Monday, February 11, 2008

Venice, Vick, and PETA

Opus and Roscoe just sent us a group photo from Venice. That's Percy in the big black hat on the left. With all those cats and woofies packed in the gondola, it might be a good thing a well-muscled, professional gondolier and not Momo is steering.Photo by Opus & Roscoe.
Delilah over at Dr. Tweety's had a possible seizure the other day but the good news today is that she appears to be doing fine now. The humans are wondering if she could have had an allergic reaction to a yellow jacket. Jan has been stung by yellow jackets and she says those little things have venom!
Rascal is feeling better, even though he is on chemo now. We hope he doesn't have any problems with the treatments.
Bruno just got the cone off his head from the surgery to remove the tumor on his leg and before the test results are back about whether it was cancerous, they have found 2 more.
We have some awards and a meme to post but things keep coming up. Do you know anyone who would like to buy this Quarterhorse that's for sale? You have to click on him to animate him, but he's very fast and a real bargain at half price.

We just have to speak on Michael Vick this morning. For those who don't live in the US, he was the Atlanta Falcons football hero who fell hard and heavy after being indicted on charges related to running a dogfighting operation.

We're not into sports but we do know something on the subject of abuse. And Michael Vick is an admitted abuser of pit bulls he owned and paid others to train to fight.

He is currently serving a 23 month sentence in a no prison bars minimum-security barracks-style atmosphere with low-key inmates. (Compare this to the "prison life" he gave his pit bulls.) This sentence can be reduced by up to a year if he completes a drug rehabilitation program. He is looking forward to resuming his football career before too much longer. Some of his dogs, -those that survived - are serving a life sentence of canine-style psychological problems from the abuse they suffered at his hands.

Thankfully, only one of those rescued was deemed dangerous to humans and euthanized and the rest were evaluated and are now in rescue groups and foster care. Eventually, some will be put up for adoption and the rest will be cared for the rest of their natural lives.

But are you aware that Vick and his employees are responsible for pulling out all 42 of the teeth of one female pit bull? Her tongue hangs out of her mouth because her jaw was broken and healed awkwardly. She is covered with puncture scars and was obviously repeatedly force bred. The rest have lived through hell too, but this one most likely suffered the worst of the abuse.

So what did we read in the news this morning, but that when Vick gets out he must "divorce himself from the posse." In other words, his downfall was his "posse."

Excuse us but baloney! (We just made Buddy and Samaritan hungry.) Vick is responsible for his own downfall. And for his own lies. Plus, Vick was the one with unlimited funds to support Bad Newz Kennels and even we animals know the man with the money calls the shots. Vick was not a poor dumb pawn in the clutches of the "posse." He led the posse. And they all got off way too easy.

So we don't care how many millions Vick is losing while in prison. What we care about are the dogs he is responsible - in person or through his agents - for abusing and sometimes killing. Vick needs a change of heart and he isn't going to find it with people defending his actions because he is a big sports "star."
As we have mentioned before, we are not fond of PETA, even though it sends people undercover to investigate allegations of abuse. Their own hands-on "shelter rescue" tactics leave so much to be desired, we prefer to let this article titled "Reclassify PETA as a Slaughterhouse" speak for us.


  1. Perhaps the Pooses for Peace can pull all of Vick's teeth?

    Really, it's like saying this wasn't really a crime or something when it was. People do to animals what they would do to humans if they thought they could get away with it--do we really want people like that running around making millions?

  2. That picture is fantastic. I mean REALLY fantastic!

    There are some wonderful horse refuges around the country. If the lovely quarterhorse can't find a home, I can certainly put you in touch with them. The horse meat industry in Canada is growing, and it's a grisley end for too many wonderful animals.

  3. Mom is still seething over how in her opinion Vick has gotten off so easy, not to mention his buddies. We hope the entire situation isn't forgotten in another year or so, but we fear it will. So very sad. The suffering those dogs endured is unimaginable. Until the next case.....

  4. Our mom is still angry about that whole Vick thing! It makes her so upset to think about all those mis-treated pups! It's unacceptable behavior from anyone, but the fact that he was a "role modle" is even worse.

  5. I agree with Chey, Vick needs all his teeth pulled out and his jaw broken and left that way so that he knows what it is like to subject poor defenceless pups to that type of abuse.

    I am sooooo upset by the whole thing. The fact that he is a sport "star" makes it worse.

    The gondola look a bit wobbly. As Jan said, good thing I wasn't steering it. We would all have been in the water BEFORE the picture could have been taken.

  6. Many of PETAs so called undercover investigations are nothing more than thinly disguised terrorism. Some of the investigtors that have left PETA said they did so because they were told if they couldn't find anything amiss, to make something up. These undercover investigations are not to help animals, they are to dredge up additional funds to PETA.

    From the book Animalscam: The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights by Kathleen Marquardt, Herbert M. Levine and Mark Larochelle:

    According to U.S. News and World Report, which reported the PETA investigations, conviction of violation of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Act (RICO) carries penalties of up to twenty-five years in prison, millions of dollars in fines, and forfeiture of assets.

    Yet PeTA is using this investigation as yet another fund-raising oppertunity, begging its supporters for "your most generous gift ever" for its "Activists' Defense Fund."

    Animal lovers who send money to PeTA may inadvertently be funding lies, terrorism, and a lavish lifestyle for the group's leaders. They are certainly not helping animals.

    We are not big fans of PETA around here. It is sad that so many out there have yet to open their eyes and discover the truth of this terrorist organization.

  7. We really love that group photo in Venice! :)

    Vick should be suffered the way all these poor doggies went through and still... We're still very upset about this entire Vick issues. Whenever we hear what he did to these innocent animals, we want to cry but also want to fight for them.

    Momo & Pinot


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