Friday, October 07, 2011

Miracle and Gracie

Hey, Sam, Merci & Buddy here today.  We decided to do some detective work and track down a mean person or persons.

Merci  ** Buddy, are you sure we can walk to Massachusetts and back before dinner?  It's already kind of late in the day and Jan tires so easily.  Not to mention I'm no spring chicken any more either.**

Buddy  ** Okay, let's take the car then.  I'll drive.**

Sam  ** We wouldn't make it to Atlanta.  I vote we walk!**

Why would we want to hunt in another state?  Because we think they could use some good tracking woofies there.  Actually, we wouldn't even have to leave the state of Georgia to fill a gigantic cell full of the same type of humans..

See, a friend sent us a link to this story today and we went looking for the original.  We were pleased to find a  story and video on My Fox Boston.  We hate stories like this one but we are glad to find a happy outcome for the dogs. 

Miracle is well-named. She is a one-year-old pit bull mix that was abandoned in an apartment with no food or water for nearly two months. Her leap for food and safety last Friday broke her hip and hind leg but her timing was good and a policeman pulling over to the curb saw her jump and called Animal Control.  Miracle was taken to a vet and had surgery on her leg. 

When an Animal Control officer went into the apartment for the second time (on Monday,), a four-month-old puppy was found in shock, barely hanging onto life. They named her Gracie and although she spent some time in ICU, she is recovering. 

Both dogs will be put up for adoption after they recover.  We thought we would join the hunt for the person or persons who abandoned these sweet dogs.  We're not too good with paperwork but you wouldn't want to be a criminal with us three sniffer dogs on your scent! 

Don't be afraid to view the video.  Miracle is obviously a happy girl despite everything that's happened to her, and she's doing well enough she was able to go to the TV station for the interview.   

This case is not being ignored or taken lightly.

""This constitutes felony cruelty against an innocent animal,' said Lt. Alan Borgal, director of the Center for Animal Protection at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. 'We are counting on the public to step forward with information to help bring the person or persons responsible to justice.'

"Anyone with information is urged to call New Bedford Animal Control Officer Emmanuel Maciel at 508-991- 6366."

The Animal Rescue League of Boston could use some help with vet expenses, if anyone should care to donate. You can read the entire article here.  There is also a very short second video in the upper left of the page.


  1. TWO months??!! TWO whole months???!!!

    Did no neighbour notice anything? Barking? The landlord? Someone else must live in the area, for heaven's sake.

    OMC, we wish the human(s) who did that could be found and locked away with no food or water for two months. Then be coerced into jumping out a window and enduring broken bones too. That's the kindest thing we can think of for the person. Everything else we want to do involves extreme physical pain and injury.

    Anyone who can commit acts like this might as well not be on the planet, taking up precious resources. Not kidding.

  2. We hope they find whoever did this and lock them in a building for 2 months with no food or water.

    Miracle and her pup are very lucky these people care like they do!

  3. We agree - the punishment should match the crime....jail is too good for these people. And really, HOW did it take 2 months for someone to notice??

  4. :-(

    Sam, Merci, Buddy - you go and sniff out the bad bad baaaaaaad people who did this to adorable Miracle and little Gracie! And you drag their sorry butts back to the police where they should get locked up forever! :-( Such bad bad people!

    Thank goodness Miracle and Gracie are ok now!Poor sweeties.

    Take care

  5. We sure hope those mean Beins are found an punished!

  6. None of us understand the depth of cruelty of some humans. We also know that as cruel as some are, the exact opposite is true as well. There is so much compassion and desire for the well being of all animals. Look at the world wide support for saving Lennox. But, we still can't fathom how anyone could do this.

  7. Whoever did that needs to be, oops, I can't say that. They need lots of it though!

  8. This is disgusting, but what comes around goes around - or at least I hope it does!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. momma is saying bad words
    Benny & Lily

  10. Fuzzy Tales pretty much said it all for us. The stupidity and ignorance of people is unbelievable! How did these people sleep at night, knowing what they did? I hope they are caught, who rented the place? They should be easy to find.

  11. Bloody hell! I hope you catch them and give them a good hiding.

  12. We hope that those bad humans get caught! We are sorry those sweet pups had to suffer so! We hope they continue to recover!!

  13. I saw another post about a dog named Miracle on another blog. Lots of miracles happening these days! I'm sad they're needed, but I'm thrilled they're happening.

  14. Such a sad story with a happy ending. We hope they both find wonderful, loving homes very soon. We also hope whoever abandoned them is found and punished for doing such a horrific things. How can anyone do something like that and sleep at night??? Hugs and nose kisses

  15. Bow that place must have been stinky. We are sure glad they are both doing better.


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