Saturday, May 02, 2009

Buddy is Innocent

We had a slight incident here today. Jan hasn't yet figured out what happened, and we would prefer to keep it that way. So please keep this a secret. Just between us. Okay?

It was kind of hot today, so we were all lazing around, when Jan called Buddy to give him his allergy pill. She dips it in peanut butter and he takes it without a problem. But this time something went wrong.




Buddy: Jan, what are you doing on the floor?

Crystal: Uh-oh, I think she's fainted.

Sam: **slap, slap** That should bring her round. OUCH! Cotton, you forgot to retract your claws.

Cotton: I didn't forget! Never hit Jan. You'll leave bruises.

Sam: But she's passed out.

Cotton: Oh, so she is. Wonder why?

Buddy: It's the blood. She can't stand the sight of blood. Especially her own.

Merci: So what happened?

Percy: She stabbed herself. See the blood.

Cyndi: Oh, I feel kind of weak myself. That's a lot of blood.

Cameron: But why did she stab herself?

Sam: It's Buddy's fault.

Buddy: How is it my fault? She called me into the kitchen and I came. That hardly constitutes a fault.

Sam: But she stabbed herself trying to get your allergy pill. See, the peanut butter jar is sitting right beside the scissors she used.

Rusty: I'm confused. Jan stabbed herself opening a peanut butter jar?

Sam: No, silly. She was trying to get his pill out of the packet and it wouldn't open.

Cotton: So why is Jan bleeding?

Sam: **exasperated** Because she tried to cut the cardboard and the scissors slipped. See, she's bleeding! How can you miss all that blood?

Cameron: Uh, Jan is going to be very upset. She's making a real mess on the kitchen floor.

Percy: Yeah, that is a lot of blood. I didn't realize one finger contained so much blood.

Cyndi: I don't thing it works that way, Percy. When one finger runs out of blood, it just borrows some from another finger. Shouldn't we do something? Call 911 or something?

Cotton: Who's going to pay for the ambulance and the emergency room?

Buddy: Right. We'll have to take care of this ourselves. Percy, go find a bandage. Make it a big one. Merci, go get a wet washcloth.

Merci: Okay, how about the wet dishcloth?

Buddy: Good idea. Rusty, fetch some peroxide to wash the wound.

Rusty: But I don't have any claws. I can't open the bottle.

Buddy: I forgot. But we have to wash the wound. I know. Crystal, you like to empty anything containing liquid. Do your thing. Those water bowls are really big. Empty them on her wound to clean it.

Crystal: Okay, here. You want me to dump the other one too?

Cotton: You were supposed to dump them on her wounded finger. She's going to be very upset when she finds her hair and clothes are soaked, the floor is covered in blood, and .... Oh, my, Percy, you were supposed to just bring one bandage. But you've dropped them all into the water Crystal spilled. And --

Cameron: Rusty, you dumped peroxide all over her black t-shirt. What did you do that for?

Rusty: Because Sam opened it with his teeth. Broke the cap right off and dropped the bottle on Jan's shoulder.

Crystal: But it's her finger that's bleeding, not her shoulder.

Buddy: You know what guys. I think she's starting to come around. If we're not here when she wakes up, she might think she made this mess herself.

Merci: You don't honestly believe that, do you, Buddy?

Buddy: You guys have always blamed me for everything that happens around here. But this time I didn't make the mess. I just supervised. Now let's go! And act innocent.


  1. I furget...

    Which species is the more intelligent one again?

    PeeEssWoo: Pawsonally, I think it is all RUSTY'S fault!

  2. Humans should never be allowed around sharp objects.

  3. Oh my gosh, what a story! I hope everyone is ok!

  4. MOL (meowing out loud), BOL (barking out loud), LOL, we are all in stitches. We hopes Jan thinks she made the mess all on her own. I mean after all you were just trying to help. Tell Jan not to feel bad our Mom is hopeless when it comes to opening those pill things, she makes huge messes when she does it. ~S,S,C & F

  5. Oh dear - I hope Jan's okay! ;-)

  6. Oh my, hope that she is alright.

  7. I'm glad our Mommy doesn't react that way to blood. We'd be in real trouble because Denali is a walking disastor.

    Of course, Mommy finds plenty of ways to make messes herself. *nods*

    I hope everyone is okay and no one got in trouble!

  8. Owh what happened? I hope Jan is okay.

    Did u guys managed to clean her
    wound and bandaged her finger? Jan shud be glad she has a lot of helpers in the house :)

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! What a story you have to tell! ... is Jan ok?

  10. My Mom is always stabbing/cutting herself too. I keep telling the guy we need to hide all the sharp utensils in the kitchen. I hope that Jan is ok.

  11. Oh my jan, i hope you're ok! But i agree that hoomans should not be allowed to use sharp objects unsupervised.

  12. Just goes to show ya..They would be HELPLESS without us around ...Love A+A Hope her finger is ok!

  13. Oh, no! I hope you're OK!

  14. Is she going to be okay? I'm left hanging here...

  15. Who has allergies?

    Who needed an allergy pill?

    Who was Jan trying to get an allergy pill for?

    Who's fault was this disaster/

    - TBH

  16. I hope Jan is okay! You never told us if she came to!

  17. Let us know if Jan is ok!!!

    Ohhh.. we have to say BIG BIG thanks for letting us know our blog looks funny. Our mom didn't notice anything on her 15' screen. We have to figure out how we put everything on the new layout. grrrr, mom has no idea about HTML!

    Momo & Pinot

  18. Ouch! We hope Jan's finger has healed by now!

  19. Oh, Jan...hope that the comedic crew in your story at least tried to help with clean-up. Hope your cut isn't too bad.

  20. Oh..Hope Jan is ok now. You tried your best to help though :)

  21. "Oh My" I hope she's okay.

  22. Oh no! Hope you are doing okay and your finger heals up nicely jan. Good thing your little guys were there to take care of the situation!


  23. Oh no! Did your mom really faint!? Hopefully she didn't hurt herself even more through the fall. Our mom fainted about four times in her life already and it's dangerous stuff. And a ouchy finger! You guys have to be especially nice to her now. Buddy, we think you are not to blame on this one...
    Purrs! Siena & Chilli

  24. Hello there to all of you! This is my first time to your blog, and I came here by way of The Crew.

    I hope your human pet, Jan, is alright after her bout with the blood. It sounds like all of you handled it very well. Were any of you officially trained as EMTs? It sure seemed like it!

  25. OMG! Poor Jan! Poor Buddy! Poor everyone! Hope the finger survived all of that excitement. (Did Buddy ever get his pill?)

  26. OH MY BAST! What a adventure you guys had with Jan tryin ta cut off her fingers... We hope she is OK!

  27. Oh no!!! I hope Jan hasn't finished all the bwood in one finger!


  28. Hope Jan is OK! Glad she wasn't around when I dripped blood from my front paw everywhere yesterday. Otherwise, she and SS's sister would BOTH need the ambulance - humans!!!!

  29. Goodness what a dialog between you all. Sure hope your Mom is O.K. now. Our Mom does a lot of cussing at those durn pill things.


  30. Goodness what a dialog between you all. Sure hope your Mom is O.K. now. Our Mom does a lot of cussing at those durn pill things.


  31. We hope Jan didn't figure out who made the mess - and that she's OK.

    P.s. When we showed the Humans this post they made strange noises and tears were rolling out their eyes while they were smiling... Wonder why ;-)

  32. oh my. we hope yur beans ok. sownds lyk yall did a gud job helping her.


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