Friday, June 15, 2012

Ginger Jasper and Cotton

We Funny Farm Felines were kind of proud of Jan for finally finding the courage to make our first Mousebreath post so Skeezix's Food Lady wouldn't have to do it for us.  And then we saw the final result.

Percy:  Um, Jan ... where's the picture?  Isn't there supposed to be a picture?  What am I saying?  Of course there's supposed to be a picture!

Rusty:  What do you mean you don't know where it went?  Are you trying to tell us it ran away?

Cameron: : Don't cry, Jan.  Just go back and correct the post - add the picture.  One day you'll laugh about your first attempt to post to Wordpress.

Cyndi:  Guys, she has drops in her eyes and she can't see what she's doing.  Please don't tell her to go back and correct the post.  The whole interview might disappear.  Mousebreath itself could disappear.

When she could see a little better and find a little courage, Jan went back and managed to figure out why there was a photo in the post that disappeared when published.  But since she managed to create chaos, she's been demoted from column poster to column pest.

This week we interviewed someone most of you already know.  But stop by to read Freckles and Floof with Ginger Jasper anyway.  You just might learn something new.

This interview was scheduled for posting last Thursday, but we lost Cotton Wednesday.  Thank you, GJ and Mum and Skeez's Food Lady (editor of Mousebreath) for being patient and giving us some breathing space.  We were just added to the Mousebreath header when Cotton passed and instead of removing her, she was given "a rainbow heart to commemorate her journey."  That is so appreciated, Karen!  We really miss our sweet girl.

And speaking of Cotton, we FF Felines, woofies and Jan would also like to thank all of you who stopped by to leave a kind comment. We made the graphic above, but Alasandra of  SSA& F sent us the lovely one below.  We appreciate it.

We're sad and sorry SS had to say good-bye to Momo yesterday.


  1. We just read your interview and it is great!

  2. Cotton was so beautiful. What a cute name too!


  3. Good interview!!!

    Daddy's blog is on WP and Mom who has to do the posts to it, hates it.

    She really does like Blogger so much more. It is a very easy interface. Just wish that when there were changes they would tell us.

    There is a problem with FireFox and Blogger right now. For me my main POST page is blank. It isn't in Chrome. And it won't stop you from posting ONE post but it is aggravating if you've got some stuff pre posted. It looks like they have added ads to the columns on the side when you do construct a post. I think they are integrating stuff and that is the problem right now with FF. It'll get fixed...but it's frustrating when they don't tell us anything.


  4. Hooray for the great interview! We like wordpress lots once we got used to it. Hugs everyone!

  5. We use Google Chrome and don't have any problems with Blogger (so far).

    That was an excellent interview!! Our Mom and Flat Tamir met Flat GJ and his Mom and Dad!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  6. We can't wait to go visit Mousebreath for the interview! sorry about sweet Cotton. Momo too. : ( It hurts so much to lose a friend.

    xo Katie & Glogirly

  7. Great job on the interview!

    Too many of our furiends have gone to the Bridge this year. We're so sorry about Cotton and now Momo is gone too.

    Do you have a favorite picture of Cotton you would like us to use at "Our Rainbow Friends" for the June posting on July 15?

  8. Pawesome interview!
    I am sad to know about Momo and Cotton.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. We are glad things got sorted. I am certain that Karen had no problems with you delaying the article a bit.

  10. We are still keepin you close to our hearts. What a great way to keep Cotton in the header!

  11. Thank you so much for the wonderful inteerview and posting even though you are so sad.. Cotton was very beautiful and will be missed very much. Thee interview is fabulous andI love it.. Mum is late with everything at the moment but got the post up.. I love the header with Cotton in .. Much love J xx

  12. Awwww big big hugs to all of you! Me and Charlie thoroughly enjoyed your interview with amazing GJ!! Yay, thank you - it really made us smile!

    Awww sweet angel Cotton and sweet angel Momo - much loved and so missed. Take care

  13. Still missing that little puff of Cotton, forever in our hearts.
    Wanted to stop in to say you've done another great interview over at Mousebreath: these are all so much fun to read!

  14. Such wonderful tributes done for your beloved Cotton. I hope you are doing well Jan, my thoughts are with you.

    Enjoyed the Mousebreath interview - Karen and her furry gang are just great!!

  15. We hate to hear of any pet leaving this life. Thoughts and prayers to all

  16. Me is so sad! Me missed hearing about Cotton and wes not readed the interview yet! Me is just catching up now, the first time since last week. Mommy's job has changed and with everything else, me has not had a chance to visits.!
    Dear Jan and the rest of the Farmers, if my hugs was strong enough to take away your pain, me would start now and never stop.

  17. A very great interview.
    Sorry so many blogger changes are happening- it messes us up too

  18. We were so sorry to hear about Cotton
    and know you will miss her so much - especially when doing the dishes.
    We tried Wordpress and did some blogs but Mum just couldn't get to like it so we stayed with Google but changed to Google Chrome which has made doing posts much easier as it is clearer.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  19. Cotton is still with you, know that xo

  20. How true -

    Cotton is still there with woo!

    Off to enjoy some Mousebreath now -

    PeeEssWoo: We have my blog at Wordpress too but khouldn't export all of it without paying more $$$ which we won't do since we already pay $$$ fur more pikhs 'here' - if only I khould get Mom to get another job to khover that!

  21. So sorry to hear about Momo and Cotton. They aren't much older than I am right now. I'm almost 11 and urinated on the carpet two nights ago. Never done that before. But Matt cleaned it with Woolite and you can hardly see it. Does anyone know what happens after we cats pass on? Are there mice and crunchy bugs waiting for us?

  22. Thank you for your kind comment for Monty. We are sorry about the word verification.

    We will remember the families of Momo and Cotton tonight!

  23. We're off ot read your interview! We're sorry about Momo and Cotton. Such sweet cats.

  24. Good interview. we will miss Cotton and so many other we have lost! Come back by for more Chica stories!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  25. We just read your interview of GJ, and it was fabulous!

    We are so very sad about Cotton having to go to the Bridge, and MoMo, too. Know that we are purring and praying for you, and sending much love.


  26. Sending love and purrz as you miss dearest Cotton.

    Deerest Jan, You are alwayz in our purrz even whens weze not bloggin and checkin posts.

    We purrz fur da familiez of Momo, Crystal and all familiez who have lost deerest furry children, our messengers from heaven who now wait for now in the lap of our loving Redeemer.

    Nana, Katiez Mom, had been furry ill and din waz in da hospital fur most of last week. Dey found out dat Nana has COPD. Her am doin so much better now she am on medication to control the symptoms...

  27. I am so sorry your very beautiful Tortie girl Cotton flew away. I know as do we all, the sadness and grief when our little ones fly away without us to the Bridge. I didn't know you were blogging again so I missed this and many other blogs.

  28. Happy Birthday Jan..Many more happy ones to come.


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