Monday, May 02, 2011

Cotton and Klepto Kitty

Hey, Cotton here. I'm a bit sleepy today but I can nap after I finish this post.

We saw this video on Miss Kitty Says Hello. Miss Kitty is a new blogger from Fl so drop by and meet her, if you haven't already.

The klepto kitty in this video reminds us somewhat of Merci. She used to go through the house and collect all the toys - dog and cat - and anything else she wanted to claim and pile them neatly in her den in the bedroom. And then Buddy moved in and he'd do the opposite. He'd take all her stash and strew things around the house. (We even have a design on Zazzle of these two and Merci's partial stash Buddy-style.) Merci's neat streak couldn't compete with Buddy's dencleaning habits any more and she finally gave up.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Dogs in Brazil was a guest columnist on Grouchy Puppy Days on Friday and Jan (not our Jan) told the story of how she and her husband moved from England to Brazil for a cushy life and instead found a mission - rescuing dogs. Read about Pluto, a puppy she found nearly dead in the street, took to the vet for an exam, and brought home to die. But he lived.

Jan and her husband are working toward becoming a non-profit organization, but meanwhile they still need donations to keep them going while they try to figure out what they can do next. They lost their bakery during the 2010 flooding in Brazil but still volunteered their time to help other areas with injured, sick and suddenly homeless animals. They have 17 hungry mouths to feed and shelter.


  1. We love the klepto kitty...we wonder how she brings home some of those really large items, but she's very determined, so we are sure she gets them there!

    Enjoy your nap, Cotton!

  2. Yay for klepto kitty!!!! What a character!!! Hilarious!! Thanks for sharing! Take care

  3. Hi there! Thanks for sharing the Klepto Kitty and your Kitty-Klepto adventures as well! Miss Kitty says, "Meow-Meow!" (Thanks so much-in English!).

    Happy Meownday!
    Linda Lan and Miss Kitty

  4. PS- Miss Cindi looks a bit like she could be Miss Kitty's adorable Little Sister!!! Sooo cute! Meow-Meow!

    Linda Lan and Miss Kitty

  5. We think some cats do have criminal tendencies. :-)

  6. Hurrah for klepto-kat! We only drag around our feather toys...time to branch out!

  7. That's sure a cutie little klepto!

  8. Wow Klepto Kitty is awesome. 3 paws up for Klepto. Just don't steal none of my stuff. MOL

    Have a good nap Cotton.


  9. Klepto kitty is purrrty funny
    Benny & Lily

  10. This is hilarious! I wonder why this cat wants to bring all these things home with him. That cat waddling with the blanket between his legs is a hoot. I've never seen a cat carry such large items in their mouths before.

  11. Dat klepto... go, go, go! Tanks Jan, fur puttin' up wit our no bloggin' biz. We iz scramblin' to puts togedder a partee fur da Auntie Stinkie on Sunday. We are gonna givez it da old colleege try!!!
    Dr Tweety

  12. Jan, da momee sez we are a day beehind & beehind. Dat iz why it sez tooday iz Auntie Stinkie's birfday! We haz no rel idea, but we know she waz born in day May 19 yeerz ago. So da momee picked May furst & da dadee picked May 9th! Sum cat should tell dem to get dere birfdayz in order! So we will partee hardy anywayz, cuz 19 iz purrty speshul indeed. :)

  13. cute movie of Missie Kleptokitty. Princess, mom remembers fondly as being a bit of a klepto over the years too... she used to hide her stash under Lizzie's bed.

    Thanks for your visit and remembrance of Caesar and Prinnie. It was very thoughtful. Yes, we still think of them often. Those memories are forever.

    Mom has been so busy. Her neighbor friend has bad cancer... she needs help and encouragement. Mom tries to help, and that is hard, really hard. Our neighbor friend is only 30 :-( too young to suffer and should be enjoying her two silly little daughters.

    Love and bonks always

  14. Klepto kitty made us laugh.

    Hope cotton enjoys the nap.

  15. Where in the world does Klepto kitty get all that stuff, I wonder??? Are they laying around outside or does he get into houses to get it?? So cute with his laser eyes coming at you. Mom said she would love to see Merci and Buddy taking things back and forth. She just wishes that Cleo and I would play with our toys. I do now and then take things out of the box. Never put them back though. We want to Thank you very much for your Sympathies, purrs, hugs and tail wags for Patches, it was very much appreciated. We do miss her, especially Mom.


  16. What a character!

    Hope you are all well.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  17. We love that video - it's giving us ideas!

  18. I hope my sister - Penelope - The Cat From Hell, does NOT see this video! She might try that too!
    Tail Wags


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