Monday, November 07, 2011

EzyDog Buddy

Hey, Buddy here with today's post.

We were given the opportunity to do a review for the EzyDog product company, and since my last harness was too big and too stiff for me to wear comfortably, the Funny Farmers decided to let me test the EzyDog Quick Fit Harness.  It's a single buckle system, where Jan just slips it over my head and fastens one strap behind my legs. It's so simple Jan can do it in ten seconds instead of the ten minutes it used to take her to figure out how one old harness went on - every time I had to go out!

Furries, never trust a human to do things the right way without your guidance. Read the directions yourself, so you can teach your human the proper way to fit your harness.

This was the first fitting result.  See how tight my new harness was behind my legs and how crumpled it was on the side?  (And see the tag with the directions on my back, still attached to the harness, instead of in Jan's hand where they belonged?)  It barely went on over my head.  Hint, hint, Jan. Think it could be too small?  Get it off!  Now!  Jan freaked out thinking she had measured wrong, but she'd just missed a step.

This is my new harness after the second fitting.  See how flat the harness lays now?  There are two adjustments: one around my girth and one in front of my chest.  (So if you purchase one, be sure your human follows all the instructions.) Since Jan adjusted the harness properly, it fits very well and is quite comfortable.  I even slept in it the first night.  Jan thought that would help me adjust to it.

See, I can sit comfortably and it doesn't pull.  I'm all ready to take Jan on a squirrel chase here.

Just to be nice, I posed for the camera. I'm still a handsome dude, even though I'm about to turn 7.

Jan likes my new harness because I don't give her a hard time about wearing it.  She's not happy that I have returned to my old habit of rushing her, Sam and Merci down the road by pulling hard, but, hey, isn't that what a harness is for - freedom?  I hope she's kidding about a manners review.

Okay, Jan, we're ready for your workout now.  What do you mean I walk too fast and pull too hard?  I'm your exercise trainer.  Let's move!

You can learn more about EzyDog Products by visiting their website.. Here is a short video of the EzyDog Quick Fit Harness.  You can see how simple it is for humans to help us put it on. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We were not paid for this review, but a harness was provided for Buddy to test.  Any opinions expressed are from our own experience with the product.


  1. We have an idea: why not get Jan a folding beach chair? We could have hours of fun watching her try to unfold it. Hehehe, we are naughty cats!

  2. That harness looks pretty cool, we're glad Jan got it figured out!

    Why not get Jan roller blades for Christmas--they she can just be pulled along at great speed...Wheeee!

  3. Awww gorgeous Buddy!! You are indeed one handsome mandoggy!!! Yay for this lovely harness and thanks for the review! Take care

  4. Pawsome Harness.....and when all else fails, read the directions!


  5. Well Buddy you did an awesome job telling us all about your new harness. I'm glad Jan finally got it figured out and that it fits you so good.

    Hope you have many good runs in it.


  6. Good thing she finally followed directions. Now, you need to follow HER directions and not rush her!

  7. That's pretty cool, Buddy! We do have a tiny woofie what lives here. But, she's barely three pounds big. She and Mumsy are real close and she goes places with Mumsy. It makes it easier for her to go...we don't understand that, but, whatever :-)

    Mumsy is gonna see how small your harness comes. She liked how it fit on you a lots. Thank you for this most excellent review.

  8. I sure am glad that there are no harnesses in our house! I know I wouldn't like wearing one. Though I am glad they have one for you doggies so you can go for your nice walks with your human. Do they happen to sell harnesses for the humans? Just wondering.
    Anyway, glad that she was able to figure things our with your guidance and get the harness to fit your correctly. I guess you running Jan on your walks is some kind of trick you all have worked out to do. Way to go.

  9. What a furry good looking harness, glad to hear it fits!



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