Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Merci poses with her bed making award.

"I miss the sharing," Buddy sighs as he hangs his head over the new divider.
Copyright 2005 Janice Price

I would like to thank all of you who voted for me in the bed making contest. I appreciate your confidence and will try to live up to my reputation as the neatest dog of the house.

I don’t like to have my picture taken but Jan said I have to have publicity shots made so everyone can see what I won. A bed divider. Exactly what I needed. It has cats on it so it’s very appropriate for this household. Now I have my own space and Buddy has his.

As you can see, Buddy isn’t happy with the new arrangement. As soon as Jan gave me my award, Buddy tried to climb over it into my space. Jan told him he has to keep to his own side of the bed now and he’s doing the woe-is-me hangdog act, head resting on my award.

There’s something fishy about this award, though. The other day, when Jan put it in front of the screen door, Buddy took it and tried to eat it. At that time, she told Buddy to leave it alone because it was supposed to help keep out a draft. How did it go from being a draft dodger to a bed divider? Oh, well, as long as it works!

Ah, the peace of it. It worked so well all day. Then Buddy decided he didn’t want to share a divided bed. He dug up the rawhide bone he had buried in his mess, grabbed the bone and a corner of his half of the bed in his big mouth, and dragged the bedding into the living room. He dropped everything in a new spot, turned around and was surprised to find my half of the bed had followed him. So had I.

But I wasn’t angry. He’s so cute when he’s upset. I just grabbed a corner of my half of the bed and dragged everything back into Merci’s Den/Buddy’s Bed area.

I have to admit I missed the big, little guy. No, that’s not poor grammar, it’s what he is. A big, little puppy. I’m glad he missed me too. (Jan says I just called Buddy an oxymoron. Buddy’s isn’t a moron. He’s just messy.)

We are going to try to work out our differences. I let Jan have her draft dodger back. I don’t need to keep it because I know I’m a winner too, just like Buddy is, only in a different category, so I don’t need to display my award.

Buddy and I have resumed sharing living quarters and I’m secretly happy about it. Jan keeps this house so cold I need the little, big puppy to keep me warm, and vice versa.

All is peaceful here.


  1. I know how you feel, Merci. Murphy tries to take over my whole bed at night and then growls when I try to turn over or even move and eyelid. A bed divider would be a good idea, but I have a feeling he would do just like Buddy and drag it, my bed and me all over the house. Oh well, parents say that sharing is a good thing. I'm not convinced.
    Jimmy (sent quickly before it was edited by Murphy)

  2. Dear Jimmy,

    Please tell Murphy I feel sorry for him being disturbed so often when he's comfortably sleeping. I know how that feels since Buddy does the same thing to me. My advice to you, Jimmy, is to let the sleeping dog lie and make alternate sleeping arrangements for yourself.

    Thanks for writing, though. You helped me realize what a great advice columnist I would make. Any time you and Murphy need help ....



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