Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amber Crown Collars

Cyndi:  Rusty, those are mine and Buddy's new necklace collars.  Why are you photobombing them?

Rusty:  Photobombing?  I'm just keeping them company while Jan takes a picture.

Cyndi:  The little one in the front is mine.  The darker one doubled over in the back is Buddy's.  His neck is a lot larger than mine.

Rusty:  Marcus, what are you doing down there?  You aren't supposed to be in this post.

Marcus:  But my fans will be unhappy if you don't include me.

Rusty:  Oh, okay, but you owe me big time!

Buddy:  The collar in front with the brown stones is my new authentic raw Baltic Amber Crown pet necklace.  It's supposed to repel fleas and ticks for up to one year without toxic chemicals.  Jan tried to get a shot of the actual stones but it was nap time and I wasn't cooperative.

Cyndi:  I have never worn a collar or necklace before and it took some getting used to.  The stones are small and they disappeared into my fur.  The necklace is supposed to release terpenes to naturally repel ticks and fleas.  Plus, parasites are prevented from clinging by static electricity from the friction against fur.

Buddy:  The first photos of the necklaces were taken on 5/17.  According to Amber Crown, "It usually takes up to three weeks of wearing to reach maximum repellent effectiveness."

Cyndi:  It would need to be replaced at the end of the year or when the stones become polished against the fur.  This and the remaining photos were taken on 6/21.  Sadly, you can see how much Buddy's "industrial strength nylon thread" has stretched.  There were wide gaps between stones.

Buddy:  Jan was very careful with my harness on walks.  The only thing she can figure is this happened from me scratching my neck.  She checked my face and there were fleas crawling all over it, something that was not supposed to happen while wearing this collar, so she didn't bother checking the rest of me.  If there were that many fleas so near the collar ...

Cyndi:  She let her contact know there was a problem and there didn't seem to be any concern.  But it bothered Jan so much she went on Facebook and messaged the company.  Seven days later she had an email address for them.  (Actually, one came with the collars, but a kitty who shall remain anonymous - unless he keeps bugging me - hid the individual boxes under furniture and they were only found last night behind some storage.)

Buddy:  She emailed the company her findings and concerns two weeks ago but has not received a response.  Tonight she noticed a graphic that claimed "up to 4 times larger Baltic amber pieces" on their campaign website, so she took a good look at the two collars.  The stones of each are different colors but they are most certainly not of much different, if any, size.

Cyndi:  I am a petite female kitty.  Buddy is a hound dog, several times my size.

Buddy:  They must have sent me one of the older models, not one of the upgraded "bigger, stronger" collars because it did not do anything for me.

Cyndi: On the other paw, Jan is very pleased with my necklace.  She chose me and Buddy for the review because we were both having a problem and she so wanted to for us to repel fleas and ticks naturally.  My coat has grown back silky and flyaway and all the scabs have healed - except, for some reason, the ones around my neck.  Jan thinks either the collar itches a bit or I prefer to go naked.  I'm not saying.

Buddy:  Jan would have liked for Amber Crown.com to respond to the problems with my collar so she could understand why mine failed and Cyndi's is a success.

Repeat:  Cyndi's cat necklace is a success.  The failure is with Buddy's dog collar.

We were given one cat and one dog collar for this review.  We received no other compensation.  Any opinions expressed are from our personal experience with the product. 


  1. My human wishes you had had a better experience with these because they sound like a nice way to repel fleas. I guess they don't have all the kinks worked out yet.

  2. I was contacted by this company but decided not to try these. I am sorry they didn't repel the fleas. They are lovely.

  3. Those collars are beautiful
    Lily & Edward

  4. We wish they would have worked better for you also...dang it. stella rose

  5. hari OM
    Amber is a beautiful ... repellent? Interesting thought... YAM xx

  6. We are trying to figure out how amber would actually work to repel ticks. It doesn't make any sense according to the chemistry we know! Too bad Buddy's didn't work!

  7. Those are some fine collars!

  8. Nice review, very honest. Maybe Jan should try one on and go into a room of fleas to see what happens?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Wow, the research you do. Wonderful info about collars. Mama made a previous kitty a pennyroyal herb collar years ago but it did diddlysquat. That's a technical word for zilch. Thank you for this info about stones and fleas.

  10. This is very interesting!! I've never heard of such a thing - stones that repel fleas, my, my, what will they think of next!!

  11. Those are very nice, I am eager to know if they end up working because it sounds like a great idea.

  12. Well, at least they do look pretty nice!

  13. WE totally RESPECT you fur being HONEST about this... THAT is why we Do like fur OUR FURENDS to do reviews... Now we know that fur KITTIES... these seem to WORK... butt fur us Dawgs... Not so much... THANKS fur tellin it like it is...

  14. Those are pretty collars and we never heard of flea repellent properties in that kind of stuff. Amazing, really. Hope you can get a good one for the dogs.


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