Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buddy Reviews Our Sign

Hi, I'm Buddy. This is my face. Do you recognize it? Well, Jan can't seem to tell my face from my butt, so I just want to make sure you all know who I am. And which end should be photographed - the handsome, debonair, soft-as-velvet FACE!

See, a nice lady from offered to let us review a sign and bumper sticker. We've seen them around the blogs and we were very happy to comply. But Jan didn't have time to photoshop us individually so she cheated us and advertised some dogs and cats we don't even know. And under our name! (There are quite a number of furry graphics to work with if you don't know how or don't have the time to do your own graphics for your sign.)

Do you recognize any of the animals on the sign below? Well, neither do we. And it's all Jan's fault we're not on there. She could have uploaded our adorable faces for the sign, but she figured if there's a pointer and a Buddy impersonator - a hound sitting with his back to the camera, like the photo we used for a header for a long time - and a couple of cats, that will appease us. ** long sigh!** She has embarrassed all of us again!

As you can see that is not my handsome face in this photo. Jan, perhaps next time you take a picture you should first check to see which end is in the frame.

Oh, excuse me one second. Would I like a peanut butter biscuit? Well, sure, Jan, I'll have one. I can have two ... uh, three? **crunch, crunch, burp** Now where was I?

Oh, yes, I was telling you how much we love the sign Jan designed for us. Rusty thinks the big paw print is his. Yes, I know he's a cat, but have you seen the size of his paws? We haven't figured out how to hang it yet, but it's aluminum so it's lightweight and we should be able to hang it just about anywhere we decide to.

And we also have a nifty bumper sticker. Jan put it on the footrest to photograph it, so just ignore the brown background. At least she put our names on this. And she spelled them right too. We're so proud of her for that. **grin**

They have mesh and vinyl bumper stickers. They aren't mesh, so these must be vinyl.  :) makes bumper stickers, yard signs, cute car window clings, banners and more. You get to design your own product - everything is customizable. And as already mentioned, there are a number of animal graphics if you would prefer to use those, as well as other graphic categories to choose from. Stop by and check out the variety.

The product was provided for this review, but we were not paid to do it. Any opinions expressed are from our own experience with the product.


  1. Well we likes the sign but we agree your pictures would have been better. Buddy we thinks you can be bought with treats.

  2. We are so sorry to hear you are not on those signs, what a bummer... :(
    We are quite happy with Build A Sign, we've done a review for them in the past - and we love their products!

    Rudy's Raiser

  3. We noticed those peanut butter biscuits quickly changed your opinion of the sign. :)We think your sign and bumper sticker are very nice. Maybe next time Jan will remember to put your pictures on whatever she has made. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. WE can tell a face from a butt! Jan is funny...heh heh.

  5. We have no respect for a pet that can't be bribed with noms. :-)

  6. Awwww beautiful Buddy!!! Your stand-ins are lovely too!! But we agree with you though!! There are only one of you and Merci and Cotton, Percy, Cameron, Rusty and Sam!! You are all unique and gorgeous!!!

    We love your bumper stickers though - yay for Jan!! And Yay for peanut butter biscuits!! Take care

  7. I really like those signs and the bumper sticker! I might have to try the out!

  8. The Build-A-Sign crew sure does great work, we love ours!

  9. ditto to what Brian said! We are having some mailed too!!! Our review will be April 1st!!!

  10. Nice work on da sign. Maybees da next one will have your foto.....jus' make sure it be da right end!

  11. No pictures of you? They must be defective
    Benny & Lily

  12. Do like the signs, didn't know that there was such a thing. Would love to see your sweet face on the signs though.
    Butt from face, too funny.

  13. Buddy you should have your own blog, never mind your own sign!

    Thanks for the purrs and woofs and noserubs. Au ate again so we're hoping he's on an upswing. We really appreciate your support.

  14. I love the signs, those are fantastic! We sure missed you and all you do for the furry kids. Hopefully we can get more involved this year..after all the research my mom has done she got very angry and she is not afraid and will not back down from humans who cause suffering to furry kids. Hope to see you soon and you all look fantastic!

  15. I like the signs a lot and yes your mum should have put you on but hey they show you all in a way. The treats will make up for it yes... Hugs GJ xx


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