Friday, May 01, 2009

Sherwoods and Blogrolling

The Beaufort Community Cat Project is Romeo's May FURPOWER recipient! A worthy group. The Ginny Fund didn't make it. But if Romeo wi'll allow it, we'll resubmit it TGF in June. They're a worthy group too.

We join with other bloggers with purrs, prayers and woofs for the Sherwood Bunch -- ML, Charley (the humans) and Charlie, KC and the other furries. They have been snowed under with medical emergencies lately. Still, despite all the extra stress, ML has worked to keep up with the Cat Blogosphere. You can read their story and updates on Missy, KC, Bear.

Fortunately, Mom Robyn and Auntie Deb have stepped up to help KC with posting to the CB and KC's blog respectively. It's really nice to have friends, even long distance ones.

Get well wishes to ML, Charley and Charlie the cat from all of us. We love you Sherwoods!

And now to let off a little steam. Many of you have used Blogrolling on your blogs. It was out of commission for a long time, so we have ignored the list we had on the bottom of our sidebar items. Until now. We noticed the list was long and out of alphabetical order. We signed in to for the first time in ages and discovered we had 11,141 links in our blogroll list. Perhaps 41 of them were ones we had added. So where did the other 11,100 come from? There were 11 pages and we were not about to wade through 11 pages but those we read on the first page were links we are familiar with. But we didn't give those links to Blogrolling!

We tried to contact Blogrolling through their web mail form to ask what happened, but it keeps telling us there is a communication error and won't accept it. We gave up trying to contact them. But if you can't contact them one way, blog it.

Blogrolling, where did you grab those links you added to our blogroll? Honestly, 11,141 links on one blog? We're just a little-known site, not a major news site. Whatever happened, between screwing up our blogroll and not allowing us to contact you about it, we sadly felt it necessary to remove Blogrolling from JFF. We appreciate that you helped us create the list before your site went down, even though we only used you for a short time. But 11,141 links was way over the edge! And starting from scratch .... we don't have that kind of time.

We know you aren't listening Blogrolling, but we feel better now. And so we return to our regular non-schedule of postings.


  1. WOW!

    I don't think I khould get through THAT many blogs each day!


  2. Eleven thousand huh? I wonder if while they were down they just added everyone they had to your list?!

  3. We don't do the blogrolling thing. It's hard enough to just keep up with the basics on the blog.

  4. We're not familiar with blogrolling, we just added people through the blog itself. 11,000 is some crazy amount though.

  5. We're sorry Blogrollin isn't behavin itself! And thankies fur lettin us know about the Sherwoods.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  6. Thank you guys! We are so excited for the BCCP! This money will go along way for TNR!

    We will glady help get the word out about the Ginny Fund in June! That is a very worthy cause as well!

  7. We are joining you in Purrs and Woofs for the Sherwoods! Things are getting better around there.

    Love you all!!!

  8. Doesn't it always make you feel better to have a bit of a rant? My mum says so. I agree.

    I am purring for the Sherwoods as hard as I can. I hope everyone will be okay over there.

    Huffle Mawson

  9. Good grief that is a lot of blogs. We are in a bit of a turmoil a lost beagle came up to our house last night we hopes the beans can find her beans this morning. She doesn't like Fenris and we cats are scared of her. She doesn't like it outside either. ~S,S,C & F

  10. And if Khyra can't read 11,000 blogs a day, Chapin Billy Bonne and Duffy all together couldn't either! Thanks for the heads-up on Blogrolling...ugh. Happy weekend, all!

  11. Hi Jan and the Funny Farm woofies and kitties! My it has been a very tough April for so many! Sometimes, I must stop and turn off the computer and take a deep breath. I try to light candles and just purray for everyone.
    I liked your rant about blogroll. Ranting can be good sometimes. I hope you and your furry family are all feeling healthy and frisky. Let's hope May is better for everyone!

  12. Many many blogs!
    The story goes on. Visit my blog.

  13. I sends purrz an pwayerz. OK?

    Maybe dem blog-rollin beans jist dont carez! Daint aint nice ob dem! OK?

  14. Only 11000? Hehehehehe!

    Sending big hugs and well wishes to the sherwood bunch!

    pus and Ollie

  15. Hey pals. Crickey do over 11, cats and dogs blog??? Pawsome!!

    I'll cross my paws for the Sherwood kitties. Bro Otis will too.

    Wiry wags, Eric xxx

  16. We are sorrybthatas been such a bad month for so many. perhaps things will get better now. We were wondering how Jan real feels about blogrolling? We don't know who they are but we agree with whatever Jan says.
    - TBH


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