Saturday, January 15, 2005


"I made it myself," Mr. Buddy says of his award winning bed.
Copyright 2005 Janice Price

I'm just bursting with good news today, so Jan said I can write another column, even though it isn't my turn. She said she's nominating me for The Scruffy Award and I have a good shot at winning. Isn't that exciting? I'm not even three months old and I'm going to win an award.

It's a housekeeping award. It has something to do with making my bed this morning without any help from Miss Merci or Jan. When Jan saw what a great job I did, she ran for the camera so she could never forget what a help I am to her, even though she's the servant around here and should be making my bed herself.

I'm posting the photo Jan took today. I did a much better job than either she or Miss Merci can do because I know what I like and I like it neat! I guess Miss Merci was jealous. She took one look and disappeared.

I know I'm a big help to Jan because I hear her mumbling a lot about Mr. Buddy's workload.

Yes, I'm a good worker. Whenever I see her struggling to make a dust mop or a broom behave, I try to take it away from her to teach it a lesson. If she puts newspapers down anywhere on the floor, I drag them into Mr. Buddy's Bed (formerly known as Miss Merci's Den) and shred them into smaller pieces so they're easier to pick up. Sometimes I don't make the pieces small enough and she gets very upset with me. I'm going to do better. I just need more practice.

The cats are helpful too. They pass along Jan's paperwork. I retrieve everything from the floor and eat the part with the handwriting or typing so no one will be able to read her notes and steal her ideas. She says she already has a shredder and she wishes I came with an "off" button like it does, but I like this job and I want to keep it. I wonder which cat comes with an "off" button?

Jan reminded me that I'm supposed to belong to Mr. Doug, but I'm working really hard to become so indispensable to her that she won't be able to part with me. She's not a very good housekeeper, at least not as good as I am. I'm sure she needs me more than Mr. Doug does. I haven't been inside his house yet, only in his back yard, but he's a man and men are naturally better housekeepers than women. I don't imagine he needs any help from me.

I can't wait to win the award and get my housekeeping medal. You will vote for me, won't you? I would vote for you if you were nominated. Just send an email to the mercyandpercy address below.

Note: It's a good thing Jan took that photograph of my neat bed or no one would ever vote for me to win the award. Miss Merci complained and reorganized everything. Jan says Miss Merci gets to give a rebuttal tomorrow. Stay tuned. And vote for ME!

This is Mr. Buddy signing off for the day.


  1. Well, Mr. Buddy, you certainly have won my heart. And if you need another vote, here's mine, although you're just the most adorable pup--with or without an "off" button on that shredder capability:-) Oh my! I can see your world with new eyes, for sure.

    Good job!

    Ms. Vicki

  2. Hey, Ms. Vicki,

    Thank you for your vote. I don't know how many more votes I need to win but Jan says I'm a shoe-in. I'm really excited about this Scruffy Award.

    Merci already wrote her rebuttal but Jan won't let her post it until tomorrow. She says even dogs need a day of rest. :-)

    And she says the cats will get their turns soon. Not till I get this award, though. So everyone, vote for me! Or you won't hear from the cats.

    Doggy hugs and kisses. (Ignore the doggy breath.)
    Mr. Buddy, Journalist

  3. how do you put up with so many needing attention??

  4. Well, Buddy you got my vote. I hope you get a medal for effort but I have to give Miss Merci the big pat on the back for letting you share how digs. And of course, don't forget Miss Jan for taking you in to start with. Good Luck Buddy and be nice to the cats! Carolyn


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