Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Cotton, Tober, Mayzie and Rescues

Hey, Cotton here.  I'm posing in the box for the Martha Stewart/Petsmart Designer Feeding Station we won from Skeezix  recently.. Jan said it's my bowl because I'm the oldest and I prefer to eat on the washing machine instead of the dryer. I even get my own little bowl of water so I don't have to drink from the large bowls on the floor if I don't want to. 

Jan hated that she had to clean pieces of cat food out of the washing machine before she can wash laundry., so she was happy we won this.  She especially loves the silicone feeding mat.  It keeps my food and water from being knocked over or being vibrated off the washer or counter when the machine is having a tantrum, which is every time it's on.

Here I am debating.  Am I hungry or thirsty?  It sure is nice to have my own feeding station.

Wait, what's this!  Percy is sneaking around my bowl.  Jaaaaaan!

Well, I had my own feeding station for an hour or so.  Then the other kitties found it and now it's "ours."  And the small bowls just aren't big enough for multi cats, so Jan replaced it with larger bowls.  But we get to use the mat.  Jan loves it!

Tober the Thorntown Library Cat held a poster contest for Tocktober, his found month.  Jan helped us make a poster and we entered the blogging friends category..  We're excited because we won our category.  Check them out. There are some talented submissions from kids in their categories.  .

This week is Mayzie's Rescue Me Week, held in honor of  Grampa J who passed away in May.  Mayzie is going all out for Grampa J.

THEN – oh gosh, I LUVS this part – the very next week, we’ll draw FIVE names outta everybuddy who pawticipated. And each of those 5 furends will get to choose a rescue for us to donates 100 green papers to! That’s 5 rescues that’ll gets 100 green papers each!

We decided to feature rabbits in need of homes. We found two good places in central GA so we are going to feature some rabbits from both.

These are Mama B, Baby B & Little B.  They were turned into PAWS Humane in Columbus, GA when their owner could no longer care for them.   Contact information for PAWS Humane is on their Petfinder page.  Just click on their names above.

Smudge & Dutchy are at the Georgia House Rabbit Society in Marietta, GA.  Smudge and Dutchy are both rescues, one from Marietta and one from Nashville, TN, and need a forever home.  HRS does not sell rabbits, they only adopt them out to a good home.  (We were not aware Petfinder shares their pet listings with eBay classifieds.)  Click on their names above to read more about them and to find contact information.


  1. Huge huge congratulations with your winning poster!! Awwww brilliant - well done all at Jan's Funny Farm!!! Brilliant!!

    Yay for your most amazing feeding station lovely Cotton - glad you had it to yourself for a while!!

    Awwww these sweet bunnies are adorable!! Me and Charlie hope they find good homes asap!!

    Take care

  2. Love the new feeding station!

    Stop by for a visit

  3. Wow that new feeding station is vewy cool. sowwy you couldn't keep it all to youwself cotton, but having all those siblings must be awfully nice, so it's wowf having to shawe. Congwatoolations on youw tewwific postew!!!! I love it. Those little fuwwy bunnies look scawed and I hope they get fuwwevew homes soon and get love and cuddles and lots of fwesh tweats
    smoochie kisses

  4. Cotton That is one very nice feeding station you've got there. We like Martha's products, she usually is very innovative. So you enjoy your special bowls!!


  5. Concatulations on winning Tober's contest! I was just over there and saw the news!

  6. Wow...that is a really neat feeding station. I bets my sisfur Abby would like that!

    And thank you, thank you for pawticipating in Rescue Me Week! Those bunnies are awfully cute but I'm afraid I might chase 'em if they lived with me. Mom says they prolly wouldn't like that but I bet they would, don't you? Sigh. Anyways, I hope all those bunnies get super terrific homes!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Oh man are you a spoilt kitty! Worse than Au, and that's saying a lot, MOL.We love your new mat, and are happy that mummy Jan has less work to do to keep you happy. Meows and nose butts from all of us.

  8. We just eat in bowls on the kitchen floor, but TBT says that Jan might want to cover the washer/dryer with a sheet of plastic ta keep kibble out of them...

  9. Wow, we may have to keep a look out for one of those feeding stations. My feline siblings are always spilling their food and water everywhere!

    Bunnies! We love bunnies. I have a bunny sister named Lulu! She was originally a classroom rabbit that was abandoned, but now she lives with us.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Yous guys is all winners! And - yous deserves it!

  11. I had a bunny on my site yesterday, too!! I hope they both find furever homes. :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  12. That is a terrific prize that you won. I bet it does help to keep things from getting so messy. We hope those cute bunnies get a good home. Sometimes I feel sorry for bunnies that have to live in cages. But some people do keep them in their houses.Have a great day.

  13. Congratulations! Those feeding stations look very smart! Especially good for dealing with machine tantrums I hear!

  14. Concatulations and you look so pretty with that color of YOUR new feeding station. xoxoxoxox

  15. Lucky you. Marmie has been coveting that Martha Stewart placemat. I'm one messy eater!

    We saw your picture on Tober's site. You are so talented with photoshop. Marmie is not at all creative with those types of things.

  16. That is one of things I don't like about these "fashion" pet items- they're geared toward little dogs or homes with one cat. I'm doing to start my own designer line of items for big dogs and homes of Crazy Cat Ladies.

  17. We loved your poster, and are so proud of you for being chosen as the winner! :)

    Cotton, that sure is a nice feeding station. Too bad you have to share it with the others, but we are glad you at least got to enjoy it for yourself for an hour.

    Thanks for posting about those cute little bunnies. We sure hope they find homes real soon.

  18. So great that you have all kinds of good news! Cotton, you are a sweetie! I wish you got to keep that neat feeding set to yourself; having to always share is a pain.

    Laura and Taffy


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