Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Meet & Greet Tubby

We love Meet & Greet days because we are often meeting a new blogger.  That's the case today.  We've been getting acquainted with a hard-working mancat named Tubby.

And before we go any further and forget, we would like to mention that Tubby's Mom Melody has a birthday today.  We don't know which one it is she's celebrating.  We didn't ask, but we're figuring she's probably about sixty-elebenty-two years younger than our Jan.  Happy Birthday, Miss Mom Melody!

Okay, back to the blogging kitty we'd like you to meet.  Take it away, Tubby!


Welcome to Saltbush Flats.  This is where I live and work.  I am head of security on this outfit.
So just what does the head of ranchlet security do, you ask?  Plenty, I tell you.  Plenty.  Why just the other day I had to capture a lizard and bring him inside the house for safe keeping.  And another time I had to chase quail right off the ranchlet.   And I have to catch every moth, especially the ones that manage to find their way inside the house.  Once a moth gets in, he does not stand a chance against my 18 1/2 pounds of pure purr.

It is imperative that I keep this ranch safe from all danger that could come in from surrounding areas, so it is absolutely necessary that I go to Disneyland (abandoned neighboring ranch) every chance I get.

We all just moved to Saltbush Flats about three months ago and I am the top dog around here, um.. so to speak.  But now they have moved in this cow.  She is big, and not too lady-like, and chases me.  It has been a time teaching her her place on the ranch.   And her place is definitely not where I am, no sir.  What will I ever do with a cow?  especially one that will have a calf soon.   Two cows to chase me, oh that can not be good.

What will they bring on this ranch next?  There are rumors of chickens in the spring.  What is a fellow to do?


But until then, a good nap is in order.

Ahhh, sleep.  The sole purpose of life.  On the piano, on the sofa, on the bathroom counter.  In the doorway, in the shower, in front of the fireplace.  Under the covers, on top of the freezer, in the back of the closet.  Do you know any places I missed?  My birthday is soon.  I will turn six years old October 12 and I am hoping to host a celebratory napfest in all these dreamy new places.


When Tubby wakes up from his nap - any one of them, take your pick - he would love to have you visit.  He'll even give you a guided tour of  Saltbush Flats (minus the cow chase, we hope).  So stop by his blog.  It's called ... it's called ... it's right on the tip of Percy's tongue.  Oh, yeah! Saltbush Flats


  1. Love a grrrrrrreat Meet and Greet.

    Happy BIRFDAY to the Mom!!!

  2. That sounds like a cool blog. We will go check it out!

  3. Thank you for celebrating Tubby today. You sure know how to make a "Mom's" birthday!!!!

  4. whooo tubby is one big cat! He is pretty tho!
    Could he be related to mean ole cat dietzman?
    stella rose

  5. He sounds like my kind of kitty. I will go for a visit. Loved your interview as always. Hugs GJ x

  6. verree nice two met ewe tubby N gata...dont forget ta get yur purrson mom sum trout for her birthday :) ~~~

  7. Happy Birthday to Miss Mom Melody. Tubby is beautiful. We have a Tubby at our house too!
    Sue B

  8. What a fantastic Meet and Greet!

  9. Thank you for the introduction, and happy birthday to his Mom!

  10. Thanks for introducing us to Tubby! And happy birthday to his Mom! :)

  11. Happy Birthday to Tubby's Mom and great to meet Tubby!


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