Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bailey, Unknown Reindeer

Yes, we realize Christmas 2007 has past. But look at it this way, we're getting an early start on Christmas 2008.

Seriously, Sherry sent Jan a link to this video a week or two ago, but Jan is behind in reading her mail. So we opened it for her and found a link to a delightful video of Bailey, the Unknown Reindeer. And when you watch the video, you'll know it is seasonal appropriate, despite the Christmas music.

Wait till you see the snow! We guarantee you Siberian Husky bloggers will love this.

This was shot in the late 1990s and unfortunately Bailey died in a house fire December 26, 1998. If you want to read the little information available on Bailey, click here. This was one fun loving girl!


  1. What alovely girl..I love that she had such a gweat time in the snow..but I wish I hadn't heawd the last pawt..that made me weally sad
    take caweof youwselves
    smoochie kisses,

  2. We iz sorry dat da nice D-A-W-G wents to doggie heaven.
    How iz da Jan? Iz she feelin' better?
    & Congratyounationz on your awardz!!!

  3. Too sad to hear about a doggie or kitty going to heaven. Try to think of the nice times this doggie had while she was here.
    If any or all of you are up to it go on over to Opus and Roscoe's place they have kittynapped me and are in a time machine. There is room for all that want to come

  4. So sad to hear about a doggie dying! Thanks for the snacks that the JFF gang brought over. The dips are yummy. Why don't you come and have a taste? We are enlightened kitties and don't mind nice humans coming to our pawties!

  5. aw, how bittersweet. what a darling little girl Baily was. she looks like she was a happy woofie. so pretty too.

    Thanks so much for your nice words and thoughts for Sonny & his family. They mean a lot.

  6. She was having a blast in the snow. The best part was where you couldn't see her, just the snow collapsing.

  7. Haha that wuz a great video. She was having lots of fun. We wuz sad to hear at the end that she had gone over the Bridge.

  8. Hey, are you still sick, Jan? Yeah, heck all those hairballs up and you'll be fine. SS has stuff to help me with it (I get hairball problem big time, as you can well imagine), would you like some? Stay warm and get well soon!

  9. Aww.. what a cute video... we're so sad though after hearing that that fun-loving Bailey crossed the bridge though... :(
    Have a great day!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  10. woofies jan and all...wowzers, dat a bunch of snow....heehee dat doggy wuz shure havin fun...soo sorrwy her went to the rainbow bridge...she will b missed...

    b safe,

  11. Woo, she sure knew how to have fun! I wonder if that's what Heaven looks like?

  12. Wow Jan and Crew
    What a pawsome video. Bailey has spots like me and she's a 'nutter' like me too. We're going to visit her story now.
    Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful video of Bailey.
    Love from Hammer


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