Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Ginny Fund

Ginny with one of her many admirers.

Some of you may remember Ginny, the dog who rescued cats. We've blogged about her in the past. She died right after our Jenny cat in August 2005. Ginny's memorial service was held that November -- at a cat show! Yes, you read that correctly, at a cat show.

We only have a few minutes to post this, so please click on this link to our old post "Ginny's Memorial Service" (in a new tab or a new window so you don't forget to come back to finish this story).

Well, the Ginny Fund which Philip Gonzales started while Ginny was alive to feed and vet cats lives on. Each cat is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, provided with any needed veterinary care and fed daily. Good homes are found for some of the tamer cats and those with special needs who would not fare well outdoors are cared for in the groups' own homes. The Ginny Fund is committed to the 200+ cats living in 21 feral colonies lives on. Philip and other volunteers still go out in all weather to make sure all the cats are fed. It is a registered non-profit.

In addition to the feral cats, the Long Beach Animal Shelter closed two years ago, but cats and dogs are still cruelly abandoned in boxes at the shelter doorstep. The Ginny Fund rescues these unwanted animals and provides the same services and care that the colony cats are given.

The Ginny Fund is supported entirely by donations! It is a registered non-profit. Donations are tax deductible. It has no paid staff or directors, so more than 85% of each dollar donated is used for food and veterinary services. The other 15% goes toward mailings and necessary business expenses.

Donations have dropped because of the economy, but the needs of the animals continue. The Ginny Fund is not a shelter, but we would like to submit it's name as an organization for Romeo to consider for May's fundraising.

The Ginny Fund can be found here (link is no longer any good), at the Ginny Fan Club site.

Oh, and please stop by Romeo the cat's blog before 9 PM tonight, April 30, and leave a comment nominating the Ginny Fund to help increase the chance of this group winning the drawing.

We're sorry this is so last minute. We intended to do it earlier. But we get busy and forget. Oh, heck, we just plain forget!


  1. Best of luck to The Ginny Fund!!!

  2. What a wonderful woofie and a wonderful cause! We are going to visit!!!

  3. We will go by and leave a comment the Ginny Fund sounds like a very worthwhile cause. ~S,S,C & F

  4. Okeedokee JAn... we'll do dat beefore da momee goez to cooks da dadeez din din.

  5. A woofie that saves cats?! How very strange and interesting. We'll read about the memorial. At a cat show? The world is surely a strange place.

  6. Dat is soo Wordifull!! Wow a doggie who luved kitties!!

    We goh visit derh!

    And We gotted our Squillion Raffle up now on our noo Katiez Furr-e-Bay!!

    Katie Too

  7. Ginny sounds like she was quite a wonderful dog!

    PS. Gandalf and his litter mates were dumped at the door of a country vet, as was Grayson. The Vet has a special area for animals looking for Forever Homes. Mom took Gandalf and Grayson home, and Mom's best friend took Gandalf's 2 litter mates home.

  8. Wow, that's so wonderful. And if you don't mind us making a little plug here, we thinking adopting rescue cats is a wonderful thing. Our Mouse and Leila Tov spent their first four months as feral kittens, though you'd never know it--they're such great members of our furry family.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful hearty organization. We will go and comment for sure. Good luck Jan!

  10. Thanks for the birthday howl!


  11. We're too late but we'll see if we can help the Ginny fund somehow.
    - TBH

  12. I can't find it on the internet anymore! The link to the Ginny Fan Club - apparently the domain was purchased by someone else named Ginny - where has it gone?


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