Thursday, June 24, 2010

Washing Steak and Dogs are not Trash

I'm Rusty and I'm hosting today's post.

Yesterday was one of those days! Sam was barfing, Jan had to go out in the horrendous heat to lug several gallon water jugs home, the computer cpu fan kept going off and the mouse died, Jan kept forgetting what she was doing .....

As we told you a couple days ago, the water in our town was off Monday, the second major problem in five months.  Last time we were two days without water and 5 days boiling water.  Well, it was 6 days for Jan since it ended Sunday afternoon but as hard as we tried, we couldn't find out until the next day.

This time, we still have some of the donated bottled drinking water left but our boiled water lasted us just up to 11 pm Tuesday, the end of the 24 hour boil your water advisory.  Jan then washed two days worth of dirty dishes and filled our water bowls right from the tap. We have big water bowls and we all drink a lot of water in this heat and humidity.

We were shocked to hear on Wednesday morning's news that this had been changed at some point.  It was extended to at least noon Friday -- "if all goes well."  So we all started worrying whether Jan has poisoned us.  And then the mailman delivered the newspaper: " people can shower and wash clothes but should not drink the water or wash dishes in it."  NOW THEY TELL US!  After all us furries have lapped gallons of tap water and most of the dishes Jan owns have been washed in water that might contain "viruses, parasites and some bacteria."  Well, at least we found out before Jan washed the salad veggies she bought Monday.   

Jan also bought a small reduced steak Monday. By Wednesday it was looking kind of iffy, so it was either cook it or toss it.  So Jan grabbed the bottle of apple cider vinegar to clean it and sprayed it well, then rinsed it with a paper towel dampened in boiled water. She tenderized it, added spices, and then noticed the apple cider vinegar bottle where she left it this morning.  She had grabbed a bottle of Spic N Span and water to clean the steak.  Ewwwww.  ( For those who haven't heard of SNS before, it's a household cleaner. Jan cleans the floors and other things with it.)

Meat is not in her budget so she was not about to toss it. Even reduced, it wasn't cheap.  So she washed it under running water -- you know, the water that might contain the bad germs.  And then she wiped it with boiled water. And then she beat the crap (probably not the word to use here) out of it with a tenderizing tool.  And threw it in a HOT skillet.

If we disappear suddenly for a while, it might be the computer overheated and died.  Or it might be Jan's culinary skills need improving and we have to nurse her.  Or it could be she's fine but she really did poison us with the tap water and she's getting payback on multiple vomit duty.

Now to our regularly scheduled post.

Yesterday we read another story of a human who had to leave a pet behind -- in this case because of Alzheimer's -- and the family's first response was to kill the pet. Wednesday was our Cotton's 11th birthday and also Bella's, the soon to be sibling of The Monkeys. Fortunately, instead of killing Bella, the vet called a rescue and she ended up being fostered at Samson & Delilah's.

After Katrina, we were heartsick when we read of a family who returned to their home and found their dog emaciated and weak after an extended period without food or water. So they carried the suffering, still-living dog out to the road and dumped her on the trash pile.  Someone picked up the dog and got it medical help, but it was too late.  It died shortly after rescue.

And now we have someone who threw their puppy out with the trash.  An obviously unloved and uncared for dog with an unset broken leg was put it in a crate covered with a blanket without food or water and put out with the trash.  But Dillinger is getting care and is sweet as can be. We hope he gets a terrific home when he's healthy and up for adoption.

Click here to read the story and/or if the video doesn't play.

Have a purring and tail wagging day. And don't drink the water. At least not if you live here.


  1. Woo already know what we are thinking here so we won't paw it but..............


  2. You sure are learning how important water is, something we take for granted but really the only thing more important for living things is air. Hope it all works out.

  3. I hope that none of you gets sick!

  4. Oh my goodness!! You need water - clean water!! Please take care! I hope the steak cooks ok - it sounds like it has!! :-) Good luck with the water situation - it's atrocious and completely unacceptable that a utility company would fail like this. Especially in this weather too - absolutely unacceptable! :-(

    Thank you for the info about these poor dogs. My goodness. When I think the human race can't sink any lower.. but I always, always tell myself that for every bad and stupid and ignorant person, there are good, decent, kind and humane people out there too. Thank goodness.

    Me and Charlie pray that Dillinger finds a loving home and that you get your clean water back!

    Take care

  5. Oh my goodness! It seems ages since we popped over and now we feel we should be right over with a hose - would it fit all the way from Scotland?
    We do hope the water gets sorted and you don't all end up sick.....!
    We are sorry about the computer!
    We are sorry Jan keeps forgetting what she is doing - our mum has been like that for years.
    We liked the sound of the steak but then again perhaps not....!
    We are very upset to read about the dog who was not wanted by the family!
    We are outraged at the dog put out with the trash!!!!!!
    Our cat, now at Rainbow Bridge, was found in a rubbish skip as a kitten.
    She gave our humans 22 years of love - we really have no words for anyone treating any animal is this way.
    Stay well
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  6. We laffed about the steak but we hope Jan isn't poisoned and there's no vomit fest amongst you furries either! This water thing is a pain. A few years ago we had water turned off for days. Our Mum filled the bath up but it only lasted two days, there was a lot of running about between neighbours sharing bought water.

