Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tree Climbing Goats of Morocco

We've had this video ready to post for a while and we're finally getting around to it.  It's on the tree climbing goats of Morocco.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Tree climbing goats.  What a sight! 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

The other day we posted on how to make it easier for others to leave a comment on your Blogger blog. We suggested making your comments open in a popup box. This works for most, but we've had a couple of comments that some bloggers have made this change and there is still a problem.

So we're going to add this from The Real Blogger Status blog regarding the disappearance of comments in relation to 3rd party cookies.

And this one on excessive filtering of web content which causes another problem. 

Overly aggressive security and blocked authentication cookie.

The need for authentication cookie to make your Blogger experience less frustrating and more fruitful.

And Blog Owners Unable To Stay Logged In, To Edit Or Post To Their Blogs.

All of these links are from The Real Blogger Status blog. This is a very good resource for learning about Blogger blog problems and solutions. Sometimes you can find the answer without having to post your problem on a Blogger help forum. You can search their site from the sidebar to find helpful information.

As far as we know the problems have been for those using Internet Explorer and Firefox and Chrome have not been having a problem using any of the 3 comment forms. We're not techies, but we've come across so many frustrated bloggers who can't comment on some blogs that we're just trying to point out some help topics.

We hope those experiencing comment problems can find the solutions they need. Are you or your readers using IE and experiencing problems with a particular comment form? Are you or your readers using a browser other than IE (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and experiencing problems?

Visiting other blogs is no fun when frustrated. We wish you all a happy blog commenting experience.


  1. There must be something really tasty up in that tree. :-)

  2. They sure are good climbers
    Benny & Lily

  3. I'd like to understand just how them clamber up to the highest branches! It's not as if they have fingers like monkeys, or claws like panthers. Neat video!

  4. That tree is one very strong tree to hold all these lovely goats! Yay!!

    Thanks for all the blogger links!!!

    Take care

  5. How cool are these goats! Very clever!

  6. That video!!!! OMC, those tree branches must be exceptionally strong. LOL.

    Thanks for all the tech info, it's always much appreciated!

  7. OMCod!! Look at Dat :0.....
    ::eyez wide open::
    furry interesting.....^..^

    Da mom sayz.... even though we haven't had any problems (yet) the information is interesting and use ful to know. Thank You for researching and posting ~

  8. Someone better tell those goats they are NOT birds! BOL

  9. WOw that is pawsome!

  10. Wow, those goats are amazing!

    Thanks for all the info. We use Forefox, and we've been okay (knock on wood).

  11. Love the goats!!! I haven't had trouble commenting with Firefox. Thanks for posting the websites - that could be very useful.

  12. those goats are hilarious! we no longer have problems commenting since we moved to firefox but thank you for sharing :)

  13. Great goat video! Thanks from me and Pisi and Squeak!

  14. Crikey..aren't the goats amazing!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thuglets.

    P.s we have just spent hours working our paws off with Internet explorer & blogger uploading downloading etc etc! gggrrrFinally sucess we think our techie has done it!

  15. Cool video! We will be in trouble if our neighbor's goats start climbing trees!

  16. those goats are amazing! If we haven't seen it with our own eyes on this video, we would never have believed you!

    Honey the Great Dane

  17. I've seen some doing the Belgian hug to the trees just outside The GKP but never climbing them!

    Thanks for sharing that!

    Khyra's Mom


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