Saturday, February 23, 2008

We Aren't Lost

We thought perhaps we should post a note to let everyone know we aren't lost and we haven't forgotten you. Jan's been hogging the computer lately and we haven't had time to post. We have dropped by a few blogs now and then. If we don't get a new post up tomorrow, we will next week.

We really need to get your links up in the sidebar. Another project we haven't gotten done.

Meanwhile, we did drop by to check on Churchill and found very good news there.

Rascal finished week 3 of his chemo.

Jan went on an errand, so we can finally respond to Claudette, LacyLulu's mama's tag. So here goes -

A tag!!!!
The tag is to list four of the following:

Jobs I have had
1) Buddy - expert bedmaker
2) Plumber - Buddy, Merci and Percy
3) Bugcatching - all felines
4) Percy - actor in CCCSI's Christmas production

Movies I would watch over and over
1) Oops. We missed this category and posted LacyLulu's mama's answer.
2) We don't usually watch movies once, let alone over and over.
3) Jan won't give us money to go to the movie theater.
4) We feel a bit underprivileged here. We're going to have to steal - um, borrow Jan's remote and start checking out movies.

Places I have been
1) Phoenix, Arizona - Buddy and Samaritan, to visit Miss Pat, Chuy and Satch
2) Sidney - Charlie's birthday party
3) California - Percy (CCCSI cast party)
4) Cotton - Miss Peach's tea party

Places I have lived
1) Georgia, USA
2) Jan moves about once every century, so we haven't actually lived anywhere but here - yet.
3) We think another century might be ending in the somewhat near future, so stay tuned.
4) Sorry. Our bags are packed and we're ready to move ... whenever.

TV shows I watch
1) NO LAW & ORDER - The music makes my ears hurt and I howwwwwwwl! - Buddy
2) No Dog Whisperer! - Buddy, Merci & Samaritan
3) We don't actually have any favorite TV shows.
4) We usually just entertain ourselves on the computer.

People who email me regularly
1) Evelyn
2) KC
3) Bill
4) Mark

Favorite foods
1) Steak
2) Chicken
3) Fish
4) Anything! - Buddy & Samaritan's favorite

Places I would rather be
1) At an all-you-can-eat buffet - the canines
2) Squirrel/bird hunting - Buddy, Merci & Samaritan
3) A huuuuge house with 3 litter pans in each room - the felines.
4) A catnip greenhouse - the felines

Things I am looking forward to
1) Jan giving us back our computer so we can blog and visit our friends.
2) Having a huuuuuge fenced back yard so we can lie in the sunshine and barf up grass to our hearts' content.
3) Jan stocking the fridge with our favorite foods instead of hers.
4) Training Jan to come when called and wait on our every whim. (Well, we can dream, can't we?)

Actually, we think Jan was supposed to answer this tag, but we got tired of waiting on her so we decided to do it ourselves.

We tag Miss Peach, Cheysulli & Gemini, Asta and Gus & Louie.


  1. Hi Evewyone..I loved weading youw answews and thanks fow the tag..I pwobably won't get to it fow a few days, but I pwomise to do it! I love finding stuff out about my fwiends..I love the idea of a gweat big fenced back yawd to play and sun in

    hope you'we all well
    smoochie kisses

  2. Hee hee, my humans only move about once every century, too. I guess that means I'm stuck here for a while.


  3. Wow. That was fascinating to learn all about you all. This could be a challenge for us! We will have to think on this one.

  4. Voting has started at
    Please come and cast your vote!!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Hi Jan! This looks like a fun meme to do...mommy and i will share working on it when we get back from Portland end of next week. Turner & Hooch...that is one slooooooooooobery doggie!
    Have a perfect Miss Peach

  6. I think you did a great job of answering the meme, even if Jan was supposed to do it. I'm glad you only have to move once a century.

  7. We enjoyed reading all your answers. What a fun meme!

  8. We don't watch TV much either, we just take the snuggling advantage when Mom watches, which isn't often.

  9. MomBean TiVo's a lot and then forgets to watch it. She's kinda weird that way.

  10. A fridge full of HAM would be great!

  11. Thanks for the tag. We will need to think on this one..
    Everyone knows our favorite place to be: The Lake..
    We have only lived in Texas. Mom and Dad are both from the same home town in Wisconsin where they met in High School like 100 years ago.. Maybe that is why we think we would love to visit there and play in the snow..
    Our favorite TV show is 24 which isn't on this year booo.
    Our favorite Movie is Boon Dock Saints. Pretty violent but funny at the same time..
    Favorite food is bones of course, whether they are fresh or found at the lake..
    Things we are looking forward to is learning to herd. That comes right after we finish our obedience training in March..
    Mom's been a computer geek most of her life and Dad was a hammer banger.. aka Air Conditioning Refridgeration man. Now he is a CPA..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

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  13. Hey! there you are! This post is sure newsy though, we learned a lot!!!

  14. Not lost is very good! Glad you're doing ok and it's fun to learn about you too
    Mini and the rest of the Hotties

  15. Glad you were able to reclaim the computer for a while. Humans do hog it don't they. That was quite an impressive list. Mom and dad like the Dog Whisperer, but all the dog barking and whining upsets Rosie too much, so we have to watch it with the sound off.
    Abby & Rosie

  16. Jan, thanks so much for visiting my site, and helping us find Boogie. It was nice meeting you and hope to be friends.

  17. We're glad you're all okay and look forward to when Mom shares the puter with you. Our Mom always admires your kitties. She once had a BIG orange tabby named Clarence. He thought he was a dog though.

  18. Glad to here you are not lost. You might however consider getting Microchipped if Jan is planning on keeping up her computer hogging behavior.

  19. Glad you guys aren't lost - we were starting to get worried!

  20. I like reading your answers to things because it allows me to get to know you a little better.
    I haven't had a computer hog here at my house, just the mom of the house was gone last week getting all kinds of grandbaby hugs, loves, laughs and all that goes with it. Hope to visit more often now that she is home.

  21. Hello everyone,

    It is fun reading your answers on the meme, and to know about you guys a little better. We think you all did well helping Jan to answer the tag. :) p/s: we loves to have a huge fenced backyard too!

  22. Jan,

    You iz a fury good frend to us. We like learnin' more abouts da goin' onz here. We will be vizitin' folks but not quites back to regular bloggin' yet.

    Much love,
    Dr Tweety

  23. Hi Jan, Gizmo is doing really good, sometimes I forget he has cancer. Boogie doesn't have his own blog. My daddy said he thinks someone stole Boogie and he is so worried about him. Thanks for checking on Gizmo. I placed some newer pics of him on my site...he is sooooo lil. Hi fives to you, stop by my blog anytime.....yur friend


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