Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Gizzy from Parker

This lovely Gizzy quilt arrived November 24, 2008. At that time our computer was down, so we're a bit late (what an understatement!) making this post.

But first and foremost, we want to tell you what a wonderful surprise it was to receive this -- last year. Millie's mom Lynne made this Orange Crush Gizzy to help raise medical funds for Moki. Perfectly Parker won it, but asked Millie's mom to send it to us. Wasn't that sweet? We were thrilled. It was cold in November, December, January, February, and much of March. We could have used another Gizzy. But Jan said, noooooo, not yet, we need to keep it clean and in the original package so you don't forget to post the photos.

We were going to show you how beautifully it was folded and wrapped in lace ribbon, but Jan suddenly decided it was time to start catching up and .... Well, she cut the ribbon and laid out the Gizzy so she could take photos to add to the ones she took when it arrived.

Only, she couldn't find the original photos. Anywhere. Not on the computer. Not on a CD. But...but...but... Her brother painstakenly rescued all her lost photos. Where did they go now?

Nowhere. After a frantic search, she then read her note on the package: Photograph & post to JFF & Lynne's Gizzy blog. Oh, yeah, that's why Jan saved it with the ribbon intact and wouldn't let us use the Gizzy. For 6 months! And it was cold most of those months.! But back then there wasn't any use to take pictures, since we didn't have a computer . Jan says she's sorry, but we're wondering if we can vote her off the computer. (That's a pretty big blooper, Jan!)

Samaritan admires the back of the Gizzy. A pretty orange.

Rusty is the first to quality test it.

Yep, comfortable to sit on and look to left or right.

No, Sam, I'm not moving so you can climb up here and sit on it. You'd collapse the stand, anyway.

Percy: Yes, Sam, I know you like your comforts, but it's my turn to test this Gizzy.

Yep, soft enough to flop onto my side from a standing position.

I vote we give it a 10 for looks and comfort.

Thanks, Parker! Now that Jan has finally stuck her pinky in the catch-up pile, we can use our "new" Gizzy.

Hey, waaaaaaaaaaaaait! Jan, that's a kitty Gizzy. Why are you putting it on Buddy's chair?


  1. We completely forgot about it too! Mom was -so busy- at work dealing with her stoopid servants! We are happy you like this orange Gizzy quilt!

  2. what a fantastic gizzy!

  3. Oh that looks lovely. I am glad you finally got to use it.

  4. My Unkhle Steve had a khanine named Gretchen but he always khalled her GIZZY!

    This brought bakhk memories fur my mom!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  5. That's a cool Gizzy! It should be for the kitties!

  6. WOW! What a cool gizzy! I want one too - now I wonder if my beans will take the hint.....

  7. I think that Gizzy was perrfect for all of you, but it will be hard to share! : )

  8. Very beautiful quilt.Happy Mother's Day to your mom ....Hugs

  9. What a nice surprise! That's a purrty gizzie!!

  10. Wow. That's quite a lovely gift from Parker! It's kinda small for all of you to use, but we think you'll work it out.

    Happy Mother's Day to Jan!

  11. That's a pretty Gizzy! Congratulations!

    love & wags,

  12. Each one of you looks wonderful on that Gizzy! The color suits you all!
    Millie's mom does wonderful work, doesn't she and how thoughtful of Parkers mom to have it sent to you!

  13. We thinks it is very pretty and we thinks it sets off Rusty's furs purrfectly. But everybody looked nice with it, and it is nice to share with your doggie brothers.

    We also thinks you should forgive Jan.
    ~S,S,C, & F

  14. I love the way cats like to check out anything new. Even when we're folding laundry, they want to climb all over it.

    The quilt looks great.

  15. What a neat catch-up story. Pretty Guzzy, too.


  16. WOW....HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Mother's Day from me in NYC! Hope that you had a lovely day! I've had the best day with Sloane! I'll be blogging about in when I get home on Wednesday!!!

    Love to all!


  17. The quilt is lovely. What a nice surprise. It's good you can use it now.

  18. Very pretty gizzy quilt and animal approved at that!!

  19. Millie does fantastic work, doesn't she? She really makes the best gizzies - though, to be honest, I'm not sure what a gizzy is and why it's not referred to as a quilt. Perhaps you can explain that to me! LOL ;)

  20. aren't gizzy's wonderful!!!

  21. What a lovely gift! We wants a gizzy now too Jan!!! How nice! Great spot for kitties especially. Anytime I lay a blankie down - boom! They are all over it!

    Purrs and loves,
    jaime, sasha and theodore


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