Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thankful Micah and Fundraiser

Hey, everyone, Micah here.  Isn't this neat?  Jan says I look every bit as handsome as Rusty and Percy, who had their portraits painted last week as part of her 30 pics in 30 days challenge.  You can see all the nifty portraits she painted in those 30 days here

Mom Lou from HH & the Boys (Bugsy & Knuckles) painted my portrait.  She even included the little dot on my nose.  Jan says we can't afford to buy any of the portraits but she hopes perhaps Lou could sell them since she's done such a great job and deserves to be compensated.  She's really a sweet lady.  You can visit her art blog here. 


And now we'd all like to tell you about the human dad from Talk with the Paw blog. Liz (hu-mom to Tigger & Munchkin) hasn't been able to blog very often for quite a while because she's had to help her husband as well as earn some green papers for them.  He's been very sick and appears headed for a heart transplant.  As we understand it from a friend who was going through the transplant process a few years ago, the patient is responsible in advance for raising adequate funds to cover everything insurance won't be paying for.  And that requires some major fundraising.

We asked Mom Liz if it is okay to share her information and she said yes.  " Hubby is in the process of being evaluated for a heart transplant.  The fundraiser is to cover all the associated expenses not covered by Medicare, such as having to live in a hotel very near the hospital for a whole month afterwards, and the extra gas (and sometimes lodging and meal) costs for frequent clinic visits for the rest of his life to check on the health of the new heart."

UPDATE: November. 2nd  from Liz, "There have been some new developments with hubby's health, and for now, he's been bumped off the transplant program, and therefore has become ineligible for the fundraiser." 

We're sorry to learn this and hope things will change for the better soon.

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  1. I saw the portrait and think it is gorgeous. Lou is so very talented. I so feel for your friend undergoing the journey to transplant and will see if we can help a little. Hugs GJ x

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  3. Really nice portrait. Hope her husband can get better soon. Wow I never knew you had to come up with the monies a head of time. Praying for them.
    Sue B

  4. That is a very beautiful portrait! She does lovely art. I do not have a speck of painting/drawing artistic talent.

  5. Lou has done a beautiful job with your portrait Micah

  6. The portrait is wonderful. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by; obviously our human isn't really blogging for us anymore. We'd trade her in, but she does keep us well fed.

    Purrs for Talk With the Paw's human dad. We pay super-high taxes here in Canada, but we can't imagine having to drum up $ like that for a transplant. Scary. We wish them the very best!

  7. Micah, your portrait looks terrific!


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