Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pit Prints

It's really sad that some humans take advantage of each other, always trying to "earn" money by cheating others. And one of the ways they do this is by taking advantage of the kindness and concern of animal lovers.  We have read of other rescue/animal in need scams in the past, but today we read of one closer to home.

This news story reminds us of the way at least one large and well-known animal rights group often raises money by posting a photo of a dog in need and collecting funds for its care. Only the animal is not in their care. Never was, never will be. This is fortunate, as if the animal was in their care, it would most likely be euthanized anyway, since they don't retain physical possession of animals they "rescue." When this is pointed out, the public plea for funds for this animal -- such as the Michael Vick dogs or another well-publicized dog with a sad story -- disappears. The group or human that has actually rescued the animal/animals and is paying all the bills never sees of penny of these funds donated to help.

But today's post is about a little one-woman rescue -- Pit Prints of Canton, Georgia, owned by Amanda Conrad -- that has allegedly been collecting funds and "necessities" for dogs she has never seen or had possession of or even shared the donations with.

You can watch the video and read the news story here.
According to "Good Dogs Gone Bad" by Sara Enos, these are some of the accusations against her -- by other rescue groups, no less:

* Taking donations for dogs to re-home them, then dropping them for euthanasia at the Cherokee County Animal Control facility
* Listing dogs on her web site and soliciting money for their care, (without them ever being in her care)
* Not spaying and neutering her own two Pit bulls who have had two litters “by accident” and selling the puppies
* Listing and selling donated items on Craig’s List that are typically in high demand with rescue groups (as well as various small animals)

Pit Prints' license has been suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation. It is possible fraud charges could be brought against her by some very upset donors and those who paid Conrad to find a home for a dog they entrusted to her care.

There are many legitimate rescue groups in Georgia and other areas. Those need to be supported. But our hope is that any rescue that uses animals to scam tender-hearted folks or neglects/abuses any animals in their care will be reported and shut down.


  1. Yes indeed, thanks for calling attention to this very important issue. We need to always verify the source before giving!

  2. It is people like that who make life even more difficult for the people who really do rescue and care for homeless animals. The trouble is that people don't know who the rip offs are.

  3. That's horrible. Thank you for spreading the word about checking the veracity of groups before giving...

  4. It is indeed a sad state of affairs when people like this con caring, giving people.The worst part is that it can put people off from giving to genuine causes.. I so hope she gets what she deserves.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Hi

    Great clip - thanks for the info. It's amazing what one selfish greedy person can do to the detriment of legitimate animal rescue people/organizations.

    I'm just glad she got found out and stopped.

    as an aside - it was lovely to see dogs like Conrad and Survivor doing really well - thanks to their rescuers and fosterers!

    take care

  6. That is a really lousy thing to do.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. I really hope there is karma out there. Hopefully what goes around, comes back around. I've been asked why I donate to the CB, why do I trust them? I just hope my donations help animals, and figure if it's a scam, they will be found out, and punished for what they've done.

  8. This makes us so angry. Dogs and Cats that needed help didn't get it because of some greedy bean. ~AFSS

  9. Creeps like these make people cynical about donating to any cause. Glad she was caught.

  10. I hate to hear about people who abuse animals and this woman is definitely abusing animals and people who care about animals...How do people like that sleep at night?

  11. I truly hate to hear about things like this...and it goes on far too often.


    Like Flynn and Eric said things like this really make it tough for those people out there who are really trying to do good and help...


  12. Some people are born without shame and hearts....pity!

  13. We is wonderin if the guys at Rescue Ink know dis was goin on? It puts such a bad name on the rescues beans like her. We is happy sum one found dis dishonest bean out!


  14. We are so sad to hear about this - we feel like we are reading stories like this far to often lately.

  15. Once again we see that People Suck. :-(

  16. It's so sad that these things occur and it makes you lose faith in humans.

    According to Gran, who is a buddhist, these people would come back as stray furries and go through what they had done to the unfortunate ones they had used to scam others.

  17. It makes me feel mad to know those things happen!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Nothing funny about that at all. It's just sick.

  19. Oh dear, that's terrible that there are actually people or groups that take advantage of this and giving a bad name to all the other great rescue groups out there! I sure hope these bad apples get what they deserved! >.<"


  20. oh my goodness, she had a dog of mine... I'm devastated to be reading about this


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