Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ferocious Buddy and Widget

Hey, Cameron here. I have some good news and some gossip. Which do you want first?

I thought so. Gossip it is.

Yesterday the dogs started barking and Jan went to the door. Buddy, Merci and Sam were barking at the meter reader. Buddy ran up and leaped at the fence, barking furiously. Jan started laughing.

Yes, laughing. She said it was hard for Buddy to look ferocious with a lampshade on his head. And the meter reader agreed.

I think Buddy is very ferocious, even when he's wearing a lampshade.  **Don't forget, Buddy, you owe me a bag of cat treats for being your character witness.**

Oh, and Buddy reminded me he has something to say to Jan and the meter reader for insulting him.

Uh, I believe no explanation is necessary.

And now for the good news.  Toby recently left a comment on our post Can Widget Come Home to let us know ...  we'll let Toby tell you.

Thank you everyone for your good thoughts. But no one has stepped up for Widget. She bonds closer to us each day, but she is so emotionally fragile, she may never be a part of the pride. But she will always have a home here with us.

Yes, thankfully the one working so hard to help Widget find a home believes Widget is a keeper. We're so glad Widget has a home of her own.

And bless you, Toby, Eric and all rescuers who do so much to help animals. 


  1. LOL!!!! :-)

    I've read a lot of blogs today and that's the best laugh I've had all day! Thanks for a great post. ~Ron

  2. Yes god bless them for all they do. Its good news about Widget. we did laugh at the post today and especialy the cocked leg with the lampshade.. Priceless.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Bless all the rescuers, the ones trying to find homes, and the ones who take in those that no one wanted...bless them all.


  4. Awww Buddy is fiercely adorable! Yay!!

    Me and Charlie are sending Widget lots of purrs and hugs! take care

  5. Hooray for Widget, I am glad she has someplace to call home! Oh Buddy, that was purrfect!

  6. I feels so sorry for Buddy, but I is sowie....I has to giggle a wittle bit too. BWHahahahahaha

  7. Oh, Buddy!
    Thanks for letting us had a good laugh today!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. rescues are so important
    Benny & Lily

  9. I think Buddy looks terribly ferocious - even with the lamp shade on his head - err I mean neck.


  10. Heh heh heh Buddy. You're a guy of few words yet so descriptive ;P

    Great news about Widget! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  11. So do not want to compete!
    Are you ashamed to show your belly?
    I already have 40 bellies, but also want your
    I'm waiting for the mail

  12. But can you come to vote in your friends:
    from 26 to 31
    You have two votes, one for cats (as) and one for the dogs (of them)
    Good weekend

  13. Bowser, we feel for you. We hate those cones of silence.

    Essex & Deacon


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