Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cyndi Unveils Merci

Hello again. I'm Cyndi. We don't have much news. We have a post we need to do but Jan just took the photos and doesn't have the energy to do them right now. 

We love this portrait of Merci from Ann of Zoolatry

Jan wishes she had just a portion of the talent so many bloggers do. We need to change our header and save it for next year since Valentine's Day has passed but we'll take a moment to again mention it was made by Gracie.  At the rate Jan is moving it should be down by Christmas or New Year's. 

And, yes, she messed with the template yesterday.  She was trying to cheer herself up but the template maker doesn't cooperate for our blog like it did for the CB Auction blog.  If it loads slow, let us know. 

And we would also like to remind you there is a photo contest fundraiser going on over at Bugsy & Graccie's (not the Gracie of our header) for their vet bills.  We hope you will go by and check it out and enter.  It started yesterday and runs through February 21.Photo contests are fun. 


  1. Ann does such beautiful work, doesn't she? We are forever grateful to her for all that she does for us. That is a beautiful image of Merci.

    The blog was a little slower than lately but not too bad at all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Awwwwww lovely Cyndi thank you for unveiling this gorgeous portrait of ever so sweet Merci!! It's lovely!!! Yay for Ann of Zoolatry!!

    And Gracie's blog heading is also fab!!

    Me and Charlie hope Jan is feeling a little better now! We are sending her tons of purrs and hugs!!

    Thanks for the link to the photo contest, we'll check it out asap! take care

  3. I noticed the new do at your place and will get the mom crackin on a header. She has a lot to learn and isn't even close to Zoolatry girls in the photo shop department but it gets us by.
    Thanks for promoting the photo contest. Can hardly wait to see what others love to do. It is a good way to find out more about them.

  4. Hope Jan is feeling better.

    What a great picture of Merci.Hope you are having a better week. Lots of pawsative thoughts.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  5. Great picture of Merci! We love the header as well - who cares if it stays up till Christmas?

  6. Merci's picture belongs in a museum. Lovely.

    We had no problem with loading at all.

  7. Mom says she tries not to mess with the blog too much because she is afraid of making it totally whacked out.


  8. Oh, we really like the portrait of Merci. Thanks Cyndi for your post, you look so sweet. Hope Jan feels better soon. Saying prayers for her Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Very good picture of Merci. Thanks you for sharing!

  10. Are woo sure woo don't want to send your Jan on a transport some weekend?


  11. My mom wishes she could have those skills too!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. We will try to go by and check out the fundraiser.

    Ann does lovely work, Merci's portrait is just gorgeous.

    Gracie made a great header for you for Valentines. She is a very talented kitty.

    Our own blogs are loading slow on OUR COMPUTER. Load just fine on boy beans. The same with yours. I wouldn't worry about it. As the OP Pack said it's not bad.

  13. Hmmm... just give me an email sometime later and I can see how we can help you. It has been a tiring few weeks taking care of the babies here... plus the additional few in the family now~ sweat~

    Meows from Daddy Criz & the J family Kitties + SP Kitties

  14. Oh what a wonderful picture!
    We are heading over now, to see what the contest is :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  15. Thanks for letting us know about the contest.
    Mum is having the same template problems and keeps fiddling!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  16. our mom does understand computers well BUT when it comes to its template giber-gaber in that hmtl mean ol page, she just sighs!

    she turns to Ann . Ann does awesome work !!

  17. Jan is always too hard on herself! She always has a different and fun header. I never change mine!

    Jan you need to get that woofie from the video to wait on you--you deserve it! And it looks like the woofie brings you whatever you want!

    Jan how many animals do you have at the funny farm? Is it 6 cats and 3 woofies?

  18. That is a beautiful picture of Merci. Ann's work is amazing. We are so behind this week in visiting, we wanted to have wished you all a Happy Valentine's, hope your week is going good.


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