Friday, March 27, 2015

Opera and Lion Poop

Loulou has said it would be okay to share her fun suggestion to keep coyotes away from our pen.

Get your brother or any MALE to pee all around your property and the coyotes will NOT be happy and they will NOT come around after a few pees. The other thing to strew around is manure from lions, if you have any.

Loulou suggested it because her mama actually went to the zoo and GOT lion manure when the coyotes were slithering around Beverly Glen Canyon in LA and her kitties were out often.  The coyotes would come in back of the house and yip at night...sort of high, wild notes that make her not want to go in the yard!

We're not sure a pee competition would be legal here in town and Jan doesn't think she could ask anyone to enter.  Not with a straight face, anyway.  But the lion poop sounds like a great idea.  We don't have a local zoo, but we will have Jan knock on some neighbors' doors.  If none of them have any, perhaps she can order some on

A while ago we decided this would be, for the most part, a fun blog.  There is too much pain and sorrow in the world and we all need laughter in our life.  We think we were doing so-so at entertaining readers, until Miss Klutz took up flying again in the beginning of February.

To review just the high points:  In one crash landing, she managed to sustain two head injuries (same head, separate injuries) that gave her a beaut of a hematoma and two black eyes.  Plus injuries to her neck, one hand, a shoulder, her back and both knees.  She has not been a good patient.  Humans with a head injury are supposed to rest.  She slapped a bag of frozen peas over her face, made a phone call, finished a partial cleaning of the bathroom and then vacuumed the house. 

After a week, she tried  to resume walking the dogs and was "roughed up" by a territorial dog that tried to attack - twice.  In between those two dog events, Marcus was physically attacked by a neighbor's dog.  He came through it with a small cut under his eye.  Jan managed to stay on her feet but had chest pain and trouble breathing. That was about the time she lost her sense of humor and energy and although we've turned the house upside down, we haven't been able to figure out where she lost them. 

Then one week ago Cameron died.  Jan tried to dig a number of holes in rock hard dirt/clay. She finally managed a small one and buried him.  Overnight, a coyote came into the dog pen and stole Cameron's body, but the dogs next door broke out of their fence and the body has been re-buried, but only after a dozen or more attempts at digging a new, deeper hole. The coyote must have come back two nights later and we didn't get much sleep worrying about the dogs next door breaking out and not being found again.  Fortunately, as hard as they tried, those hero dogs did not escape and were safe. 

Digging those holes, left Jan barely able to stand, walk or sit all week.  Her thinking has been fuzzy, too. 

This, as you know, is Marcus.  He is no longer a puppy but when excited or playing canine soccer, he sings in a continuous soprano. Or if you prefer, in a very high tenor.  Guess he will now be singing opera.

Yes, arrangements were finally made for Marcus to be neutered.  Monday night Jan set the alarm for 6:45 to call her ride at 7 a.m., as requested.  When she decided to get up without the alarm, she found it was already 7:15.  It turned out, she had actually set the alarm for 7:45. 

After Marcus was left at the vet's, she fed the rest of us, then herself.  As the coffee pot heated, she realized she had set the pot of water on the warming pad instead of pouring it into the machine. 

She did remember to set Buddy's 2-step stool on the porch to help Marcus into the van.  When she arrived to pick up Marcus, the assistant asked for his leash. Leash?  Uh ...

Her ride thought these things hilarious.  They scared the he** out of her!  She has not just been feeling "out of it", her pain level has been through the roof!  So we will be around even less while she tries to rest and recover.  There will be no Mousebreath interviews until then.

Oh, and you won't believe this, but Jan has another black eye.  Nowhere near as colorful as the first two.  While Jan was trying to sleep Wednesday night, Cyndi leaped over her head.  A back paw kicked Jan's eye as she slipped and left a small cut.  It wasn't Cyndi's fault.  Jan should have moved her head out of the way. Right?


  1. It's been a rough few weeks around your place! No wonder your sense of humor got lost in the fracas!!

  2. My goodness. Do you have a concussion that is causing all the fuzziness and other issues? Maybe you need to see a doc fur some help/advice. Rest is good too.

    What a life! Sheesh, the sense of humor would have shriveled up here, too.

    Hang in there!
    We will purr, pawyer and hope for some peacefulness to arrive instead of all this cuckoo-ness...

