Monday, June 04, 2012

Jourdan's Lovely Smile

We haven't been posting much in a while for a variety of reasons, including health and transportation problems.  Guess you could call it a discouraging time.  But two weeks ago Jan was asked to come back to the shelter to take photos for Petfinder one afternoon a week.  Last week a woman came in to pick up 2 Beagle pups for rescue and Jan took on another volunteer job, that of mailing out the photos she takes.

Our local shelter is high-kill and it's been hard for rescuers to get a foot in the door to pull dogs in the past.  But things appear to be changing  

This is where the woman Jan met last week enters the picture.  Her name is Connie and she is a rescue coordinator who lives about 2 1/2 hours from here.  She networks with rescuers, emails out photos and information, drives long distances to shelters to pick up for rescues, takes animals to a vet - whatever is needed. 

Most of the animals at the shelter have no name, so Jan uses the random name feature on Petfinder to "name" them.  She was amazed to find Connie knew the name of every dog on the shelter Petfinder site. That's how hard she works to find a place for them; she'd memorized their information. 

Jan had to be at the shelter today for something unrelated and was fortunate to still be there when Connie and a rescue friend arrived in separate vehicles to pull some animals.  This was a day Jan had thought would never come.  Multiple animals of various breeds (4 dogs, 2 cats and 7 kittens) at one time left the shelter alive for a better life.  She came home feeling happy but teary.

"Placid"  - young English Bulldog

"Road Rash"  -  young Lab. He wanted his photo taken on his back, so it was.

"Saquera" - adult Lab

"Dot" - Dot is actually 2 female Siamese and their 7 kittens with goopy eyes.

Plus a young husky mix. Jan would have taken his photo tomorrow but now she won't need to.

Now if only someone would adopt "Jourdan" of the lovely smile   ...

the adorable flappy ears of "Freeze" ...

the wistful charm of "Snowdrop" ...

Any of our local dogs or cats on Petfinder would make a great pet.  We hope, with Connie and however many will be helping, that more of these great animals will find a home.  They offer unconditional love in exchange..


  1. They are all so very gorgeous and I hurt along with them. I hope homes come for them soon.

  2. We hope all of you are OK.

    we so hope that all the animals find wonderful homes, it hurts to think of them in a kill shelter.

  3. Our local one is too. This hurts our hearts. Great day to see so many head off to wonderful homes. Jourdan has a pawsome smile!

  4. I am soooooo glad you were here to tell THIS story. Blessings on Connie and YOU!!!

  5. My heart grew two times its size when I read about the furries that were finding a furever home. Oh if only there were more good folks in the world like Connie. I will send good thoughts to those still in need of a furever home and hope that soon one will find them. Thanks for the post. A great way to end the day!! Thanks to ou and Connie for all you do!

  6. poor babies, all our paws are crossed..
    Benny & Lily

  7. We are so happy to hear that these darlings are going to find furever homes! We are purring & purraying that the other furries at the shelter do too.

  8. We are so glad these beautiful lost souls have you and Connie and all these wonderful caring people on their side to speak for them! They all deserve good homes and loving families! We have all our paws and fingers crossed they do! Take care

  9. We're sending you all purrs and purrayers at this time, whatever you need from the Universe.

    You know, good photos are so important! It's often easier to get good pics of the dogs, but the cats need good photos too, in a play area or otherwise in full view. So it's fabulous Jan was doing this!

  10. I am happy to hear of that lady and that those gorgeous woofies and kitties are getting a chance to have a good life. Jan keep your chin up and you know that we do care a lot.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. They are all so beautiful. Thank you, Jan and Connie. The two of you are true heroes in our eyes.

    Purrs and prayers, and paws and fingers crossed...

  12. The world SO needs more Jan's and more Connie's!!!!

    That is SO fur sure!

    What special tails looking fur their own happy tales!

    Thanks fur sharing!


    PeeEssWoo: We have been trying to get here but it is a slow go using the is great fur reading things but typing on it is khwite 'fun'

  13. (((Jan)))

    We are so glad to see you posting, and we hope that the challenges will soon pass.

    This was such an uplifting post to read about how much people like Connie gives to those who can't help themselves.


  14. What an uplifting post! Me needed that! Me is purraying for Jourdan, Freeze and Snowdrop!

  15. Hope these adorable animals find forever homes. xo


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