Saturday, May 07, 2011

Cameron would Play Fetch

Hey, Cameron here with today's news.

First, we are so happy Precious kitty was adopted in time. You can check Brian's blog for any details.

We have a video for you. This adorable, friendly dog wants to play fetch. He does everything he can to get a man's attention so he'll throw the stick for him but the man sits there like he's a statue. He refuses to even acknowledge the dog's presence. Maybe the dog should bite that mean man's leg. He'd pay attention then.

Hey, woofie, I'm a cat but I'd throw it for you, if I could.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Harharhar, fooled you for a minute, didn't I!

We're very sad that Chance Bond and Imp lost their woofie brother Shadow on Thursday, May 5th. He was taken tot he vet because he couldn't stand on his own and it was discovered he was in kidney failure.The news was posted on his mom's Facebook wall. We don't know whether they'll post a farewell to Shadow on their blog but you can leave a message on Chance's blog. His family really misses him.

Jerry L of CrizCats left for the bridge yesterday. Stop by and leave Criz a message of sympathy too.

And on a happier note, don't forget Auntie Stinkie's 19th birthday party Sunday 9 am to 12 noon (Pacific time). They're going to have a movie too. Where? Dr. Tweety & the Fab 5 blog.


  1. Does that dog know the difference from night and day, or rather, human and statue?

    We always thought dogs were a little slow on the uptake at times.

    Ah, but they are such good friends and make good cuddle buddies too, so we can over look that lapse of mental ...... whatever!

    Just sayin .....

  2. HAHAHA! That video was hilarious. Poor doggie is all, throw the stick already human!!

  3. We almost feel sorry for the poor doggie. But it should KNOW that iffen ya cant smell somethin, it isnt real!

  4. Jan, that video is hysterical! The woofie is so disappointed the man won't play!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! That is one clever doggie!! Seriously!! I remember one day a sheep doggie - just like this one - game bounding up to me and left a stick at my feet and did the exact same thing this doggie was doing. I just stared at the stick not knowing what he wanted me to do. His human came jogging up and threw the stick for him! I remember telling the dog's huiman that her dog must have thought "silly two legs doesn't know how to play fetch!".

    Take care

  6. We heard about the great news about Precious, great news. And we are sad about your friends that went to the Bridge.
    Hope you have a wonderful mother's day, Jan!

  7. That was a silly woofie in that video!!!

  8. We saw that video earlier today and just cracked up watching that silly pup - he sure was persistent.

    So sorry to hear about your furry furiends. Way too many losses.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. We are sorry to hear about the sweet furries who went to the Bridge. Sure happy Precious was adopted...that was close! The video was funny but we felt sorry for the dog, those people that were laughing should have thrown the stick for the sweet doggie. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Glad to hear your friend was adopted. The video is so funny
    Benny & Lily

  11. so glad to hear that Precious was adopted! We tweeted our brains out and posted her on glad she found a home. We haven't been able to access the blogs for 2 days because Blogger wasn't displaying them. It kept telling me I wasn't following ANY blogs when in fact I am following 312....(and that only counts the ones I am following through Blogger!)

  12. Dat poor frustrating for him.

    Very sorry to hear about more Blogville losses.

  13. Poor dog he really wants to play and his peep just laugh and take pictures and the metal man -don't want to play.

    Hey Jan Hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day.


  14. This is such a cute video, I had to share it with my furry sister, Nala. Thanks!

    Woofs & Happy Mommies Day hugs,


  15. That video is great! Poor doggie!


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