    1. An idea fur the pee...don't have the men stand there and do it, have them donate it in jars so you can pour it where you need it...we heard that on our animal talk on the radio one day...really we did!

  3. That is a lot to deal with all at once. We hate it when life does that! We will keep purraying for you.

  4. OMD OMC LION Poops..... That should keep the Coyotes away fur SURE...
    You surely have hit a Rough patch, Miss Jan. We are hoping that APRIL will put this all to an End.

  5. It is just too much for anyone in such a short period of time. YOu take some time to heal and feel better Jan. WE'll miss seeing all of you!

  6. Oh need a good, long rest! I will keep you in my prayers. We have coyotes here as well. I hear them sometimes at night (we live in GA) I have to make sure I check the yard before letting the dogs out in the morning. I'm not sure I would be able to find the Lion Poop....

    Take care!!

  7. Lion poops and peeing in the yard>? hahahaha! Well then!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. Poor Jan! You have really been through the wringer lately. Try and rest and recuperate. Don't worry about blogging, we will all still be here when you come back refreshed.

  9. Oh my, I so so sorry to hears of everything happening of late. Sending you all many purrrrrrs to helps comfort. Not sure about the pee or where you would gets lion poop but momma did have a chuckle about it. Loves you all!

  10. Oh no, Jan. we cannot believe it ! We send you waves of luck, and we hope they finally reach you. We had to laugh about lion poops ! Purrs

  11. Oh my goodness, poor Jan. The head injury and black eyes sounded bad enough, but then to have dogs attack and get chest pains from it isn't good. Our poor Hunter was attacked in our old neighborhood/development three or four times(never seriously, but once I was knocked to the ground as well-it made me very paranoid). I always watch out for other dogs when I walk, especially after having surgery. I think you all should pamper your mom like crazy-seems like she has had a rough go of it lately. Sending big hugs and lots of love.
    Noreen & Hunter

  12. Meowser that is a lot of bad stuff in a furry short time. We kitties are sending our purrs, and mom bean says she will sends hugs that Jan will be feeling better furry soon.
    We hopes you can find the lion poop or get pee donors. Anything to keep those darn coyotes out!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (& Mom)

  13. hello marcus its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes yoo shud hav askd me!!! i cud hav told yoo that those wernt going to be noodels!!! jan i hope yore eye feels better soon trixie and i wil send yoo lots of tail wags!!! ok bye

  14. Poor Jan. Maybe all the bad stuff happened all at once and life will be beautiful for a long time.

    We do hope so.

  15. When you put it all together like that, we feel even worse about what a tough time you've had of it lately. Please know that we love you, and send hugs, purrs and prayers. Take as long as you need to, and we will be here when you get back. :)

  16. We are so sorry you have had to endure so much stress in the last few months. We hope things gets better without having to ask people to pee in your back yard :) We are so sorry Jan is still not fully healed. We saw the picture of her injuries and they looked very bad. We hope she feels better soon.

  17. Weez sowry so much bad has happened. But weez hope to add a little cheer. Weez nominatin' you fur an award on ow Blest Sunday posty.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  18. Oh, my! I have been thinking about you a lot sweet Jan and wondering if you were getting all healed up from the fall and feeling some better over the loss and all that went on with sweet Cameron. Then I find out all that has happened, I am just so sorry. Wish I was near and I could help you with chores while you rested and healed. I am glad you are going to do that...not to worry about the blog we will all be here and you can blog when you are all better. We are keeping purrs and prayers going for you and all the sweeties. On a lighter side...we have been told that Amazon has anything one would need so they just might have lion never know. lol Hugs, purrs and nose kisses

  19. We totally agree with Mags above. Mum was also wondering how you were, Jan! Sending lots of hugs and purrs AND if don't have what you need we'll get it from Amazon UK (they have a huge variety of poop and send in an envelope marked "Lion Poo" so customs will have a fit and the mailman can have a laugh! xx

  20. Hmmm... OK , we are asking TBT to pee all around the fence. He is objecting a bit. Its a long fence, but we demand he do it ta protect us.

  21. Oh no..we really hate all the sadness too...and the lion poo is a great idea..blood and bone works here for rabbits as they smell it and think a fox has killed something is hard to be light and fluffy when things are so damn hard so take care and rest...we will be happy to see you when you have the energy time and better still health! big hugs Bev xxx


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