Monday, October 03, 2011

Cotton on Comments and Kodiak

Hey, this is Cotton. For a while I thought you'd have to take my word for it since Blogger wouldn't post my picture. And suddenly it posted my photo three times (yes, three, but better than the 28 or whatever we had to delete one day).

Anyway, I have some news and a request for those who use Blogger and some sad news of a friend.

After all the work Milo and Alfie did to organize Livestrong Day among us furry bloggers, they were frustrated to the max yesterday trying to leave comments on blogs to thank others for participating.  They finally had to give up.

So yesterday we put a message directly above our posts and since it will come down eventually, we're going to put the information in this post too.  We are not having a problem leaving comments, but many are.  So, please, if your Blogger blog is not using popup comments, we implore you to change your comment form.

To help other bloggers -



   Comment Form Placement
      Pop Up Window
Scroll down and click Save Settings

That's it, you're done.  And many a blogger will thank you!

We were stunned to learn about the handsome Kodiak of the Thundering Herd yesterday.  He had to be helped to the bridge Sunday.  No one ever expects to have a dog collapse while away from home on vacation, but that's what happened while Kodiak was walking on the beach Friday.  Suddenly he couldn't walk and had to be carried.  He was a Sibe (Siberian Husky), big and heavy to pick up.  He was to a vet as fast as they could get him to one. 

It's a very sad story and you can read about it on The Thundering Herd blog, as well as leave a word of comfort.

And hug your furry (furries) today.  There is no guarantee we'll still have them tomorrow.  


  1. We have heard others say that blogger is no longer supporting Internet explorer. We use firefox and have no problems.

    We were deeply saddened by the crossing of Kodiak. So sudden, so very sad.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. That is so very sad about Kodiak, just so sad.

    I hope everyone gets their blogger problems fixed soon!

  3. Olá... Amei você e seu blog.
    Ficarei feliz se for me conhecer e SEGUIR meu blog também (JOIN THIS SITE - MEMBERS MY BLOG TOO).
    Te espero com amor e alegria.
    Amo ter amigos em todo o mundo, moro no Brasil.
    Te espero.
    Au au da amiguinha ...


  4. It is sad about Kodiak. Also good info about the comments
    Benny & Lily

  5. I'm so sorry about Kodiak !
    About the pop up comment, I use it ! so all cool

  6. Yup looks like we are going to switch over to firefox due to the IE issue.

    We are very sad to hear about Kodiak. I will hug my dogs a little tighter tonight.

  7. We are so sorry to hear about Kodiak, wow Madi posted about a Golden Retriever who died while out on a walk -- it was so sudden and completely unexpected, two nearly identical stories. Wow. You are so right about not knowing from one day to the next what life holds for you.
    We will go over and give our purrs to Kodiak's family.

  8. One other thing I wanted to let you know Jan, you probably already know but Blogger recently said that they would no longer support anything but users having the latest browsers completely updated. So that may be why so many are all of a sudden having problems. It is worth a try to update their browsers. (all of this is because of Google+)

  9. So sad about Kodiak! Will go and see blog.

    Not sure if I have pop up or not? Better check. Thanks Jan :)

  10. The passing of Kodiak was so sad and so quick. I send hugs to his family. I went to my settings and changed it. I hope I didd it right I put the dot in the pop up window box. HUgs GJ xx

  11. Like we told you before, we have problems leaving comments on some blogs when we use Internet Explorer. When we use Google Chrome, we have no problem. But we like using IE better, so we hope the blogs we are having problems with, change their comment format. Thanks for providing that info.

    We were also very sad to hear about Kodiak. We went over and left our condolences with his family. So sad....

  12. Thanks for the tip about the comment box, and yes, it's a shame about poor Kodiak! So glad your pic got up there, you are stunning!

  13. Cotton you are just adorable!

    Me and Charlie are so sorry to hear about Kodiak - very sad.

    Take care

  14. We heard about dear Kodiak this morning and left a message for his folks. It's hard enough when a loss is expected, but when it happens so suddenly, it's devastating. Yes, everyone will get extra hugs today.

  15. We have changed our comments. Now we are off to visit the herd and to wish them well.

    Essex & Sherman

  16. Thanks so furry much fur sharing Kodiak's sudden khrossing -

    He's so furry missed -

    Especially by the beaWOOtiful Kiska -

    Mom is still making those sad faces with the blank stares -


  17. So sorry, you are having trouble with blogger. What a pain!

    I was so sad to read about Kodiak this morning ...we have lost way too many friends lately.

    Your pal, Pip

  18. Thank you so much for the remembrance of our big Kode Red. He will certainly be missed around Chez Herd.

  19. So sorry to hear about Kodiak! We have been reading so much bad news on the blogs lately, it is making our Mama leak all the time! :*(

  20. What a shame blogger is acting up. We're not having any problems.

    Poor Kodiak. Terrible news, just horrible.

  21. Since you have a pop up box we can comment. Thank you so much for highlighting this problem.
    We use internet explorer and that could be the problem ~ but I don't want to change to firefox etc or it will mean changing many things I have already set up.
    I am srsly thinking about closing Milo and Alfie's blog and opening a FB page for them instead. I've posted about it today.
    Thank you again.

    Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

  22. I went and checked my settings and I aweady had the ones you said, but I heawd fwom some fwiends that they can only comment on mine using fiwefox

    I was so vewy sad to wead about Kodiak's sudden collapse.I am sending hie hewd and family love and comfowt
    smoochie kisses

  23. It's so sad about about Kodiak. We feel very sad too.

    Thanks for helping people with the commenting problem. I have a pop-up window yet some peeps are still having trouble from what I hear...

  24. Sorry to hear that some are having trouble posting on Blogger. Thank you for the information.

    We did not know Kodiak but we are sorry to hear of his going to the bridge. Will send prayers up for his family. Hugs and nose kisses

  25. We were so sorry to learn about Kodiak..thank you for telling us. we have been across to visit them.

    Thanks for the blogger tip, we are always having problems! ggrr

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  26. Update: Thanks for yoor support.

    As you know, we has been having problems commenting but Mom has downloaded FireFox just for blogging and thinks this may help ~ who knows, if she likes it, maybe she’ll kick smelly old Internet Explorer owt!

  27. Hola Cotton! its nice to meet you. sorry for your loss of Kodiak. He's now in cat heaven....purrs, Rio from Barcelona

  28. We didn't know Kodiak but we were very sad to hear what happened.

  29. Thanks for the blogger update. I changed mine a few months ago when people were having problems leaving comments on Truffle's site. I hope everyone can get there now.

    Mom Paula


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