Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alligator in My Bowl

Marcus:  Here I am in my Private Dining Car waiting for the dinner whistle to blow so I can dine.

Buddy:  You are not!  You're in your PDC waiting for Jan to give you the word so you can dig in.

Marcus:  Same thing.

Merci:  So what are we taste testing today?

Marcus:  Can you believe we're eating alligator and catfish today?  It's the Blue Wilderness Bayou Blend

Buddy:  It looks like regular dog food in the can.  You're joking about the alligator, right?

Merci:  No, he's not.  I'm reading the label and the ingredients are:  alligator, chicken broth, chicken, potatoes, water, whitefish, chicken liver, turkey, catfish, pea flour, dried egg, pea protein, shrimp, guar gum, sunflower oil, salt, and vitamins and minerals.

Key Benefits from Chewy.com:
    Exotic bayou blend of alligator, catfish and shrimp
    100% grain-free and gluten-free diet
    Filled with high-quality unique proteins
    Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
    Formulated for adult dogs
    No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
    No corn, wheat, soy or chicken/poultry by-product meals

Marcus:  Jan said to dig in to my kibble topped with a good helping of Bayou Blend, so I'm digging!

Buddy:  Hello, Jan?  Merci and I have been patient.  Can we dig too?

Merci:  Hey, this is really good.  I wasn't sure I'd like alligator.

Buddy:  I like it fine as long as it's in my bowl and not in the bathtub.

Marcus:  We seem to be in agreement here.  This Blue Wilderness Bayou Blend dog food is tasty.

We received the product for this review from Chewy, but we were not paid. Any opinions expressed are entirely our own.


  1. Hari OM
    .... well they'sa been serving crocodile to the hyoomans in OZ for, like, furever, so I guess alligator is haute cuisine for all of you! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. We did not know about reptiles in dog food.

  3. Yikes an alligator! Eatum up
    Lily & Edward

  4. WE got the same food at our house and we really like it also. stella rose

  5. Fascinating blend! I wonder who had the guts to catch the 'gaitor!

  6. You know that here on the Bayou we LOVE us some alligator along with a mess of catfish! Enjoy yours.. ♥

    1. We all eat alligator. The seafood restaurants serve it battered and fried along with catfish. You can also buy it at the seafood markets. The dogs love alligator treats too.

  7. Eat ya later alligator, after while....

  8. That is an ingredient I have not seen in pet food before.

  9. Dat looks innerestin', we might have to give dat a try. Dat's a protein we haven't tried yer.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  10. We knew that gator was gonna be good!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Alligator ? It looks like you liked it ! Purrs

  12. Wow, we've never heard of alligator food before! Glad you liked it!

  13. That looks great but we hate eating anything that can eat us

  14. Just don´t let that alligator open its jaws........
    Does that mean you would eat gekko too? I hope not. They also bite.

  15. Jan, so sorry but I am where there is sometimes wifi and sometimes not so I may not be able to read and comment on your wonderful blog. Mama sends love and hugs to all the Funnie until possibly next Friday.
    Xxx Loulou

  16. Whoot! Alligator?? Who knew?!! You all did seem to enjoy it so it must have been yummy!

  17. hello marcus its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow luk at yoo yoo ar eeting like a regyoolar nawlins kon ... konnoss ... wel ennyway like sumbuddy wot eets all kinds of eksotik fuds frum the by-yoo!!! i bet it wuz taysty!!! ok bye


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