Monday, May 11, 2009

Buddy's Chair

We kitties want you to see where our beautiful Orange Crush Gizzy quilt is. Our kitty Gizzy! Jan really is letting Buddy use it on his chair. Does he look like a kitty to you?

See how comfy it is. Buddy is deep in sleep. Percy was jumping back and forth to get Jan's attention as she took these photos and had to whack Jan's arm to get her to notice him.

Percy: Helloooo, Jan, the one on the right (that's me, Percy) is what a kitty looks like. Not like the brown blob on the left, the one sleeping on our Gizzy.

Buddy, can you hear me or is that ear just for decoration? That's our Gizzy quilt!

Buddy is deaf, dumb and snoring.

He looks a little sheepish, doesn't he? Just before Jan clicked the pic, Buddy's head was under the sheet and resting on top of the couch arm. (Jan claims she has to keep the couch and her chair covered because we shed. What's she talking about?)

Oh, did we wake you, Buddy? Too bad.

Poor Rusty. While Buddy luxuriates on our Gizzy, Rusty is reduced to sleeping on a hard wood stand.

(Pssst, wake up, Rusty! You look too comfortable there. You're not helping our Gizzy-back-rebellion here.)

Buddy: Can you keep it down, guys! I need to finish the nap Jan interrupted. And stop whining about this Gizzy. You have 3 others to sleep on. And you can use this one when I'm not in my chair.

Percy: Well, it's our chair too. If we hadn't used it for a scratching post, you wouldn't have a chair.

Buddy: Go ahead and bring that up with Jan. I dare you to remind her of why she almost threw it out. It's just my size. And it's my chair. Any arguments? I didn't think so. Wake me when it's dinner time.

Zeus reminded us that some of you are new and don't know what a Gizzy quilt is. A couple of years ago, Darling Millie's mom Lynne made a few quilts to pay for Gizzy cat's vet bills. (That's why it's called a Gizzy.) He passed away in 2007. You can see a picture of Gizzy in the upper right sidebar of Bizzy for Gizzy Quilts blog, where many of the kitties have posted pictures of themselves with their Gizzies for mom Lynne.

Since then mom Lynne has made nearly 200 quilts, mostly kitty, but some human size quilts, some woofie size. The one made with the most love and tears was the one mom Lynne made for her goddaughter Violette's casket. It was made with blocks of material with bloggers' names hand written on the fabric and little Violette, affectionately called Sprout, was laid to rest wrapped in it. The quilt mom Lynne made earlier for Sprout covered the casket during the funeral service.

Many of you remember Monty Q's baby bean Sprout and that sad time. And speaking of Sprout, yesterday would have been her first birthday. Drop by Monty's and leave a note, if you haven't already.


  1. Uh-oh, Buddy looks too comfy on your Gizzy. You may have lost it for good cuz it doesn't look like he's moving anytime soon.

  2. Buddy looked too cute and comfy sleeping on that Gizzy quilt. So does Rusty.. I guess a good nap can be welcome anywhere..

  3. A khanine that khute deserves to rest where ever they choose!


  4. That Gizzy looks really comfy!!

    Thanks for all of your purrs and purrayers for our Daddy. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Buddy looks like he is enjoying that quilt!

  6. We are sure Buddy will share the gizzy when he is done napping.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  7. Buddy looks very comfy on the Gizzy and we thinks reminding Jan why it's Buddy's chair would be a tactical error. Why don't you just jump up there and nap with him? ~S,S,C & F

  8. Just wait, Buddy. The kitties will win out in the end.

    I had forgotten about the Gizzy quilt for Sprout. I'll drop by and wish Monty and his mom well.

  9. Oh ... I'm jealous of your quilt =x

    Jas & Gi

  10. Ummmm, Buddy.....we have to side with the cats.

  11. Those Gizzy quilts offer such great comfort in times of stress. I did receive such a quilt from Millie a long time ago, but I had never known it was officially called a Gizzy. I feel fortunate to have one!

  12. We hope your Gizzy back from the woofie.He seems to like it a lot.

  13. Ha ha!! What a comfy place, dog!

    There are new adventures in my story. Visit my blog.

  14. your Gizzy looks awful cozy, do you think you'll get it back soon? Have a purrfect Tuesday!

  15. Not fair to use your quilt - but Buddy sure looks cute on it ;-)

    We wondered what a Gizzy was, thanks for explaining.

  16. Buddy is too big to be a kitty but he looks comfy anyway. FAZ

  17. Mom has actually made Gizzy quilts (gasp!)for woofies!

    Gizzy was a great guy, and woofies never bothered him!

  18. Buddy looks way too comfortable to move.

    The Team

  19. Buddy was dreaming about being a cat so that makes it OK just this once.

  20. Buddy needs a Gizzy of his own, eh? Or you guys need a new one!

  21. That quilt looks so comfy!

  22. That is just very wrong that Buddy is using your gizzy quilt!! I cannot believe your Mom allows him to do that!

  23. Hmm... you think Buddy has identity crisis and thinks he is part kitty? Then again, the Gizzy looks so comfy so who cares if it is meant for doggie or kitty! Heehee...

  24. So woofies like gizzies too?? Buddy looks furry happy there!

  25. Thank you fow telling us about the Gizzy's so bootiful, and mommi got vewy leaky weading that and thinking of little spwout.
    I hope you all take tuwns sneeping on them
    smoochie kisses

  26. Those are cute photos! Especially the one with the one ear up!

  27. The quilt looks lovely, no wonder Buddy looks so comfy on it.:-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  28. Ooh, I think Buddy is very brave! I would never dare sleep on anything that belongs to a cat! Before my kitty sister, Lemon, went to the Bridge, she used to regularly kick me off my bed and snuggle in there herself!

    Honey the Great Dane


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