting ideas in the resident's heads. Like they don't have me dancing to their tune already! Trainer... harrumph!

  23. Oh boy, untrained humans are terrible, aren't they? We have a house full of them sadly.. let us know if you find a good trainer for Jan.. we will need the contacts too!!

  24. Humans. Hopeless. We've giving up on the training - mostly. We just do DtHC instead.


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