Wednesday, February 02, 2011

4 Kitties Need Homes Update

Today, we'd like to share information on 4 more cats in need of homes. Most of them are in Ohio but can most likely be transported. We received the information through our friend Eric of the 101 Lakemore Cat rescue adventure of a couple years ago. Although you might not be able to adopt any of them, you can pass on the link to this blog post in hopes someone who can adopt one or two will see it.


Update Feb 7, 2011: This first lovely lady with the special need is a Maine Coon mix named Minnie. And we have just received word that she has no longer living alone in a basement and is safe in a foster home. However, she still needs a home of her own.

This lovely special needs kitty needs a new home because she is in a bad situation - living alone in a basement.

Info: Special needs kitty looking for love! This wonderful kitty needs a home. She is spayed and vaccinated. She is a little over 1 year old and need some TLC. She was born with her front legs curled in slightly. She needs a foster or forever home with someone who has a litter pan on the same floor. She cannot climb steps.

Right now she is in a basement because the husband will not allow a litter pan upstairs. Can you or do you know anyone who can help?

Please share! This kitty is in a sad situation and getting depressed. Please help to show her what love is! Thank you! Click to email.

Kitty is in PA but we will arrange transport!

Do not post on Craigslist or similar sites - Craigslist and other similar sites are a nightmare for animals and until we are able to educate people on the dangers of posting to these sites it is best not to post


Emergency - Owner Died and Cat Still Needs A Home!

We don't know this pretty girl's name but according to her information -

Please if you can, help this precious feline! She's approx 8-10 years old. My grandma rescued her a few years back, so that's why we are uncertain of age. She's in good health, has declawed front paws, is average size, is pretty quiet and a bit of a loner but can warm up as well. Not sure if she's a lap cat or not. She hasn't been around dogs. She's been to the vet for shots recently as well.

Contact the grandson Joe Brannan by calling 330-256-8534 and be sure to leave a message! Click here to email, but leaving a phone message is preferred.




I'm a volunteer with Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) and am writing in regard to two domestic longhaired (possible MC mixes) littermates who recently lost their home of 11+ years when their owner moved and no other family members were willing to care for them. Ricky is big fellow, longhaired gray, with green eyes. Merlin is a good sized cat, too, long-haired black, with golden eyes. The boys are between 11-12 years old, neutered and front-declawed. I became aware of the situation when Ricky showed up at my front door. He and Merlin are now at the rescue and I'm trying to help spread the word about them. Both are in excellent health, confirmed by bloodwork done in Dec. Ricky also had a dental cleaning done. They've tested negative for FeLV and FIV and have had their shots updated. They get along well with other cats. While fond of each other, it's not necessary for them to be adopted together. Pics are attached, but can get better ones. Do you have any outlets for promoting them for adoption? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Click to email Sr Eileen Connelly.


  1. We hope that those sweet ones find homes real soon!
    Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday wishes:) I love you, furriends!


  2. These kitties are all BADLY in need of homes! I hope they find them soon!

  3. They're all so beautiful! Fingers crossed they get new forever homes!

    Peffe, Lussie and Susann

  4. Beautiful beautiful kitties!!! Me and charlie wish them all the best - we hope they find loving homes asap! Take care

  5. Very special kitties......we hopes dat dey find dere way to dere 4-ever home soon!

  6. It breaks our heart to see kitties neglected.
    I wish their was a good forever home for every kitty and woffie.



  7. Such pretty kitties, I hope they find homes soon.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  8. What beautiful cats...we are praying they all find furever homes soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. What lovely cats. Mommy is drooling over Merlin. We better find something for her to do quick. MEOW FEED US! FEED US (there she is gone now) anyway we will purr real hard that they find homes soon.

    Thanks for telling us about the smart phones & cameras and things. That is really scary. We don't want strangers to know where we live.

  10. I Tweeted this and posted it on my Facebook Cat Chat page...hope these gorgeous babies can find a new home.

  11. so many sweet kitties.... I wish I could take them all in. I will keep them in my purrz...

    Got 6 kitties I'm training right now - all littermates, but two are still skittish...

    (Waiting for some funds to test them all for leukemia - found a kit online that is only 25.00 dollars each...)


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