Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back soon

Just a quick note. The computer went back to Jan's brother yesterday for some more work -- new batery, CD/DVD drive, etc. When he emailed, "As long as the shelter is closed, this might be a good time," Jan packed the computer and dropped it off for him. Hopefully it will be back tomorrow.

There was so much confusion at the shelter yesterday, Jan forgot to ask where the animals are. There was a limping dog being loaded in to the AC truck as she arrived, but she's forgetful. There were no animals there, so whether being boarded at a vet's or at another shelter ......

We'll be back soon. Our neighbor let Jan check her email.


  1. That's okay -

    It will be bigger faster more puterie!


  2. We'll see you when you get back!!!

  3. See you when you get back!! Hope the computer gets fixed soon.

  4. Hopefully the computer will be back up and running soon!

    We sure are sorry to hear about that fire at the shelter! What a blessing that no animals were harmed!

  5. I hope it all gets fixed well!

  6. Hope you are back up and running - smoothly - again, real soon. Good to hear no animals were hurt at the shelter.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  7. Hi,
    I come to share the good news, remember in Oct there was a poor Puggy being abandonned in Taiwan, please come back to Dino's blog to witness a true loving story http://ilovedino.blogspot.com/

  8. Hope your mom's computer gets fixed and we'll get here when you get back.

  9. Jan's brother is so nice to help her with the computer! We'll see you when everything is fixed!
    Siena & Chilli

  10. Purrs that it gets fixed soon. We know you will enjoy the updates being made to it. We hopes the animals are somewhere safe. ~S,S & C

  11. I will miss you guys. Can't wait till you come back. Purrs for your shelter and the animals!


  12. We're so glad no animals were hurt. Keep us posted on how thigs are when you can. We'll cross fingers and paws that your computer comes back soon, and better than ever!

  13. I hope your computer will be better than ever!

    love & wags,


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