    Those dogs-as-trash stories made us fume. The bastards who threw out their dogs need dumping in a landfill site and covering up for good. Grrrr!

    Whicky Wuudler

  7. I agree with Whicky, some humans don't deserve to be a part of that species. Hope your water situtation gets better!!!

  8. OH MY CATS! Your poor Mommy! We do hope that all of you stay well. What a mess!!!!

    Those poor woofies! There are no least none that we are allowed to say.....about those "humans".

  9. Oh my...Poor Jan! We have an abundance of good water here, wish we could share it. And our human was saying, "Oh no!!!" about the steak fiasco. We hope there are no uh, health problems from having eaten it.

    BTW, our human has a first cousin in the northern part of B.C. who has had no water at her house for 9 months. Seriously. They have 18 huskies still remaining, plus 2 inside dogs and a cat, she's been battling breast cancer since December (last chemo was last week, post-mastectomy), and she and her hubby have to drive *an hour* to get water, shower, etc. Then drive an hour home. We absolutely cannot imagine living that way, particularly in 2010. Apparently there has been some huge problem with the well-drilling company (no kidding).

  10. We're sorry to hear about your water situation - you don't realise how much water you use until you don't have any. Hope it is sorted out for you very soon.
    It is very distressing hearing about how cruel humans can be to their pets. When I hear something like that I always hope the cruel humans reap what they have sowed.

  11. Oh we sure hopes the waters thing gets straighted out soon. Sounds like your locals not good at communicating with all their beans. We is glad you not all get posion from the waters. We aminals are pretty resilent.
    So how was the Spic-N-Span marinated steak any how?

  12. Yikes, that is a whole lot of problems with that water. And that piece of steak must be the cleanest one ever. Hope no one gets sick. And all those sad stories about throw-away furries - stupid people. At least there are still good ones to help.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Bella is very honored to share the same birthday and year with such a beautiful tortie like Cotton!

    It is terrible how many pets get abandoned or 'thrown out' by people. Our local shelters are filled with them, especially at this time of year when people are moving. We've heard awful stories of people who moved and left their pets behind!

    We hope your water situation gets fixed soon and none of you get sick!

  14. I'm soooo saddened when
    i wead stuff like this..I think those peoples should e ut out wif the twash, cause that's what theyawe

    I hope youw watew is afe and plentiful vewy soon and that none of you get sickies fwom dwinking it. I guess that steak is vewy vewy clean by now and aftew being on the soopew hot stove it will be fine to eat
    smoochie kisses

  15. Hey guys,
    sounds like things have been a lot crazy for you guys and that Jan I pretty frazzeled by everything.

    Pellie said she'd probably have he self committed for a nervous breakdown (whatever that is) if she had all the problems you guys have been having. She also said she would pray for Jan and hope things get easier for her.
    I hope you guys don't get sick - and Jan neither. - If she's sick and vomiting - you might not get fed.
    I wish I lived closer so I could help.


  16. We hope your water is soon sorted out. We don't know what Spic N Span is but we assume it is not the best of marinades. Was the steak okay?
    It saddens us when people just dump their pets like trash. We just hope that what goes round comes round for them.

  17. Oh poor Dillinger we are sending lots of healing and comforting purrs to him. You don't even know what we are calling the monsters that tossed him out.

    We hopes we sees you tomorrow. It seems the funny farm is receiving more then it's share of challenges.

  18. BOL! I thinks that steak will be nice and clean now, for sure! Hope nobuddy gets sick from the icky water, though.

    And poor little doggie. I don't know how peoples could be so mean to a puppy that's so sweet. Makes me feel all sad inside. I hopes he gets the best home that ever was!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. Gesh, you sure have a lot of water problems. We think you should always have Dog Mom taste the water first. That way you'll know she isn't trying to poisen you. BOL

    The story about Dillinger is hard for Dog Dad to imagine. That is probably because he is one with us.

    Essex & Deacon

  20. We hope everyone is ok - we know that Jan wasn't doing it on purpose. We think that it stinks that your town didnt' mention the problem to you sooner - we don't know if ours would be any better though.

    And as for those stories - well those people who did those awful things deserve the same and worse in our opinion.

  21. Oh my God, that was like reading a horror story! You poor things! And poor Jan with the steak! I kept reading and kept thinking, "This can't get worse, surely" - and it did!

    Anyway, hope everyone was OK in the end. I think whatever you wash it with, as long as it's rinsed off thoroughly (even with "dirty" water) and then cooked thoroughly at high temperatures, then that should kill any germs. Oh well, can't be worse than say going to China or India and eating something from a street vendor!! :-)


  22. OMC!!!! You are having a difficult time. Hope things work out soon. We take so much for granted these days and when one of those went wrong, life goes haywire.

    Purrs to you all! Keep well!

  23. We hope none of you are sick...

    And it's so sad to hear about those dogs...what are people thinking???

  24. Sure you are having "interesting" days there!
    I hope you all will be ok!
    My best wish for you... CLEAN WATER SOON!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Grrr. Dogs are not garbage. I hope they charged the idiots who put him out at the curb.


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