Thursday, January 15, 2009

Only Two Weeks

As hard as it is for us to get around the internet right now, we do manage an occasional visit to the sick, those who have lost a furry, and those with problems. And one of the stories we try hard to keep up with is the story of Carrol Crocker and her dogs.

By now you might be tired of reading about them, but as time grows shorter, the need to keep reminding folks is critical. This is not a case of hoarding; Carrol took good care of these dogs. They were the abandoned and unwanted in a county with no shelter. If I understand this correctly, after her home was burned by an arsonist, she was cited with code violations by the city of Rainsville. Adopters, fosters or rescues have helped with all but 13 of the dogs.

The city gave her until February 9, then moved the date back to February 1. There are only 2 weeks left before the city confiscates the remainder of the dogs on her property. And they will not meet a merciful death.

So, please, if you can help in any way ...... We would if we could, but by city ordinance Jan is only allowed to have 3 dogs on this property, so she has her limit and can not even foster one.

Heather Ballance has been to Green Acres and photographed the dogs. She attests to their adoptability and posts updates on her Hope4Dogs blog. She has also written a short article for Best Friends/Atlanta. We hope you will check out both links and pass them on.


  1. We are purring for the doggies. We wished we could do more. We will link to your post.

    ~S,S & C

  2. Is that 10 more to find homes with 3 left behind or is it 13 more that need homes and she has her 3? Oh this is so upsetting!


  3. Thank you for keep us up to date on this.

  4. Jan, we live so far away that we can only PURRRRR very hard for these beautiful doggies -- and we will do!!!

    I was offline for a long time, but in tomorrows post I will link to yours and ask and hope for a forever home for them in time!

    (((Hugs))) and many purrs,

  5. Oh dear! I pray that these remaining dogs will be saved! Delilah sends puppy kisses to her former yardmates!

  6. I really hope and pray that these lovely dogs can find homes.

  7. We keep checking on them too. We just wish we could do something to help.

  8. Mommy just sent this information to three friends in Atlanta who may be able to help find these doggies good homes. Fingers and paws crossed.

    Your pal,


  9. I'm puwwing and puwwing for them all.


  10. those poor dogs.we are thinking of them and praying

  11. Jan, we'll keep praying for those poor doggies.

    Momo & Pinot

  12. Oh, no! Jan, that's awful. Are there ways we can help from Maine? If so, please let us know!!

  13. Woofies arent our favrit critters, but we wish these ones all the best at findin homes...

  14. Why are there so many mean ones that make it hard for the furries????? I am praying that all will be found homes.
    There is also a little kitty living in a post office, not bothering anyone, but a few humans complained and now the kitty cannot stay there. Bonnie Hunt on her tv show talked about it so moth is hoping that with all of her viewers that a new home will be found for the kitty.

  15. Oh that is so sad..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  16. That's sad. I hope she gets the help she needs.


  17. Keep up the faith and believe dat help will come. Pray hard an fings will get better and schmaybe yoo will get a new 'puter. We will keep wishin fur good fings to come yur way.

  18. I am so hoping those pups find homes quickly. I think Petey's mom did a wonderful thing. Hope it works.



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