Monday, June 29, 2009

Chihuahua Update and AniMeals

We would like to give you a postive update on the 2 Chihuahua's dumped at the mill on Sunday, June 21. ( Click to read "What Were You Thinking".) Unfortunately, we can't. We do stop at the mill every morning when we walk Jan and she asks about them. Last Friday we were told the tan and white one was spotted but he scooted under buildings and got around so fast they couldn't corner it long enough to call Animal Control.

This morning we met the boss over the workers there. (I, Buddy, howled at him when he shook Jan's hand and introduced himself. Nobody shakes her hand but Merci, Sam and myself! Not without our permission and he didn't ask us. And by the way, he told Jan he used to have a Boxer, but last year while he was mixing paint in his back yard, a van pulled up out front and drove off with his dog. Watch your pets!) He said the Chihuahua growled at them whenever they got close to it and they lost it when it sped across the road and disappeared into the bushes. There is no way to find him in that jungle!

So Jan suggested they call Animal Control and ask for a trap to be set up in the shade. It's possibly the only way the tan and white dog will be captured. We are all very sad because the chocolate Chihuahua has not been seen since that first night. It was protective of this tan and white one, but was so hyper it could not be still or quiet. It was here, there, up, down, back and forth, barking all the while. With the lack of water in that high heat and humidity, Jan fears the dog died of heat stroke.

For any of you who missed the blurb on the Cat Blogosphere the other day, we'd like to introduce you to AniMeals. is an animal food bank located in Missoula, MT. They help feed hungry animals and facilitate adoptions for abandoned pets. They are short on medicine, food, money, as they are overloaded with 25 adult cats and 46 kittens. So many animals end up at a shelter because their owner dies. Read the very short bio of Fifi and Mrs. Arbuncle, whose owner took his own life but couldn't/didn't take theirs too. They are among the cats needing a home. Click to visit thei AniMeals blog. Also check them out on YouTube. And if you can help in some way .....

There is some very good news. Laska, the Siberian that ran away from his foster home last week is back home again. You can read about Laska and lots of other news in various posts at Khyra's Khorner blog.

We are very sad for Huskee & Hershey's mom and dad. They lost their first baby a year ago and now they have lost their second. We can not imagine their pain! If you haven't stopped by to leave a word of support, we hope you will do so today.

Merci's prize from the modeling contest arrived a little while ago but we haven't even seen what's in the box yet. We'll post on it soon.


  1. We are so sad for Huskee and Hershey's family - it must be very hard for them. We send them our deepest sympathy and prayers to deal with their tragedy.

    How awful for those poor little chihuahuas - it really makes us thankful for the wonderful life we have.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  2. WE are very sad for Huskee and Hershey's family. Our thoughts.

    And we hope you find the chihuahuas.

  3. Dear Funny Farmers, Two Paws UP! for telling us about AniMeals. We will get a contribushon off to them this week, and also we posted a Featured Shelter Item about them on our website, do to the philosophees that every bit helps, and so hopefully you will get a chance to check it out at

    We try not to get diskurriged which is why we try to selebate good things and also spend a lot of time in pink and purple which always cheers us up. We are worried about the chew-wa-was and all the other Shepps of the werld and sometimez its enuff to make you want to kick all the humans off the planet to be of frankness with you. OK anyway Two Paws UP for the good ones and also for Laska being found. Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy

  4. That Laska news was the best - but it has been a bittersweet week, still a lot of sad news kicking around...

  5. It's quite a coincidence. We saw two Chihuahuas this morning on our way to the park. We stopped the car, but they were skittish. We really worry about the little guys with our 100+ temperatures.

  6. Stopp by the Huskee place and left words of hope. There is always hope.
    Too much of the sad going on. I hope all that are lost will be found. I pray that those lost will find a forever home like the one moth found for Smokie.
    Love the photo of Merci, what a model. Merci should get an agent.
    Will be chances soon at my place. Working on that now.

  7. Hi guys,
    Thanks for thinking of us... we are very touched by your concern and words of encouragement during this very difficult time. We thought we had passed the most difficult time of our lives last June, but we were wrong... we are going through the same painful process all over.
    Hope you find the Chihuahuas.. the world is already depressing enough.. we need some good news!

  8. How sad -- we're sending lots of purrs to Huskee and Hershey's fambly. And poor little chihuahuas. We're all crossing our pawsies for them.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  9. I just read the post on Huskee and Hershey's blog. Wow. That's too much pain for any one person to bear.


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