Monday, February 21, 2011

Percy Tattles on FFs

Is it finally my turn? Are you sure? I thought you had all forgotten about me by now. But I'm Percy and I'm still one of the Funny Farmers.

The first note of business is to let you know the farm theme photo header was made by Gracie's mom

We have really enjoyed reading the performance reviews around the blogosphere the past few days. At least one of you admitted being bribed with num nums, a few of you we suspect were bribed but since you didn't specifically cop to it, we'll accept your human really is perfect, and all of your reviews were interesting and entertaining.

Which reminds me, I have a story to tell on us Funny Farmers about one of the reviews. But first, we need to explain that whenever we try to search for anyone we know on Twitter, Twitter swears profusely that some cat or dog doesn't exist - even if we have the correct @name.

Saturday we read the review by Zippy, Sadie and Speedy, collectively known as the Kattonic Cats. We saw their Twitter name and went right over to follow them before we forgot about it. Our plan was to copy and paste right from their blog and send them a tweet, and then click on their link in the tweet to reach their profile page. The perfect plan. Well, you know Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will.

Feeling really pleased with ourselves, we sent this tweet: @kattonic cats Hey, we're reading your purr-fur-mance review and thought we better follow you now, before we forget.

We didn't notice the space in the name, so when we merrily clicked on the link in the tweet ... oh, no! We were on the profile page of a complete stranger ... and his tweets were not in English.

We tried a search for @KattonicCats and as expected, Twitter told us they don't exist. Later, Zippy, Sadie and Speedy left their correct link on our post and, you guessed it, it was the one Twitter said it couldn't find. (We're @jansfunnyfarm in case any of you are interested. We would hate for you to get lost on a strange funnyfarm.)

But meanwhile, we had sent a stranger a message that wouldn't make any sense to him. In fact, we'd love to know how "purr-fur-mance review" translates into his language. And we dearly hope "follow you now" doesn't translate as the same word as "stalk." We did send an apology in 140 words or less but with our luck it was probably as cryptic as the first.

Today we have a video of living creations that will fascinate you. Or they did us. The imaginations of some humans is amazing. We hope you enjoy it, but we do want to emphasize we don't consider them "animals," as their inventor calls them.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

And with this we have to give the typing chair and keyboard back to Jan so she can get back to designs for our Zazzle store. She has been working on something different and is posting 3 new designs today.


  1. Mom set up a Twitter account for me, but we've never used it.

  2. I am certain that such things happen. Am I following you on twitter? Ah well--I see you on FB so that's good enough for me. I don't spend much time on twitter.

  3. That is quite the funny story you shared with us, Percy. We aren't on Twitter, at least we don't think we are:)

    And that video - very strange but interesting.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Mum has got twitter but cabt find the time for that as well. I bet the foreign gent was happy realy mol. LOve the header.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Awwwww how funny about the twitter misunderstanding!! LOL!! Oh dear!!!

    This clip is fascinating!! The guy's creatures are so alive - how amazing!!!! Sometimes you have to be a little crazy to be this creative!! Great stuff!!

    Me and Charlie say YAY to your header!! Take care

  6. We love your farm header. Gracie's Mom is so talented, and so thoughtful about making headers and buttons and stuff for Gracie's friends.

    We have the same problem with twitter. It told us several times our Daddy didn't exist. Until he sent us a tweet we couldn't find him.

  7. I love the header picture, that's just too purrfect. I know I'm following you on twitter!

  8. We don't go on Twitter or Facebook because mum would get even further behind with helping us visit if we did.We like your new header.

  9. Mom opened up a twitter acct for me, but she never goes there. And she forbid me to go onto FB!

    Funny story.


  10. I never twittered or tweeted or facebooked or anyting. How boring I must be. :o(

  11. LOL! Twitter is tricky sometimes like that! We know if the Twitter stranger used BabbleFish to translate what you sent him, it probably came out really weird! Mama sometimes babblefishes random passages just for amusement. You translate something into another language, and back to English, and it comes out sounding crazy!

  12. Percy that had me rolling laughing. I can imagine what that poor person thought of your tweet! lol!!! Isn't Twitter a trip? lol

  13. I gave mine a break and didn't review her this year -

    I know the past year was pretty tough fur her - with the not working thing - it worked fur me having her around but she was beginning to get on my nerves -

    Both of us have Twitter thingies but there are just not enough hours in the day to do evFURRYthing - so Twitter loses -


  14. That is a funny Twitter story! Our mom is an "old dog" and doesn't do any of the social media stuff, just our blog. HAHA..."lost on a strange funny farm!"
    We totally LOVE your new header with all of you featured down on the farm!! On the tractor, in the trailer, under the trailer, even in the tree!!! A most excellent job and perfect for the Funny Farm.

  15. Hmmm.... no twitter for me. Jut FB... but I never use it!
    Thanks for sharing that funny story!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Awwww,,, Percy we hopez you find your Wonderful Furever Home really soon ~
    Oh No,,, Funny story about the Twitter,, we don't Tweet,, momz lucky she can work da puter.....

    Loved the Video, how Cool is That!
    Purrrz & Kissez ~ xoxoxo

  17. We love your new header, thanks to Gracie's mom for making it - looks wonderful!
    We don't have twitter/facebook, we just stick to blogging :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  18. WOW those animals in the video are cool! Archie is in the back yard and is going to try and make one.this should be ripe.. We love you new design!! love A+A

  19. Mum's got a twitter but doesn't really know how to work it. I wonder what that other guy thought? BOL!

  20. Twitter is for the birds :-)

    Great video :-)

  21. Our mom has a Twitter account, but she rarely uses it. And that video was really neat...yet kinda of creepy! Those "creatures" might give mom nightmares!

  22. We bunnies don't like twitter that much because as you have said there is a lot of misunderstanding happening there. Anyway, we rather stay in our rabbit hutches and chew hay or burrow and nap that nag on twitter.

  23. hmm, we agree that we wouldn't call them animals ... but they sure are fascinating.

    love your new blog header!

    We are not on twitter, we just use fb here.

  24. Aww, Percy - how could we ever forget about you??!!

    And what a FASCINATING video!!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  25. Because Cotton is a tortoise like my Zelda, it drew me to that photo first. What a wonderful, heartwarming rescue. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Loved that video, what amazing creatures!

    I have the same problem as you do finding people again. Sometimes it's because they have a hypen, for example: @ab_cd and I think of them as @abcd!

  27. What a fantastic video. I sent this to my daddie to watch. He is interested in this sort of things and his friends too. This will certainly make it rounds.
    Love the photo of Percy and nice to see him get a chance at the post partol.


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