Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

We could not let the day go by without taking a moment to wish each of you a Happy Valentine's Day. Feel free to grab a bouquet and take it home with you. There are more than enough for everyone. (Click on the bouquet; it's animated.)

The woofie and kitty represent Valentine's Day at the Funny Farm. The kitties purr and snuggle and the woofies scratch their chins on the kitties' heads. (This is also animated.)

Many of you are aware of the Valentine Love Cruise Party, hosted by Momo in Australia for all kitties and woofies. Stop by Momo's and Sassy's to read about the cruise and to see all the lovely photos. Sassy will be posting part two later tonight or tomorrow. Don't miss it. Plus, she has lots of yummy treats and flowers to send home with you. She gave us this.

Sassy sent us this photo of our Percy from the cruise. Doesn't he look handsome? Jan was tickled pink (we don't understand that phrase) to see how grown-up and debonair he looks.
Photo by Sassy.
We did have some good news yesterday. The Sheltie that was rescued and then turned into the shelter by a neighbor was adopted by the woman who originally rescued the dog. The Sheltie should be home in a day or two, depending on when she receives her spay surgery. We're all glad at least one of the three dogs survived the shelter.

And now for the shocker - at least it was to Jan. She admits to being super busy and preoccupied lately, but she was stunned speechless today when she opened a brown envelope and found this photo of Buddy and Samaritan on the front of a church bulletin - a church bulletin from Arizona, no less. (We live in Georgia.)Buddy and Samaritan skedaddled as soon as they saw the contents of the envelope. Jan read the note in disbelief.

Ms. Jan, Samaritan and I took the car and ran over to AZ to visit Miss Pat and she took us to church and we got our pictures taken. We hurried back before you missed us. But Ms. Pat said we shouldn't tell you a lie so we are "fessing" up so God and you won't be mad at us. We got along fine with Chuy and Satch but they weren't allowed to go to church because Satch snorts too loud. (s) Your wandering dogs

Jan called for Buddy and Samaritan and they slowly returned to the computer desk. "Is this note true?" she demanded.
They just grinned sheepishly, afraid to either admit the truth or tell a lie.

"Oh, no!" Jan cried, slapping her forehead. "I've got to start getting out more. I never even missed the car."

The guys started to retreat slowly. "Wait! This isn't your paw-writing, Buddy. And you never call me Ms. Jan. Who helped you write this note?"

Neither answered. "Miss Pat?" No response. "Satch? No, he hasn't learned etiquette yet. It was Chuy, wasn't it?" Both dogs hung their heads.


The guys say they had a great time, even if it was a short visit. But why didn't Merci go with you, we asked.

We asked her, Buddy said, but she started shaking and crying, muttering something about never getting in a car with us again, we're a danger to everyone, whether they're on the road or not. So we left her home. I steered and Samaritan worked the pedals. We couldn't drive at night because Percy wasn't there to hold the flashlight, so we just drove faster and arrived sooner. We'll have to do this again one day. Any of you want to go with us?

The answer was unanimous - No! In case you've forgotten why the others don't want to ride with Buddy, click here.
One other note today: Most of you probably don't know Churchill. He has a brand new blog, so you can easily read all the posts to learn who he is and what happened to him. His humans desperately needed help with medical bills for him and the blogosphere came through again. We don't know whether they have all the money they need, but he was scheduled for surgery yesterday; however, his injuries are too severe and the surgery too long. So it was postponed. Stop by Churchill the cat's and say hello.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you :-D

    That's very good news that the Sheltie was adopted. The rest of the story was just too sad :(

  2. Hope ya all had a great Valentine's Day. Percy, Opus, Roscoe, Emil, and I are having a blast. I don't know how ya keep track over at your place on who is up to what but after reading the last part of your post, I don't think ya are keepin up, ha, ha, ha.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day. Great news on the sheltie!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  4. Happy Valentine's day to you all!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you all, even your wandering woofies!

  6. I am very glad the little Sheltie was rescued!

  7. We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!! The animated kitty and woofie are sooo cute. :-)

    Percy looked so handsome on the love boat, Jan. And he is such kind and loving mancat!!

    ~Ruis & the kitty & woofie gang in Holland.

  8. We love your story. You have some very adventurous dogs...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  9. We are happy to hear that sheltie got adopted. They are very cute woofies!!

    And it sounds like you had a great adventure to Arizona!


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