Friday, October 21, 2011

RIP Claudette and 3 Perf

Did anyone notice anything strange on our blog yesterday?  Like a missing background picture?

When we got online our background was missing.  So were a number of your blog headers and photos.  We couldn't see our background so figured Blogger must have somehow deleted it, so we deleted it from Picasa, and all Thursday we saw a white background.  Last night we finally thought to right click and we found out all the missing photos around the blogs were being blocked by our antivirus.  Evidently when we updated yesterday morning, a setting was changed and it was kind of hard to see some photos because they might harm our computer.  Say what? .

This morning we heard from the av company,  made a slight change and suddenly on our blog we were looking at a black background with big triangles and an exclamation point in the middles. (Means missing photo, we think.)  So, what did you see when you looked at our blog yesterday - a white background or a weird black one?

We were going to write the above and then just post what we'd already finished below.  But then we had some very sad news!

Posted on Facebook, "The Lord has called our dear friend Claudette Hudson home today."  Even though we knew this day was coming, reading the words was a shock. 

Claudette Hudson and Rocky. 

This photo was used for Claudette's 2010 Livestrong post. She's also used it for her birthday and for a FB profile photo, so we don't think she would mind us sharing it here to honor her - a Christian, a dog blogger, an animal lover, a cancer fighter for several years, and a friend to all. Even when she was unable to keep up the Hudson Furkids blog, she kept up with friends on FB and helped others as she could.

She was loving and courageous.  And she will most definitely be missed!  Rest in peace, dear Claudette.

We are teary and saddened that 3 Perf's had to be helped to the brdige last night.  He has been battling lymphoma and it was time for him to join his brothers Winton and Kokak, a mere 2 months after his family lost Kokak.  This is a very hard time for his mom!  You can visit and leave a comment here.

Most all of you already know Perfectly Parker has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in her tummy.   We were as shocked as any other when the news was posted and still can barely believe it.  We know her family is giving her lots of love and quality time.  They need lots of support.  You can visit Parker here.

And Possum's sister Pixie has been very sick too.  She has been going to the vet to get infusions.  We hope yesterday's little bit of good news will keep getting better.  You can visit her here.

We know that's a lot of bad news at one time, but that's the way this week has gone. 


  1. We are sad to hear about Claudette and 3 perf...and of course sweet Parker and Pixie. We are purring for all of them.

  2. That is was too much sad and we send purrs and prayers to everyone.

  3. These is so much of the sads going around right now...

  4. Teri's blinking a lot, cuz she knows how hearts are aching right now...purrs and licks from us kitties...

  5. Sad news all around but I'm glad you mentioned it so I can go send a note.

  6. We gave a lot if blogs that we go to that sat "blocked content." hmmmm
    Benny & Lily

  7. Such awful news around this week and a week of very horrible sadness. My heart goes out to the families and I send love their way.
    Your blog was fine when visited and I saw all your background.. Hugs GJ xxx

  8. So sad about Claudette and 3 Perf. we're purring for Parker and Pixie.

  9. Such sad news about 3 Perf. We didn't know Claudette, but still are sad to hear this...purrs to her family.

    Spitty the Kitty was having similar problems earlier this week where he couldn't see his own blog pictures and the pictures on other blogs. Only Blogger blogs were affected. He found out that his anti-virus company for some reason put Blogger on its bad list and blocked it. They have since corrected this and everything is back to normal (we think). But no explanation as to why the AV did this.

  10. It is all so sad. Praying for Claudette's family, as well as the families of the others. It is just such a sad day.

  11. Oh so sad to read about your friend Claudette. Deepest sympathies to her family.

    Purrs and hugs to Pixie and Parker.

    Me and Charlie have been over to Perf's blog too - very sad! take care

  12. We are quite sad for Perf's family as they did just loose Kodak. Our purrs for all the families who have lost loved ones and also Parker's family too.

  13. A very sad day for Blogville. Our prayers and crossed paws go out to all and to the families of those lost.

  14. A sad yet pawesome post -

    I was already going to feature Parker on my KHATurday Saturday post - little did we realise Angel Claudette would be there too -

    Rest In Peace to all that have gone -

    And hugz of support fur all still here -

    PeeEssWoo: We are SO behind we didn't get to see your missing pikh - but this one looks GREAT!

  15. We're so sad to hear about Claudette's passing.
    I still regret for not going to New York last summer for DWB's meeting.
    I could have met Claudette and other dog lovers and bloggers there.
    Rest in peace Claudette. You'll be dearly missed.
    Run free 3 Perf's.
    Thanks you for posting the news.

  16. So very sad for all. Our hearts are very sad at the loss of Claudette. The evil "C" hurts so many.

    Soft woos and gentle hugs to the families of the sweet kitties too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. That's a whole lot of sads. We are sending purrs to efurry Human and Kitty who needs them. Nosetaps all around.

  18. So much sadness, so much sadness. But, we should also remember that these were lives that should be celebrated because without them our world would be a little less loving.

  19. Such very sad news all round! :( Purrs and prayers from us too x

  20. I thought bad news only came in threes. Some of this bad news needs to be sent back. :-(

  21. We are so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. Sending up prayers for everyone touched by this sad loss. Hugs and nose kisses

  22. So Much sadness. Purrs and Prayers to Claudette's family in their time of grief. We didn't know 3 Perf but purrs and prayers for them also. And of course we pray that Parker and Pixie will have a miracle happen with their healing. Our loves and hugs to all.



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