Thursday, March 04, 2010

Crystal Came Home

Crystal has a Rainbow Bridge story now, thanks to our friend Bill whose dogs Tinker and Poo help keep us earth furries and humans up to date on the RB news. You might remember Bill's Tinker & Poo from their report on my brother's dog Fraggle last August.When Crystal passed away in late January, Bill was in the hospital or his computer was down, we forget which, so this story was delayed.

Rainbow Bridge, Crystal
Tink, Poo and Gang
tinkerpoo2000 @ (delete the spaces)

Well, we got the news while back about a kitty, and we for some reason went to sleep on the matter. Well, to tell the truth, we turned the problem over to our cat department. You know we have different departments. We got the fish, which has a few branches. We have the bird department, and brother that got branches We got the cats, that got a few branches.. Then we got the dog, now it gets stickier trying at times to keep up.

We in this case turned it over to Missy the head of the cat department. Now we gets the news, something went wrong. So Poo walked over to see what the problem is. Found Missy down there working up a storm on the books. Seems like we never get a days rest any more. We all got so many poor unwanted coming up the lane, we can claim snowed under.

Well, yes, Crystal of Jan's Funny Farm fame did make it. She - well, we was looking for a she - but it turns out we find Crystal is kind of like that guy Sue. A trick was pulled. You see, Crystal is a boy.

It took some real cat work to find Crystal, but we put the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the case, and we found Crystal after a couple days of looking. Yep, he was down there watching that over-sized catfish.

Well anyways, we got all the news about that Jan's Funny Farm operation. What a deal. Lets see. We got a Rusty, a Cyndi, a Cameron, a Cotton, a Percy, a Merci, a Buddy, and Samaritan. What a mob. no wonder poor Jan has foot trouble, trying to keep up with that gang.

So earth gang, yes we found Crystal, he got his bed, blankets, and other needs all in good order. also a special Angel to look after his needs. What more could a good kitty ask for.

So the movie tonight, yepper -- "Crystal Came Home." We got treats all around for each and every one.

We know we are going to hear more stories about the Funny Farm in the days to come. Wonder if we can get on the mail list, bet we can. We got pull you know.

Thank you again, Bill. We alternated laughing and crying while reading this. Guess Crystal was rather like Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue."

For the record, Funny Farm Readers, Crystal is not defined as a girl's name. Crystal is a beautiful piece of glassware -- neither masculine nor feminine. As handsome as he was, Jan would name him that again if she had it to do over. He was a sweet kitty and he is greatly missed.


  1. We love the name Crystal and it fit your handsome boy purrfectly. We do tend to think of it as a girls name but only because Mommy went to elementary school with a girl named Chrystal. Just like we thinks of Robin as a boys name because Mommy went to elementary school with a boy named Robin, but we knows more girls named Robin then boys named Robin now. And poor Mommy tends to think Karol should be spelled with a K cause that it how her cousins name is spelled but most people spell it with a C. We has a defective Mommy that way. Loved reading about Crystal again. ~AFSS

  2. We are glad Crystal made it safely, and we are delighted to hear that there really are big catfish at the bridge! We had heard rumors, but now we know for sure!

  3. Yes, Jan, it made me smile and brought tears to my eyes too...So sorry for sweet Crystal's loss; you will never stop missing him, but you will always have the gift of loving him and his paw prints will never leave your heart.

  4. Very cute and nice story! We're glad to hear that Crystal is being well taken care of at the Bridge, just as he was here!

  5. We are glad to hear that Crystal did make it safely across to the big catfish pond across the bridge.

  6. awwww what a great story - it maded our the mom's eyes leak

  7. A very good post. Glad he made it there safely, I never had any doubts.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  8. That is so lovely.. Mum just brought me back today from the cat hotel and while trying to catch up saw this beautiful post about Crystal. we missed everyone and posts like this make us realise why. Beautiful.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. We are so glad that Crystal made it safely. What a wonderful story :).

  10. That a was a furry nice tale about a special khat tail!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  11. We are so happy to hear the Crystal made it safely!!! And, aside from being an Angel himself, he has one of his furry own?!? That must mean our Scooter(RIP) does too!!!

  12. That was such a great story!!! And the name Crystal is beautiful - the name is special for what it means to you.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Crystal was a perfect name for him. He has been welcomed to the bridge with open arms and is enjoying all the warm love and sunshine there.

  14. That was such a sweet story... We both smiled mostly, but there were some leaks too.

  15. We are glad to hear that Crystal safely made it to the Bridge.

  16. We are so glad he made it!

    love & wags,

  17. furry nice to know dat Crystal haz a speshul angel offur da Bridge.
    We knows you will allus miss him, and he wuz a booteeful boy.
    Dat story made mom's eyes leak, too. Iz hard to lose a speshul furriend.
    Sending healing Purrs, nosetaps and headbutts to you.

  18. Aw...what a lovely story! And I didn't realise that Crystal was a boy either! But it suited him! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  19. What a lovely post for Crystal. You had the mom here reading through the tears. I know Crystal is at peace and with old friends that went before him. I bet every day Crystal can catch as many big catfish as he wants.

  20. It was a nice report. We are so very glad that Crystal is fairing well. I bet that big fish is fun to watch!
    We sure you misses him. He was a handsome mancat!
    Purrs- TK and Squashies

  21. Aw, that is such a nice post. We got a little teary reading it. Glad Crystal made it to the Bridge safely. Purrs and hugs.

  22. Hey there Jan
    You sure have a Noah's Ark there! So many furry do you keep up? Anyway, we are sorry to hear about Crystal...she looked like a beautfiful kitty. You do amazing work with all the rescues.

  23. Lovely story!!! Glad that Crystal made it safely and is in good hands now.

    Psst... our mommy's got a boy's name too (Shane) and often got flak for it.. :(

  24. Hey JFF gang,
    Well, we knew that Crystal had made it to The Rainbow Bridge ok, but it's nice to get confirmation. He'll always be a JFF charter member. He left a scar on your hearts and will always be with you.
    - TBH&K

  25. A great read. We understand that your both laughed and cried.


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