Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dad Pet Related Stories

Hi, I'm sure you all recognize me by now. I'm Buddy. I don't know if it is my turn to post but I was first to the computer this morning so I'm excited to be able to introduce our Father's Day giveaway.

Yes, Father's Day is only a few days away and we're all pleased to partner with Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul to give away a sample of their pet food.

The rules are simple. Write a short father and pet-related personal story. We already know we're going to be teary over some, either laughing or crying. Photos are not necessary.

Publish the story on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments of this post. If you don't have a blog, email your story to us at and we'll post it for you.

The contest will close at midnight EDT on Father's Day, Sunday, June 20.We'll draw the winner's name on Monday and post it. The winner will then need to email us their shipping information.

You must be a US resident to enter.The prize is Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul pet food sample. If you aren't familiar with their pet food, you can check out their product here.

You can "like" Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul on Facebook and follow them as @ChickenSoupPets on Twitter.We did.

Here, we'll post a sample story to start this off, even though we're not eligible to win.

A century or two ago when Jan was living in ...

Cyndi: Psst. Buddy, no, if you tell everyone Jan is centuries old, we won't get to use the computer to finish the giveaway.

Oh, I thought we aren't supposed to lie, but this is for a good cause. Okay, a day or two ago when ....

Cyndi: Buddy, now you're exaggerating to the other extreme. Jan's dad died in 2005.

Okay, okay. A few dozen decades ago ...

Cyndi: Sigh!

... when Jan was living in an apartment with her dad and her cat Missy, she went out of town for a few days. Her dad promised to take good care of Missy, although he was not fond of cats.

One day, he left the apartment to walk down the hall and throw the trash down the chute. He inadvertently left the door ajar. When he couldn't find Missy, he searched the hallway and apartment several times, and then he got down on his knees and started crawling around the living room looking behind and under furniture, while calling for Missy.

Now Jan has crawled on the floor looking for one of us numerous times but her dad was not the crawling on the floor for a cat type. As he crawled toward the dining area, he came eye to eye with Missy. She was on a chair under the dining table, hidden by the tablecloth, and had been watching him the whole time.

This is one of Jan's special memories of her dad.

Now it's your turn to write a true dad and pet related story. Have fun with it.

Today is Wednesday. We're going to try to post this with Sunday's date on it so it will be the lead post.(Hmmm. Blogger used to let us do this, but not today.  We're also not getting email notification when our posts publish the past few days. Any other bloggers having the same problems?)

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Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. We will post it on Furiday! We got a GRRR-8 story of our Dad and King! Would have loved to see Jan's dad crawling around too!

  2. That really was a great story!

  3. We are borrowing a computer to catch up with everybody! We lvoe your new look and header picture!! PL2 said that when her new pooter comes she is going to spruce up our site( we'll see!!) Love A+A

  4. Oh Buddy and Cyndi!! You two are the sweetest bloggers! :-)

    Thank you for sharing this lovely story of Jan's dad and Missy. It's a beautiful story to remember Jan's dad by.

    Good luck everyone who are entering this great contest.

    Take care

  5. Love the story. I know the granddad here always tried to be firm but he was a push over too. He had a heart of gold. I am glad that Missy didn't not escape and I bet Jan's dad was most happy that she didn't.
    I have a story in mind and hope the mom here will help me with it. Love to all at your place.

  6. Buddy, Merci & Sam, we has an award for you.

  7. Ahhh. What a furry nice story.

  8. Great story - MOL!! Austin used to do that to our Mom all of the time!! It's the smart kitties that make you humans work to find them - while hiding in (almost) plain sight!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    Hey - we noticed that you got the same award from Alasandra that Simon got - come to our blog & take the award from our bloggie for your own!! Congrats on getting it too!!

  9. JFF, we hopes it's OK our Mom wrote about her Dad and her horse. She posted it on Grandpa's blog.


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