Monday, June 28, 2010

Injured, Sick and Broken

We're late posting this because of limited computer time, and Windows went berserk in the heat again when we tried to post this earlier, so we were forced to shut down suddenly.  But we want Momo to know we are thinking of her.

Tomorrow is Purrs for Neala Day.  She is headed to Salt Lake City today for her surgery tomorrow. This is the same rare surgery Maxie needs but her problem is a birth defect.  Mom Trish will keep the Cat Blogosphere updated.

And Sammy Meezer broke a tooth.  He has to go back to the vet Thursday to stay overnight and have surgery to have the root taken out Friday.  Meezer Mom is short of funds unless they give up the internet or something. Can you imagine a whole month without a Meezer update? Or Billy Sweetfeets dancing videos? .  She is always helping others so if you can donate a dollar or two toward Sammy's surgery, it would help.  We don't want that "crazy" bunch off the internet for a month or two.  Readers requested a tip jar be put up so there is one in the Meezer's sidebar

We're still not officially posting.  Being forced to shut the computer down for hours at a time is actually helping us get some work done. Unfortunately, we're rushing like crazy while the computer is on.  So, bye for now.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Yep, we've all got our purrs cut out for us, but together we are up to the task.

  2. So many things to purr and pray for, but not to fear ... we will add these all to our list.

    We hope your computer problems resolve themselves soon. In the meantime, we hope you have a really good day, too.

  3. So far we haven't heard from MoMo. We are hoping it is just the time difference.

    We will be purring for everyone. Thanks for posting about Neala. We missed that this morning.

  4. WE are purring hard for all our friends.

  5. Paws crossed for all your friends!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Oh boy, the post title broke my heart. I keep praying for all those injured, sick and broken soon to be fine and happy again
    Please take some time off, give your pooter a cool break, we'll be here waiting for you.

  7. Purrayers cranked up & heading on over. Sure do hope the 'puter keeps on ticking!

  8. First...we can't come to your house for steak dinner...ever...NEVERR!!!
    Second...Dennis's comment cracked us up to no end on the posty about OUR plate!
    Third...we are retired Army after 30 years so the MiliPak was a wonderfur way to send the beautiful plate! We just love our plate so much and it has a place of honor on the mantle. The colors go so purrrrfectly with the sofa just as if it were designed for it.
    Fourth...we will go and visit Momo, Neala & the Meezers and drop somfin into the tip jar for the tooth fairy.
    Love from the cozy cottageXOXOX

  9. Thanks for thinking of me. Our 'puter is playing up too, but for a different reason. It certainly isn't the heat since there was frost on the lawn this morning and still freezing cold at midday. SS has turned on the electric blanket for me and I am staying in her bed for the rest of the day.

    Sending my purrs to the other sick kitties.

  10. Sending out lots of purrs!

  11. We're doing a purr marathon at our howse!

  12. We are purring for all the sick kitties. We are sad that there are so many that need them.

  13. Me and Charlie are sending tons of healing purrs to Momo, Neala and Sammy Meezer.

    And we hope your pooter behaves itself soon. Have a lovely day all at Jan's Funny Farm!

    Take care

  14. Sorry we can't purr but we will send our bestest basset vibes to your friends.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  15. We are sorry for your computer problems and we hope you can get your fan fixed to ease the trouble.

    We are purring for all of our furfriends....


  16. We are purring for all the sick kitties out there - we know there are so many right now!

    And we are sorry about your computer - I went through that with my last one - it was overheating all the time. Such fun computers are, aren't they.

  17. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting our blog and your comments. It is so annoying when things like this happen, it has helped to know that others have had it happen too though, and they are ok now.

    I am glad you found us again, we are sorry to read you are having computer problems. We hope you get sorted real soon. :)

  18. oh, we forgot to say - we have our paws crossed for your friends. :)

  19. We have assigned serious duty to Taki the cat and are asking the computer gods to help you out.

    Misty the alpha Poodle

  20. You must be ready to pull you hair out with the hassle of having to post and comment at lightning speed.

    Best wishes to your friends for a speedy recovery...

  21. oh dear, lots of sad news. I hope things improve!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  22. We are purry glad woo popped on to see the news about Rocky!

    Paws khrossed fur your Windows to heal!


  23. We are wishin the best fer all the ouchie kitties out there. We are so lucky not ta be ouchin...


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