Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking A Break

We're going to be gone for a while -- or permanently. We don't know which. But last Jan heard, things are not going well with the computer and as of Friday everything on it might have been lost. We don't know much about computers but our understanding is that if your opeating system goes, so does everything on it. So Jan is very discouraged. And even if she could afford a new computer - which she can't - she hasn't the heart to even consider starting from scratch again.

She has a borrowed laptop for the weekend but it is twice as slow as it was last month and it is just impossible to get around to visit or leave comments. We tried to keep up with the Tesla and Hans story yesterday but, aside from it being depressing, we were frustrated by how long it took to get anywhere. So we have given up trying.

We don't have any email addresses, so even though we'll try to access our email occasionally, we won't be able to communicate with any of you. We love you all and apologize for not being able to keep up with your emergencies or good news. We hope to be back, but have no idea if or when.


  1. Came by to say bye, we are leaving the blogosphere in hopes that everything will get better. we hope everyone will go back to they way things were, we're sorry we caused so much trouble.

    We love you, and hope things get better!

  2. We hope that you get your computer and will be able to rejoin. Most things will be online for the blogging stuff anyway. Good luck!

  3. Oh Jan, we are so sorry. We hope you can visit and that things improve soon. We will miss you very much.
    Smoochies and hugs.
    Parker & Co.

  4. Jan and the residents, we'll miss you. We really hope that data isn't lost (sometimes a lost OS doesn't mean lost data - it just needs a new OS to be taught where to look for the data). We hope you are able to come back and continue blogging. We really enjoy your compassionate campaigning approach.

    Here's to a mended computer!

    Whicky & Family

  5. Hi Jan and the Funny Farm fur kids! I am so sorry to hear about the computer problems. I hope you are able to get them fixed and can come back soon and visit.

  6. Oh noes!!

    Now you gets that hard drive to someone who can get all your files off of it!!

    If the OS is gone - that only means that you have to have another computer to help read the hard drive!!!

    Oh I wish you could send it to me and I could fix it fur you.

    Katie Too's Mawmee

  7. There seem to be so many people taking a break at the moment. We hope you're back soon!

    We also wanted to thank you for stopping by and being so kind when our beloved Sen-Chan went to the Bridge. Every single comment helped sus o much!

    Tom, Tama-Chan and #1

  8. We ditto what Parker said! We may not always comment, but we do swing by to see what's going on!
    Sending good thoughts your way,
    The Ao4

  9. Oh dear. We are taking a break beause Mom's business has started taking off, and that isn't leave nearly as much time for blogging, certainly not commenting like we use to.

    If you have your Windows disk, you may be able to do a reinstall/repair and not lose a thing. If we lived closer, Mom would do it for you. It really isn't all that complicated; basically you put the disk in and follow the on-screen prompts while keeping your fingers crossed.

    Your blog will still be be on blogger's server, waiting for you when you can come back. We'll be here waiting for you, in some capacity, but probably not posting daily anymore!

    Wishing you all the best, and hoping you won't lose your photos and important data.

    G&G and Mom Barb

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  11. Dear Jan and the FF bunch - maybe you could use the computer at your local library - you could update your blog - & visit others and check your email that way?

    Hope all gets taken care of. T.

  12. Oh man. Sometimes computers just suck. Lost my motherboard once and feared the worst (all my students' progress and grades were on it) Luckily they were able to start it up from another computer and all was saved. Hope you are as lucky. We'll miss you.

  13. I deleted my prior comment.

    My suggestion is not quite what G & G said. (I've never tried to do a repair installation off the disc for the OS). If you've lost everything, reformat your hard drive by reinstalling the OS. That guarantees you'll lose everything on the hard drive, and have to install the programs you used before that did not come with the OS, but at least you'll be able to use the computer again.

    I hope you'll be back.

  14. Oh rats! Dis iz awful. No Jan??? I do nots know what we will do but purr dat you can get anudder comp-hooter. We'll be here fur you.
    Dr Tweety

  15. Ohh noo.. compooter problems are terrible! We will be missing all of you and hope you come back soon.
    **Hugs to all**

  16. Computers suck. :(

    Come back soon.

  17. We hope you don't leave but if you do, we will totally understand. Best of luck.


  18. Oh dear! I hope you are just taking a break and come back soon! We will all miss you! Love, Dino

  19. Oh no, sorry to hear about the continual computer problems. We hope you will be back in the blog soon.

  20. I sure hope the computer business isn't as bad as it seems right now. We'll miss you! Hope you can come back soon ...


  21. w00f's JFF, me iz sorry u having puter problems, and hope u dont go away...cause we will miss u...mayb if u take a break all will b ok..

    b safe,

  22. We will keep you on our bloggie friends list - so don't worry. then when things are sorted and you're back we can visit. take care in the meantime.

  23. Oh noeeess puters are such bad but fun fings!

    Maybe yoo cud try craigslist dot org to find a used laptop or puter?

    Anywhos, we will keep checkin back to see how yoo is doing or if yoo is back.

  24. JFF, we are so sorry bout the puter problems. We hopes you are back very soon. We will miss you very much. Thinking about you and purring lots. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis + Mom, Alasandra

  25. JFF...we hope your computer is fixable and all is not lost! We would be sad if we did not hear from you again...we will miss you!

  26. WEll that just stinks Jan. We will miss you terribly and hope to hear from you soon again soon at ThoughtsFurPaws :)


  27. I came over to say thank you for the kind words you left on my blog when my bunny boy Hugo passed away. Things will be getting better, even if the pain is always there.
    Your blog is fantastic and the work you do is great - we need more people like you. Hopefully things will get back to normal for you soon, and you can post again here.
    Good luck and thanks again,


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