Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Angel Devil Dog

BUDDY:  We Funny Farmers live with a demon/angel named Marcus.  In case you don't believe me, let me tell you a couple of stories to prove it.

You already know that two Fridays ago, Feb 27th, Marcus made a rapid U-turn and rammed head-first into Jan's still healing knee - for the second time.  By Saturday evening she hurt all over!  She was in bad shape but she was afraid to go to bed because every night Marcus spends at least an hour jumping on and off the bed, chasing Cyndi away, arguing that Buddy or Cyndi is in "his" spot and he can't sleep without it.  She is lucky to get to sleep by 2 A.M.

Finally, she crawled into bed.  Buddy and Cyndi picked their spots and Marcus put on his halo.  He took whatever spot was left.  No spot hopping.

All day Sunday, Marcus was good, even when Jan lay down for a couple of hours.  Sunday night Marcus allowed Jan (and all of us) to sleep in peace again.  It was wonderful.

Monday Jan was feeling better.  Marcus took off his halo, donned his devil horns again and everything was back to normal.

MARCUS:  You're exaggerating, Buddy.  I'm a good dog.  Running into Jan's knee was an accident.  I seldom have an accident.

BUDDY:  *shakes head*  Are you sure you seldom have an accident, Marcus?  

Because last Friday morning - just one week later -  you caused another major accident.  First thing after rising, Jan vacuumed the kitchen so she could wash the muddy floor. Before she could dress for the day, you tried to get Cameron to play, but you play too rough, so Cameron tried to leap from the bedroom dresser to the kitchen dryer.  His back legs didn't quite make it.  As he slid off the dryer, the mat with the cats' food and water slid with him.  Jan yelled, "NO!" to you and tried to catch the mat, but you suddenly stopped, she tripped over you and fell into the dryer.  She caught the end of the shelf paper underneath.  The mat sailed, the food took flight around the room, and the water drenched the floor, and the laundry and cleaning supplies.  It was a real mess! 

MARCUS:  Okay, that did happen, but it wasn't my fault Cameron panicked.  He has successfully made that leap before. 

BUDDY:  Oh, you weren't done yet. 

Jan dressed and started to walk behind the computer desk to open the drape.  You tried to squeeze by.  You aren't allowed back there near the computer cords so Jan told you to get out.  You obeyed.  BUT ...

There is an unbelievable amount of dirt that enters this house through the old doors and windows.  It gets into everything, including the electronics, so Jan covers the computer and monitor with a sheet when they're not in use.

You squeezed past Jan and walked out of the room;, however, you caught the end of the sheet and took it with you.  The monitor started to slide off the desk.  Jan caught it before it succeeded.  But as she did, the desk lamp which had been plugged into a surge protector on the floor, flew OVER the monitor and crashed in the middle of the room, breaking the bulb. 

MARCUS:  It wasn't my fault she left that sheet hanging there.  If she had let me come with her, none of that would have happened.  And what she said about my ancestry was very rude.

BUDDY:  Today is National Napping Day.  I think I need one.  Trying to communicate with youngsters is exasperating.

MARCUS:  Good thing there aren't any youngsters around here, right, Buddy?

BUDDY:  *sigh!*


  1. There is NEVER a dull moment at your house,is there?
    HEY you have the same brown and tan Sofa as we do... isn't it comfy? Super place fur napping.

  2. OH dear! Marcus it sounds like you're in the proverbial dog house!!!

  3. Your house is always a very exciting one.

  4. Poor Marcus, they are picking on you again!

  5. MOL I think it might be a bit too exciting at your house!!

  6. Living with you sounds like living with a hurricane, Marcus ! Purrs

  7. Marcus you are JUST like living with Mags and Gusie....the very same thing.......stella rose

  8. If we get bored here, we just need to read these posts to feel good about being bored, LOL!
    Hope no injuries happened other than to pride and lightbulbs...oh and a dent in the floor from the food dish...he wanted to get the floor washing started without waiting fur the mop & bucket!

    Take care and have good nap...to get ready fur some new adventure or misadventure.

  9. National napping day? Oh heck yea, i'm there!!
    Ah Marcus, you get blamed for everything don't you? ;)
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. OUCH Jan an injured knee is no fun!!
    Hopefully you are recovering steadily
    Hugs madi and mom

  11. Marcus, it sounds like you get blamed for lots of stuff that happens around there. Meowmeowmans says he sometimes got blamed for stuff when he was a kid because he was the youngest. Maybe it's the same for you. ;)

    We sure hope no one got hurt as a result of those incidents. And we hope you had a good National Napping Day!

    Hugs to you all, dear friends.

  12. Hope you had a good napping day!

    Noodle and crew

  13. National napping day sounds like a plan... maybe everyone in your house should wear a safety hat first.... especially the mr. lamp. Goodness, first your face and then your knee and Mr. Lamp? makes me wish I had been there to help out. -Katie Kat.

  14. Wow! Your house sure is exciting! We might like to come over and play! Thank you for visiting our bloggie. Darci is our The Mom. She says thank you for the birthday wishes. xoxo

  15. You should invite a camera crew in to record your adventures.


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