Thursday, October 24, 2013

No Fish or Nip Shakeables

Buddy:  As you know we love to eat and we're always open to taste testing edibles, so we were salivating with anticipation when Pam & Oskar from Pet Blogs United asked for volunteers to try the new Iams Shakeables.

Iams Shakeables
Merci:  This is what they look like - soft and meaty bite-size triangles for dogs.  They come in 3 flavors: Clucky Me (chicken), Un-Baa-Lievable (lamb), and Gobble ‘Em Up (turkey). We wanted to try a different flavor, so we chose the lamb.  Iams named them Shakeables because we're supposed to come running when Jan shakes the can.

Sam, Merci, Buddy & Rusty
Sam:  We've been waiting and today Jan came outside and finally shook the can.  We responded.

Merci:  Hey, wait a minute, there are only supposed to be three taste testers.

Rusty:  I'm an honorary woofie.  And when Jan shook the can, there was no megaphone announcement the treats were for woofies only.  Any furry within hearing range was invited. I responded.

Sam & Rusty
Sam:  Me first, me first, me first.  

Rusty:  *sniff, sniff*  No fish or nip.  Guess I'll pass.

(Merci) Buddy helping himself
Buddy:  What?  You were feeding Sam a treat.  I helped myself.  What's the problem?

Sam & Buddy
Sam:  You want to shake the can again, Jan?  Maybe some treats will fall out for us.

Merci & Sam
Merci:  How did we like the Iams Shakeables?  We think they lived up to their name.  Jan shook the can.  We responded.  We taste tested.  We approve.  

Buddy:  The reason Jan waited until yesterday to let us try them is because we were waiting on a video commercial to be released so we could include it in our post.  It was created by Andrew Grantham who is known for his viral video hit, “Ultimate Dog Tease."  If you haven't seen it, take a minute to do so.  It's hilarious.

His video for Iams is called Punk'd Puppy.  You'll enjoy this.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Iams says:  "Through December 31st, for every view or hashtag (#ShakeItForward) share, Iams will donate a bowl of food to pets in need at select nonprofit  animal shelters across the country--up to 250,000 bowls of food—through our Bowls of Love program!"  We're not sure whether that means on Twitter, on Facebook or on both sites, but we wanted to let you know.

UPDATE from petcarebev: Hello everybody! I work at Iams and just wanted to clarify that you can share #ShakeItForward on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For every hashtag share, we’ll donate a meal to pets in need (through Dec. 31). Thank you for helping #ShakeItForward!

And one more thing.  Iams has provided us with a coupon for a free can of Shakeables to give away. We're sorry but we can only offer it to those who live in the United States.

If you would like to win the drawing for the coupon, just leave us a comment telling us you would like to enter.  The giveaway will end at midnight EDT, Saturday, October 26th.  A winner will e chosen via and the winner will be announced on Monday, October 28th.

(Any dog wanting to enter the giveaway but is unable to leave a comment, you can use the contact form in our sidebar or email us and we will enter you.)

Iams provided us with a can of Shakeables to taste test.  We were not paid for this review and any opinion expressed is purely our own.

We are always grateful to you, our readers and friends, so we're joining for today's Thankful Thursday.

And also This 'N That Thursday hosted by 2 Brown Dogs.


  1. Gizmo tried the Lamb Shakeables and loved them...and the new video is just priceless #ShakeItForward

  2. Oooh yum. As long as it's not pig, I'll give it a try! (And even if it was pig, I'd probably still eat it up - yuck).

  3. Sorry that wasn't YOUR flavor Rusty.. butt it sounds as though it passed the Sniff and Taste test with everybuddy ELSE.

  4. I would have passed on this too Rusty! Probably would not even have responded to the shaking can...but we luvd the vid...saw it over at Gizmo and already tweeted it to help shelters animals get fed!

  5. A matter of taste! Thanks for sharing the Shakeables, Rusty.

  6. How did you get everyone to line up like that ?

    I watched that dog, how cute is he.

  7. thanks for the video... that german shepherd is really a good actor. Haven't tried the shakeables yet. are there any for kittiez?

    Thanks for stopping by. Missing Angel... yet glad her am in a better place than the harsh world of an outdoor kitty...

    purrz and prayerz,
    katie kat.

  8. We're with Rusty...we'll pass on the dog treats. But we're glad you guys liked them.

  9. Enter me in the giveaway, please.

    Lotte' Dotte'

  10. Hello everybody! I work at Iams and just wanted to clarify that you can share #ShakeItForward on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For every hashtag share, we’ll donate a meal to pets in need (through Dec. 31). Thank you for helping #ShakeItForward!

  11. Thanks so much for participating in TNT! The treats sound super yummy. We would love to enter. Love the all-lined-up picture. Too cute!

  12. Thanks for linking up with TNT Thursday! Love the giveaway idea. Enter me please! I would love to test it out.

  13. We love trying new treats but have never found one Oui Oui will eat. We won't enter this one cause we are all kitties here, but good luck to all the woofies!

  14. Looks like a hit with everybody..except perhaps feline taste buds :)the video is a hoot we saw it on Gizmos but still had to have a peek again..have a great day friends :) hugs Fozziemum

  15. Looks like those went down well!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  16. Yum...Great for the puppy pallets but what about us kitties?


  17. You all made those look yummy, yummy, yummy! We think Mumsy needs to haul herself off to the store and get some for us. You all have a nice and fun weekend!

  18. The video was pawsome. It sure looks like Buddy enjoyed the treats.

    Essex & Sherman

  19. Shake it, Jan... Shake it!!! I lubbs the names ob the flabors, and yess Ma'am, please teu incleude me in yeur gibbs-a-way. Whee are always looking for new training treatsies!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  20. Me think that treats have a grrreat name :)
    Both me and my mom-person LOVED the video <3

  21. Thanks for sharing! I love learning about companies that give back and easy ways I can help. Going to share this on my blog, too.


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