Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Here

Just letting you know we're still around, in case you're wondering.

Jan hogs the computer. We don't know why. She doesn't seem to accomplish anything with it. But we need her to keep us in kibble, so we're trying to appear patient.

She's sitting in a corner staring at the wall right now, so we figure it's our turn to use this. We -- actually Percy, since he's our typist -- aren't having any problem getting online or getting about.

Oops. That brought Jan out of her trance - temporarily. She mumbled something about, Of course, you aren't having any problems; I just spent two days setting this computer up so I can .... We couldn't catch the rest.

Yes, she in on another temporary computer. Mr. Doug is still working on hers. It's slow going because he has to fit it into his schedule so he can concentrate on what he's doing and if he needs anything, he has to order it.

Today is a holiday so the shelter photos were rescheduled to Friday. But the shelter staff was called to an important meeting, which made Jan late taking the pictures, and everything that could went wrong. When she finally got the photos downloaded and into an email, they came back as undeliverable, and she had to redo the entire project.

As glad as she is to have the loan of a laptop, it is slow and when she is trying to meet a deadline, things get a little crazy around here. Friday was not only crazy, we were subjected to emotional and mental abuse. How else can we describe watching our human, tears streaming down her face and fists waving, scream at the laptop, Move it, (*%@, M-O-O-O-O-V-E IT! And it wasn't listening.

Traumatic, folks, absolutely traumatic -- for us, not her. But that was nothing compared to the melt-down a few hours later, when her brother called to say he had just had an opportunity to look at her computer again and .....

Evidently things are looking a little better for her computer now, but her brother's friend loaned her an old tower to help make writing a column easier. Only she traded internet speed for a word processor she is unfamiliar with, and after two days of getting the computer online and figuring out where things were, she sat down to write the column and of course everything that could went wrong again. The column went out just before 4 a.m., so she missed her out of town trip today. Her sanity trip, as she was calling it.

The good news is that Jan is not sitting in the corner staring at the wall because she is depressed. She is just too exhausted to function right now. We need to get her moving in order to stay awake so she can sleep tonight. We didn't get to bed until 4:30 and she made us get up at 8:45. Can you imagine being so rude? As furbabies, we need our sleep!

But we'll forgive her because that column is dear to our hearts too. This old house is drafty and cold, but at least we have shelter. It's hard for us to understand how some folks can keep an animal and not provide it with any type of shelter! Not even when the temp drops into the teens. Whether this is an oversight, confusion over specifics of Georgia cruelty laws, or whatever, she would like to see this rectified in our town.

Since we can only access photographs already online, we will leave you with one photo to show you what we will all be doing today. Well, all us 4-footed furbabies, anyway. We need to rest up so we can catch up on our zzzzzs tonight.


  1. Now THAT is my kind of pawsition!

    Please take khare of her...I know how hoomans khan get when they don't have their 'stuff' -


  2. Humans are very delicate emotionally. They do need our support or they could never get through the day. Your human sounds great so we hope you will show patience as hard as it sometimes seems to be.

    Misty the alpha Poodle et al

  3. Please provide strength to your human - it is horrible when they don't function right. Hopefully everything will get sorted, soon!
    Sending purrs,
    Siena & Chilli

  4. Here's to much better days ahead!

  5. Sleep well furries and look after your leggeded. Those pooters drive em crazy for some reason. Hope all is fixed soon.

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

  6. JFF, we have a tiny bit of good news for you. One of Carrol's doggies got adopted, so there are only 12 left. We are purring very hard for the remaining 12.

    It is very cold here lately so we don't see how anyone could leave a cat or dog out without shelter. We have our very own heater in the garage and now we have our very own electric blanket so we thinks we must be spoilt.

    Grandpa had some baby goats born. He has a heating lamp in the barn with them because it is so cold, and they have lots of hay to snuggle in.

    Good to see you around. Take care and please be patient with Jan. Her work is very important. Hugs & Purrs, ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  7. Take care of JFF, you guys...we hope the column goes well and your computer problems are soon behind you!

  8. We're looking forward to when you have no more computer problems.

  9. take care you guys - we knows how the crazies are. you just haf to do your best to make shur that Jan doesn't get too out of control.

  10. Did Jan say werds on the bad werd list? hehe Give her sum nip and she will be okays! We hopes the puter is fixed soon.

  11. All of you (including poor Jan) need a well-deserved rest!! We hope the compooter problems end soon...

  12. That stinks her computer is cuasing her so much stress. Humans don't deal well with stress. Us kitties do just what that photo shows. Sleep it away!

    We hope things start going smoother soon. Especially since she is doing so much good.

  13. Sorry the computer(s) hell continues. I hope it'll get better for you. (I would say soon but I know that's not likely :( )

  14. Oh Jan, I do so hope your computer problems are sorted out soon! Thanks so much for your kind comment, which means even more considering the difficulties you're going through!

    Kittehs and dawgies, take care of your Janbean and if you see her sitting staring into space or saying bad words to her computer, cuddle round her and give her gentle head bumps and nose touches :) xxx

  15. Let her have the computer as long as the kibble flow remains uninterrupted :)

  16. Good to hear from you. Jan needs your support!!!! Hope the computer issue will resolve soon.

  17. Losing internet is like losing your virtual mind (well, my mom says that--I have no idea what a virtual is). If you can't talk to your bloggie friends then it IS depressing. We need to know what's happening. I hope that computers are fixed soon. My mom says HBO words at computers too.

    love & wags,

  18. I did a lot of that today too....zzzzzzzz.

  19. Big furry hugs to Jan, I can understand her frustration with the machine. I hope everything will be up and running smoothly soon. Love, Dino

  20. Well we hopes you haves a much better days today.

  21. Ooooooooo. My hoomin bean dunt letz me on da puter tingie berry much eater. OK? An I knowz whatz likez notz to hab puter: longz timez ago I makez softie drinkie fallz on my hoomin beanz puter an it dieded! OK?

    I iz sorryz u is tired an dat ur hoomin bean iz depresseded. OK?

    I tinkz dat I goez an takez cat nappie now. OK?

  22. Its a good thing Jan has you guys to mentally support her there. we agree with the above commmenter, it is important to a bean's well-being to have furbaby support.

    Hope your 'puter gets better soon Jan, and we miss you. hope you can come visit us again sometime soon!


  23. My mom is a computer hog too.

  24. Goodness I just hope Jan doesn't say bad words to the computer like my Mom used to do when she had dial up on her computer. She yelled at it, moooove too. She isn't to bad now that we have a little faster internet speed with AT&T now, although sometimes she goes a little to fast on giving her computer orders and she has to sit and wait until the computer figures it all out. She says computers have a mind all their own.


  25. We received your kind donation the other day! Thank you!

  26. I'm still around, too. Barely.

  27. Oh, four-footed-friends of ours, take good care of Jan--and give her our best for us.


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