Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Buddy Squeaks His Post

Hey, Buddy here with today's post.  Finally.  We've been wanting to do this for a couple weeks but Jan -  Well, let's just say this is Jan's fault.  Again. 

Oh, good.  We received a package in the mail from Baby Patches.  Jan opened it and it squeaked.  Squeaks are always welcome around here.  Sam and I are the Squeaker Kings.  

 See, I already have it singing.  Cyndi came over to see what Sam and I are up to.  

Percy came over to see what all the noise is.  It's a gecko and it's got 4 large squeakers in the body and they're supposed to keep on squeaking even after we tug, bully and puncture the toy.  As if we would ever!

Okay, so Sam and I have chewed a few squeaky toys into rags.  But I was not looking for the puppy trapped inside when I did.  And rumors that I talk back to squeaky toys is greatly exaggerated.  Maybe somewhat exaggerated.  Okay, the rumors are almost true.

Jan took our squeaker away so Merci could have a turn.  (Ignore the egg crate pieces on the carpet and the holes in the bed.  Buddy dug holes in it and spread egg crate all around the living room for Jan to pick up.) 

Here I am trying to take it away from Jan.  She likes to play with the squeaker too.

Jan had some video of us chasing the toy in the pen outside, but she deleted it .  Something about looking ridiculous with the camera panning in every direction every time she bent over to pick up the toy to throw.  (We never look ridiculous in a video so we'll give you one guess who did.)

We love the multiple squeakers.  I love to poke them hard with my foot or use my teeth to make them talk .. uh, squeak.  Sam does too.  And we love it when Jan squeaks the gecko and throws it for us.  We chase it and mock fight over which of us gets to poke the squeakers. 

The drawback to these is that the toys are not stuffed and we couldn't pick them up by the head or tail.  (The tail has a nice rattle, by the way.)  And we couldn't get a grip to pick them up around the squeakers either.  We found this a drawback, since we could chase them but not fetch them when Jan would try to play with us.  Some stuffing for our big jaws to latch onto would be welcome.  (Hint, hint.)

The toy is our size - large.  Merci is a small dog so this was too large for her but the gecko comes in two sizes.  This is the larger 4 squeaker size. You can read more about the gecko dog toy in Baby Patches' store.

This is our first product review for Baby Patches' Tester Team. We were supplied with a gecko to test but we were not paid. This is our personal experience with the product.


  1. I think you all had great fun with that toy and its great that Baby Patches sent it for you to try. Jan wrote a gre4at review for you and I bet she had as much fun as you all did.Enjoy.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. I LOVE squeaky toys, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. We think that was an excellent and objective review. Too bad the video was deleted, though. :-P

  4. That sounds like a super cool toy. Looks like it'd be lots of fun to chew on!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  5. What a fun toy and it looked really sweet!! Awwww we hope that there'll be lots of toys with more stuffing soon! Yay!! Well done with the fab review gorgeous Buddy, Merci, Sam, Percy and Cyndi and Jan! Yay! Take care

  6. Dogs love squeaky toys because they drive humans nuts. Which is good for dogs.

  7. I must say, that sure was some great testing going on!!!

  8. Now that is what I call F-U-N!


  9. Yous guys looks like yous was having a ton o fun!! My hairy slobbery loves squeaky toys too!

  10. I hope that toy survive for long...MOL

  11. what a great surprise,your toy was so cute and I love the color of it! You guys look so happy in playing it!

    Dog Fence | It's all About Pet Fences

  12. It seems from our point of view that Jan is to blame for so many things!!! Poor Jan lol

    Austin goes for the silent but deadly toy himself, otherwise he gets spooked!

  13. Squeekie toys were made to be desqueaked! LOL

    Looks like you all had fun!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  14. You guys are sure thorough with your tests. That squeakie toy looks really fun. I've never really tried a squeakie toy, but the mousies I get squeak for real.

  15. That sure sounds like a first class toy with all those squeakers. Wow, can't get any better than that. Good doggies for showing off that toy. Take care.

  16. That looks so great. We have a squeeking duckie. It came from the doggie side of Petsmart, but thats OK.

  17. Great review Buddy! Sounds like it has a lot of good squeak to it! Butt I'm with you, without the stuffing to eventually spread around the house, it's well just not complete ya know? ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  18. Wow, Buddy! That was a very thorough review. We can see that you guys are professional testers! :)

  19. Thanks you for a wonderfur review Buddy! Glad you all had fun with it, it would seem that it is not a great interactive toy but sure fun to squeaks right?! MOL



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