Friday, November 18, 2011

Ducks, TCC, Rusty & Percy

We just loved watching this video of an officer protecting a mama duck and her babies as they crossed a busy Interstate. Thank you, Officer!.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Calling all Tabbies!  The new Tabby Cat Club is accepting members. To join, just send a photo of yourself so Gracie can make you a badge and include a link to your blog.  You can grab her email address from her personal blog or the club blog.

Rusty's badge.

Percy's badge.

We're looking forward to seeing more of our friends there.

In case any of you have noticed we haven't been around much lately, there's been a lot going on.  Jan's been a laggard.  (She says she's been under the weather, but aside from the 50 degree cold in here a couple of times lately, we haven't seen any weather flying loose in the house.)  She's been working on designs for a couple blog sites - including Furriends of the CB auctions and this new Tabby Cat Club (good practice for her) - and  a t-shirt logo for another one,  Plus trying to catch up with our  her own commitments.  It's been hectic around here. 

So please forgive us if we aren't able to leave comments for a while.  Jan is a voracious computer hog!  But some of it is to help us, so we're not going to say it's all Jan's fault again.  Even though it obviously is.


  1. That is such a gorgeous video and what a lovely man he was.. I hope your mum gets everything done and tell her not to worry as we understand.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. That video is wonderful! Thank God that officer was there to help those duckies. :)

    Moosey is going to join the Tabby Cat Club, since he has tabby spots. He's quite excited.

    Please tell Jan we understand that life gets in the way sometimes.

  3. That video was so cool. I'm sure most of the drivers who understood what was going on got warm fuzzy feelings.

  4. Life can be a bit overwhelming at times even for a laggard like Jan!!! So cut her some slack guys!

    Loved that video. Got warm fuzzies myself from watching it :)

  5. Wonderful video!

    We haven't been able to visit very much because we are keeping Mom Paula on her toes at night.

    Truffle and Brulee

  6. Awwwwww!!! That wonderful caring police officer should get a medal!! Oh wow!! My heart's skipped a few beats there - good grief - those tiny creatures! And Charlie's ran off cos I kept squealing!! LOL! Thank you lovely policeman!! And thank you for the clip!

    Awwww you gorgeous Funny Farmers look after lovely Jan now! Give her lots of cuddles!!

    Yay for your wonderful badges Percy and Rusty!! Yay! Take care

  7. Love that video! I told Gracie I would be over to sign up for the tabby club soon!

  8. That is a great video!
    WE all hope that Jan is feeling better, we have missed seeing her around.
    Thanks for the info about the tabby club.

  9. thanks for the info about the Tabby Cat Club!

    I must get over there!

  10. What a wonderful video and knowing the duckie family is safe.
    Many thanks to Jan for helping with the Tabby Cat Club Blog. I know she has put in many hours plus hours of work to make the blog look so nice and have it up and running. So I say if she is using the computer to help me then you all need to chill out and take a nap. Sorry.

  11. Great video! I understand about being busy. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

  12. Happy birthday, Buddy! Don't tell us Jan forgot, though. LOL.

  13. Happy birthday, Buddy! We guess Jan forgot! xxxx

  14. Absolutely excellent video... Way to go officer!!

    Pawscrossed that Jan is soon feeling better. Make sure you all keep her warm with lots of TLC.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The The Thugletsx

  15. In Jan's defense she has done a pawsome job on the Tabby Cat Club hangout. ~Socks

    Happy Birthday Buddy from all of us. We hopes Jan didn't forget......................but if she did we know you will forgive her Buddy.

  16. Several years ago when mama still had a car and drove to work, all of a sudden every car stopped on the road. Yup, Mama and her baby ducks. No cops, just a lot of animal lovers. Patiently waiting for the little family, even though it was in the middle of rush hour.
    Glad the cop was there this time.


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