Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dog and Deer

We have a fun video for you today. Buddy, a Lab and a young deer named Theen playing together in a yard.   Theen was bottle fed and raised with Buddy and several cats.He now wanders freely with other deer and returns for cat food and to play with Buddy.

If the video doesn't play for you, you can watch it here.

We don't know what to do about this new template since it is causing a problem with IE browsers, not just for our readers but for all who have installed it. Jan is fed up with it but is afraid to try to put in one of the old blogger templates now, so we're kind of in limbo. 


  1. Thanks for the video :)

  2. Hi Jan

    I am viewing you in Firefox mode!!!!

    it's ok! at least it's not saying something about the script etc.

    Awwww the deer and the dog clip is hilarious! Theen is completely at ease with Buddy and Buddy's just playful and lovely!

    Amazing! What lovely people to rescue Theen and welcome him into their lives! Yay!

    Thanks for sharing this - lovely!

    Take care

  3. That is a way cool video! I use firefox problems!

  4. What a cute video - don't think that would happen here with our pups and the deer:(

    We use Firefox so no problems on our end.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Oh man--now that's scary. I mean who knows when that deer will turn vishus...

  6. Very sweet friendship!...Buddy loves his ball and is getting quite the workout running around his deer friend!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  7. That's an adorable video, so sweet to see their friendship.

    The new blog template is from Blogger's new template thingie (very technical), right? I always use Firefox, didn't realize there was a problem viewing in IE, and now I'm glad I didn't try to convert my own blogs!

    If you want a three-column blog, you can always just do that by modifying the regular minima template, lots of tutorials and easy copy/paste code....But you know more about this than I do! Good luck!

  8. Beautiful NOT vischious deer! Please please please try the templates. We have never ever had any problems! And Psychokitty Max's mom recommended it. Back up everything, and take a copy of the HTML on your own puter (we did, just to make mama feel safer). You will feel a lot better. We tried for almost a year to find something to work, and this was SO easy. Course we had help with the header, but the rest of it was cool. We think about your problems, ya know!

  9. That's great how the two interact. But what I really liked, was the last shot showing those two cats - watching those two playing.

  10. That is one of the cutest videos we've effur seen! And we MOL'd at the end to see the two cats sitting on the porch wondering what this crazy dog and deer were doing!

  11. So cute! That's really a remarkable video!

    The video is working for me, and I am viewing it in the Safari browser on a Mac...

  12. That is the coolest thing EVER! Thank you for sharing!

  13. I loved those two playing together!
    I use Firefox and I can see your blog without problems!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. That is such a cute video!

    Oh, and I use IE (because I am at work) and I have no problems viewing anything on the site. Well, unless it just isn't showing up, in which case I don't know it is missing.

  15. Way cool video. Loved the cats in the window :) No problems watching, using Firefox on MacBook Pro.

  16. Cool video!

    We're using Firefox too.
    No trouble viewing anything.

    One reason we hate to change things is because of all the technical challenges and I KNOW nothing about the technical side of things.

    It took me what 4 years to update the blog to the "new" now old template and that was only because I had to...and then I lost 5 years worth of comments because Haloscan quit supporting comments...

    It's always something.


  17. Thanks for that video, works great for us - we're using Google Chrome for a browser b/c Firefox was getting too slow etc.

    We tried using the Blogger in Draft and not having any big issues with it, as of yet.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  18. this is a very sweet video. Animals like each other when there isn't any fear. This is great


  19. We use Firefox since the bad virus attacked our computer so we don't have any troubles viewing your blog. We thinks the Blogger people will eventually get Blogger in Draft fixed and then the people who use IE will be able to see it. That is the bad thing about things in draft all the bugs haven't been worked out. ~AFSS

  20. Its good that Buddy is a big strong dog who can safely run aroun wif Vishus Deer!

  21. I wonder if I khould get one of the deer down the street to follow me home and play?

    PeeEssWoo: We use FF fur our we see woo fine!

  22. Hey guys,
    That was such a cool video. Realy brings home the beauty of friends.

    Keep up the good work


  23. Jan
    That is too much. Buddy gets to play with a deer! I thought I had kicky feet. Wowzer.

    I'm using Safari so you have a happy viewer here.
    norwood MS GB

  24. This is so darn cute. The two look like they go together. I too get your link coming up really slow but when I click on yes to stop script from running it works O.K. Go figure. Thanks for sharing the video.

  25. I'm always cautious about the latest and greatest from Blogger. We are the guinea pigs. :)
    Love the vid!

  26. Too cool! Thanks, Jan!

    I use IE8 and Chrome. No problems in either one.

  27. Hmmm - I seem ot be having problems playing the video too - the page keeps reloading and going white everytime I try to click on it!

    Will try to come back again later -


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